Useviral Reviews 2023 [+Best Reliable Alternative]

Useviral Reviews; Is it an Effective Instagram Growth Service?

Have you ever thought of using social media growth services?

One of my friends, a makeup artist, wants to grow her Instagram business account, so she asked me if Useviral is the best Instagram growth service. I started searching for this platform’s advantages and disadvantages. 

Then I decided to share my research with you. Before you want to use Useviral, read this post and then decide if it is legit or not.

All in all, in this article, we’re going to help you to find out everything about Useviral and the best alternative to it, AiGrow

Instagram Growth Services

Growth on Instagram is a difficult task for many people who wish to reach their target audiences. 

If you’re one of them, don’t worry – there are services that can help. AiGrow and Useviral are Instagram growth solutions that promise to increase your followers and engagement rate with different methods.

But don’t forget, first you should find a reliable growth service!

In short, a suitable growth service should be a marketing service that helps increase the number of followers on your Instagram business page. 

By using targeted strategies such as hashtags, content creation, influencer outreach, and paid promotions, businesses can reach larger audiences and gain increased engagement from potential customers.

As mentioned, you need a reliable, efficient, and practical growth service that helps you to get close to your target audience. 

Why You Should Use Instagram Growth Service

Growth services are an invaluable tool for businesses of any size. They can help you increase your customer satisfaction and boost sales. But why should you use them? 

By using growth services, first, you have access to experienced marketing professionals who can offer tailored content strategies based on your specific niche. This will allow you to develop strategies that are more efficient and cost-effective than other methods. 

Secondly, growth services provide a platform for A/B testing new ideas quickly and efficiently. 

Instead of spending time and money on your own, you can use a growth service to experiment with different approaches before investing more resources into something that may not be successful.

Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s digital marketing world. But if you want to get the most out of it, you need to use a quality Instagram growth service like AiGrow.

What Is UseViral

Useviral is a social media growth service. This platform claims that it can help you boost your social media. It offers a range of features that make it easy for users to implement effective strategies, allowing them to maximize reach and engagement

However, it is said that Use viral is ineffective and even harmful. 

Use Viral Dashboard

First of all, using Useviral does not always guarantee a high engagement or conversion rate. Rather than offering quality content and information that viewers may be interested in, many users of this service simply post generic content with no real thought put into it. This can lead to very low engagement rates and, therefore, little return for companies relying on it.

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the posts will go ‘viral’ as promised, which makes it more of a disappointment for Useviral clients. 

But don’t worry, and don’t pre-judge right now. You should read Use viral reviews first, and then you can decide for yourself whether it is a useful growth service or not

Useviral’s Features

Useviral has different features and supports lots of platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Also, Useviral claims that it has an innovative platform that offers a wide range of features to help you promote your business. It is said that with Useviral, you can easily reach new audiences and improve your online presence.

Use viral says that the platform offers various tools to create engaging content quickly and effectively. You can use the built-in editor to design visuals for social media, web banners, and print materials.

 Here is a list of Use Viral features:  

  • Buy Instagram followers
  • Buy Facebook followers
  • Buy TikTok video views
  • Buy YouTube subscribers
  • Buy Twitter likes
  • Buy LinkedIn connections
  • Buy Soundcloud plays
  • Buy Spotify monthly listeners
  • Buy Twitch live viewers
  • Buy Clubhouse room visitors
  • Buy Pinterest reactions
  • Buy Discord members
  • Buy Onlyfans subscribers
  • Buy Google reviews
  • Buy Telegram members
  • Buy Reddit upvotes
  • Buy Quora answers
  • Buy Snapchat followers
  • Buy Website Traffic
  • Buy Vimeo video views
  • Buy the Deezer album fans
  • Buy Gmail account
  • Buy Audiomack song likes
  • Buy Tidal playlist plays
  • Buy Android app installs
UseViral Growth Service

How Does UseViral Work

UseViral is a platform that helps businesses increase their online visibility and reach. It is designed to be easy to use, allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit from a larger reach on social media.

UseViral is a platform that works by providing users with the ability to purchase likes and views for their posts or videos. Use Viral claims its algorithm distributes these likes and views across various platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

But Unfortunately, it seems that UseViral relies on bots to generate fake followers and likes. These bots are automated accounts programmed to follow users or like their posts to boost engagement.

While this might seem like a quick and easy solution for getting more followers, it’s hardly ever effective in the long run. Most of these bot accounts will eventually be flagged by social media platforms, resulting in your Instagram account getting shut down – leaving you with no real new followers! 

Moreover, using a tool like UseViral can also put your account at risk of being banned from certain social media sites altogether.

Unfortunately, the truth is not as simple as many people think!

Now, what would you do when you have to use a growth service? How could you decide and choose a reliable growth service? 

You should read its reviews on reliable review websites like or Trustpilot. In the following section, we will provide you with Use viral review, so continue reading.

Useviral Reviews

As already mentioned, reading reviews on reliable sites is one of the best and most common ways to decide and choose a growth service.
Seeing actual comments and other people’s experiences can help you judge and decide better. Reviewsxp is one of these best review sources.

So, we looked into reviews and will share the users’ comments and statistical data in the following.

