‘Sorry We Couldn’t Log You In Instagram’ Here’s How To Fix! *Best Solutions*

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Here is the casual pattern! Instagram logs you out, and when you want to get back in, you read ‘Sorry we couldn’t log you into Instagram,’ ‘Instagram invalid parameters,’ ‘Instagram account you entered doesn’t belong to an account,’ or anything that makes it seems like you’re having trouble logging into Instagram!

It’s always a pain in the neck when Instagram keeps crashing. It is also tiresome enough when Instagram logs you out repetitively, and now you have difficulties logging into Instagram!

So what to do when receiving Instagram login errors? Is there a way to fix it or you and your account are doomed?

Easy! You’re not doomed. Tell us what message pops up when you can’t log in to Instagram and we tell you how you can fix it. So, keep reading.

Note: If you don’t have enough time to deal with Instagram errors, we recommend hiring an account manager. Thus, we’ll also introduce you to the best Instagram growth service with a dedicated account manager; called AiGrow.

Quick Solution To Instagram Login Error ‘Sorry We Couldn’t Log You In Instagram’

There are many reasons why you can’t log in to Instagram, and for each reason, there are multiple solutions. You should first find out what the cause is and finally try one solution after another in hopes of fixing your problem, or you can refer to a specialist and be over with it!

Instagram login error sorry we couldn’t log you in Instagram
Instagram login error sorry we couldn’t log you in Instagram

Here are some scenarios that could result in this Instagram error:

  • Your username or password was entered incorrectly. Because Instagram passwords are case-sensitive, try not to forget them.
  • Instagram’s servers are having issues.
  • For some reason, your account has been disabled or blocked.
  • You can be banned by Instagram if you connect from a different IP address.
  • You logged into Instagram on a new device.
  • Your Instagram app needs an update.
  • Your smartphone’s memory is running low.
  • Instagram is currently unavailable.

Therefore, start by attempting to pinpoint the source of the problem. However, if the issue persists and Instagram keeps logging you out, read on to learn about a different option.

The thing is that if you use Instagram for your business or something similar, you may not always have time to deal with such issues. In these situations, a dedicated manager can be quite helpful.

AiGrow is one of the companies that offers Instagram services to its customers. There you can hire your Instagram manager and be over with this or any type of bug you might ever face in the future.

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Now, let’s examine the most common Instagram login errors and their fixes in more detail.

Instagram Won’t Let Me Log In

When encountering an Instagram login error, a message pops up, upon which, you can fix your problem. Which one is your Instagram login error? Find it in the article and fix your problem.

Sorry, We Couldn’t Log You In Instagram!

You may know that you can add up to 5 accounts to your Instagram, but for more than 5, you should log out of one of them and add another.

So, you may encounter this Instagram login error if you have multiple accounts on Instagram. You get logged out, and you can’t log back into one of them.

To fix it, follow these steps:

  • Log in to any Instagram account
  • Go to setting
  • Select Add Account
  • Enter the information of the account you want to log in

%90 of those who referred to us with the same problem fixed the problem.

Note that in this way, you have multiple accounts and can’t log in to a specific one. If you have only one account and you cannot log in to that, you should read the following solutions.

Do The Cliche to solve Instagram Sorry We Couldn’t Log You In Error

When users encounter a glitch on Instagram, we advise them to do a certain action, regardless of what the glitch is. In most cases, the glitch goes away.

  1. Check the connection
  2. Clear your Instagram cache
  3. Restart your cellphone
  4. Update the app
  5. If you are in a restricted area, use a VPN.

If it doesn’t work, move on to the next solution.

Consider Logging Into Instagram Via PC

As said before, you read the ‘sorry we couldn’t log you in Instagram’ error when you have multiple accounts on your app.

Consider logging into Instagram via PC and even managing your Instagram there. It is not a bad idea at all given the fact that many businesses do so.

Using PC, you can manage as many Instagram accounts as you like, and you don’t have to be worried about Instagram login errors anymore.

Third-party services such as AiGrow allow you to manage your Instagram account from your computer. You can use this to post Instagram stories on your computer, upload videos from your PC, and so on.

If you can’t log in to your Instagram by computer and you are sure you have entered your information correctly, it is a technical issue, and you’d better report the problem to Instagram’s help center.

The only legal option to reactivate your Instagram account and fix the issue is to fill out the ‘My Instagram account has been deactivated’ form.

You’ll undoubtedly want to fill out as many forms as possible in order to get your account restored, but please resist the urge. Because Instagram may block your IP address and you will lose access to your account.

The Username You Entered Doesn’t Belong To An Account. Please Check Your Username and Try Again

Instagram login error of ‘Incorrect username’
Instagram login error of ‘Incorrect username’

Sometimes you can’t log in to Instagram and the message ‘The username you entered doesn’t belong to an account’ popped up. To solve it, check your username and try again.

Also, sometimes the message ‘Instagram Username Does Not Exist’ appears on the screen, the reason can be either of these situations;

  1. You forgot your Instagram Username
  2. Instagram disabled/deleted your account

To make up these issues keep reading.

What To Do If You Forgot Instagram Username

Some users refer to us, saying they probably forgot their Instagram username, and that is why they can’t log in to Instagram! That shocks us because it is vital to come up with an easy-to-remember Instagram username to attract more followers.