You’ll get your hands on 155 UseViral reviews in Reviewsxp.


According to the table above, the substantial point is the significant difference between the number of users who have rated it 1 compared to those who have rated it  5. Now, let’s see what real Use viral clients think about this service.

“I paid for Instagram Reels and got no results and no refund!”

David Corbyn, rated  1 star 

“My Account is Filled with Bots, and I Can’t Log In!”

Daisy Holmes rated 2 stars

Use Viral Reviews
Use Viral Reviews

“My YouTube ranking decreased because of this site”

Jude Pertson, rated 2 stars

Useviral growth service
Useviral Growth Service

“If I could just go back to that day and stop myself from using their services”

Mila, rated 1 star

Useviral is not Legit
Use Viral Is Not Legit

“Quick and fast results”

Verified Customer, rated 5

Useviral Reviews
Use viral Reviews

Useviral Advantages & Disadvantages

Only 3.2% of users rated UseViral 5. However, the majority of them (64.7%) rated it 1. It seems the only advantage that attracts them is the low price!

On the other hand, there are some words that catch your attention when you read Use viral advantages and disadvantages according to users’ reviews on Reviewsxp that we will share with you in the next section:  

UseViral Pros 

Inevitably, each and every online service has up and downsides. Among the few positive use viral reviews, you could find these: 

  • Great as a manager
  • Quick and fast results

Useviral Cons

 As you read Use viral reviews, you’ll come across the following words:

  • Scam
  • Wasting time and money
  • Cheating
  • Fake bots
  • Banned account 
  • Terrible experience
  • Untrustworthy
  • No result 

Best Alternative For UseViral

As said earlier, you may feel disappointed and confused about purchasing a growth service.

There is no doubt that you need a growth service. But it’s vital to pick the right one to fulfill your expectations. 

So don’t give up! If you’re looking for a better alternative to Use Viral, join AiGrow. All you expect from a real growth service is offered on AiGrow.

What Is AiGrow

AiGrow is an all-in-one platform that helps digital marketers and entrepreneurs to grow their brands on Instagram. It provides a suite of automated tools, strategies, and resources for effective marketing campaigns. Additionally, if you want to grow organically, AiGrow is one of the best picks. 

It offers the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help businesses reach their desired results quickly and efficiently.

On top of that, AiGrow Instagram growth service is based on human resources. In particular, some experts manage your account manually. They don’t really believe in bots! 

AiGrow Instagram Growth Service
AiGrow Instagram Growth Service

AiGrow Features

In terms of growing your account and reaching your target audiences, AiGrow offers different features, including:

  • Instagram growth service (manually)
  • Mass unfollow (manually)
  • Bio-link-tool
AiGrow Dashboard
AiGrow Dashboard

What Do Real Users Think About AiGrow

Here are a few testimonials from AiGrow reviews on Trustpilot.

“Aigrow has been always the blessing for the growth of my Instagram safely and with real humans. It helps me to build a strong foundation about my human being, So far I love it.” Tim Castillo.

AiGrow Review
AiGrow Review

“This team is amazing! I’ve been looking to seriously grow my account and this team helped! I went from 5k-14k followers on Instagram!” SJD

AiGrow Software Review
AiGrow Software Review

“I have been looking for a way to market my products, but it was really not that easy until I came across aigrow.”  Humphry James

Review's of AiGrow
Review’s of AiGrow

“I am surprised with the result from for my Instagram account. They are providing excellent guidance & support to grow your followers on Instagram.” suhas patil

AiGrow Review
AiGrow Review

According to the table above, 85% of AiGrow users who rated up to 5  are satisfied with the service.

How Does AiGrow Work

As we mentioned earlier, AiGrow has lots of useful features, and working with its dashboard is very easy and straightforward. So, follow these step-by-step guides to understand it completely.

  • All you need is to sign up for free on AiGrow:
  • Then, pick a plan  
AiGrow Pricing
AiGrow Pricing

The variety of AiGrow features enables you to pick the plan that suits you best. 

  • Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up in AiGrow, they will ask you some questions about your business and your targets. Then one of their experts contacts you to set the plans and strategies.

  • Get to Work Right Away

AiGrow growth managers, designers, and content planners immediately get to work on your account.

  • Be Informed Every Step of the Way

The daily and weekly reports help you to realize what’s done exactly on your account.

AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow provides three different packages. Starter, Premium, and Advanced.

Also, each of them is categorized by service time. We recommend that you visit the AiGrow site to see its full packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Useviral

Now, let’s read the questions that people also ask about Use Viral. 

#1. Does Use Viral Work?

According to its user reviews, Useviral doesn’t work as it promises.

#2. How To Cancel The Useviral Service?

As they claim, within 14 days, you can cancel it for any reason, and they will offer you a full money-back. 


In conclusion, it is clear that UseViral Growth Service is not the answer to achieving organic Instagram growth or success. 

The service does not offer a variety of services, doesn’t have good customer support, and is not cost-effective.

Therefore, it would be wise to research other companies before signing up with UseViral growth service.

Furthermore, there are more reputable companies that offer better prices and more reliable services, like AiGrow.