If you can’t remember it, how do you expect others to recall it?

The easiest way to fix the issue is to refer to your friends who follow you or whom you have DMed already. And ask them to take a screenshot of your username.

If it is not possible for you to do so;

  1. Go to your app and tap on sign in
  2. Tap the forgot password
  3. Tap ‘Username or Email’
  4. Type your email address
  5. Check your email inbox

Here you see an email from Instagram in which you can read your Instagram username.

What To Do When Instagram Disabled/Deleted Your Account

If you are sure you have entered your username correctly and you get the same message via different devices, it means Instagram disabled/deleted your Instagram account!

Why? Because you have not followed community guidelines or pushed Instagram’s daily limits! What can be done about it? I’m afraid there is nothing to do!

One option for resolving this issue is to contact the company directly. Try contacting them by mail or customer care.

Instagram Error; Sorry Your Password Is Incorrect

The other Instagram login issue happens when you enter your password incorrectly.

Instagram login error of ‘incorrect password’

To get the Instagram password reset request;

  1. Go to log in
  2. Tap on ‘Forgotten Password’
  3. Type username, phone number, or email address
  4. A reset password link will be delivered to you

Instagram Password Reset Not Working; What to do

The reset password link expires soon. That is why users assume the Instagram password reset link is not working. So, request again and act immediately.

We Couldn’t Connect To Instagram

Instagram login error we couldn’t connect to Instagram
Instagram login error we couldn’t connect to Instagram

If you see this message, it only means you are not well-connected to Instagram. To fix it, make sure you’re connected to the Internet and try again.

Sorry, There Was A Problem With Your Request

Normally this message pops up when you are banned or something like that. If you are banned for spamming activities [like violating community guidelines], let it go because Instagram takes a decisive stance on such actions.

Instagram login error “sorry there was a problem with your request

But if you are a victim of a bug, you can fix it and log in to Instagram.

To understand which one applies to you, log in to Instagram via the website, not the app. If you can log in, go ahead and read the rest. Because we are going to let you know how you can get away with this bug.

Go to Instagram.com, log in to IG, go to settings, and unlink your Instagram account to Facebook.

Now via a new tab, open Facebook and create a new account. Uninstall Instagram, and download again. Now connect your Instagram to The Facebook account you just created. And then, log out from Instagram.
Now open Instagram and log in with Facebook. The login error no longer pops up.

Instagram Invalid Parameters

Instagram invalid parameters error is one of the most common issues Instagrammers face when logging in or resetting their password.

It happens when you log in to your IG account using the two-step verification method or when you confirm your phone number when creating a new account.

You can take the following actions to resolve the Instagram invalid parameters error:

  • Clear your device’s data and activate app permission. Go to your phone’s settings, select ‘Manage Apps,’ select the ‘Instagram App,’ enable ‘All permissions,’ and then select ’Clear Data’ to accomplish this.
  • You can try to log in again after completing these steps. If it still doesn’t work, remove the app and reinstall it after clearing the data.
  • Instead of using your number to log in, use your IG username.
  • Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal; Instagram may give you the error of the invalid parameters if it doesn’t receive a strong signal from your wireless connection.
  • Using Facebook as your login method could be another way to access your Instagram account.

If the cliche fixing methods don’t work, report the problem to Instagram.

Use AiGrow To Solve Instagram login Errors

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Quick solutions to some Instagram login Errors

There are various reasons behind failure in Instagram login that reflect on the type of Instagram login error that you see in summary here;

Instagram login errorHow you can fix it
Sorry we couldn’t log you into InstagramGo to setting>Select Add Account>Enter your information
The Username You Entered Doesn’t Belong to An Account. Please Check Your Username & Try AgainRecover your username if you forgot it. But if your account is disabled/deleted by Instagram, there’s nothing to do.
Sorry, your password is incorrectInstagram password reset request
We couldn’t connect to InstagramCheck your connection
Sorry there was a problem with your requestUnlink your Instagram from Facebook & link it to a new FB account
Instagram invalid parameterReport the problem

FAQs on Instagram Login Errors

As you are aware, we have attempted to address issues such as when users encounter IG log in errors such as ‘Sorry We Couldn’t Log You In Instagram,’ among other concerns. We’d like to answer a few additional questions here.

Q1. What To Do If You Can’t Log Out Of the IG Account to Re-login?

As you may know, if you have already added a maximum of six Instagram accounts, you will need to log out of all of them in order to remove the Instagram account that you are unable to access.

To resolve this extremely vexing problem, and regain access to your Instagram account, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Settings (gear icon) on the Instagram app,
  • then scroll down to the bottom and select Log Out of All Accounts.
  • Click Log out of All Accounts once more.

You will be returned to the Instagram app homepage, where your accounts will be listed, as well as the account you were unable to enter previously. Log in with your new Instagram password now.

Summary of IG Log In Errors

We all know how annoying it is to try to log in to your Instagram account and receive messages such as ‘we couldn’t log you in with what you just entered,’ ‘We couldn’t connect to Instagram,’ and many others.

We attempted to solve all of the Instagram login errors in this post; if you did not find a solution, please read it again!

And if it doesn’t work, seek the assistance of AiGrow Instagram account managers!

We hope this tutorial assists you in resolving your login issue. 😉