7 Innovative Ways of Using Instagram Poll Questions for More Engagement

Instagram Poll Questions

If your goal is to boost your Instagram engagement, look no further – Instagram poll questions come to the rescue. 

Since this leading social media platform introduced Instagram Story polls, they have become one of the best tools for motivating interaction. There’s just something about those polls that pulls the users in. 

Is it the anonymity that does the trick? Or people’s need to express themselves? Whatever it is, it’s working. People love polls. It’s as simple as that.

However, if you want to increase your engagement rate, you should look beyond generic questions. Be different. Create Instagram poll games that your followers would love to be a part of.

Do you want to know how to do a poll on Instagram that will attract attention? Here are some creative ideas of how you can use Instagram poll questions to boost your engagement. 

1. Let the Users Call the Shots

When in doubt about a certain design feature or product color, why not turn to people who will be using that product? Include your followers in the decision-making process. 

Questions related to product design can bring you several benefits:

  • you’ll show that you value consumers opinion
  • consumers will be motivated to share thoughts that will lead to the product they’ll like
  • you’ll get useful feedback that will help you create better products
  • consumers will get a sneak peek of “what’s cooking up”

Getting your followers involved is a win-win situation. They’ll get products tailored to their preference and you’ll get engagement and useful data.

Top-off the decision-making poll with a follow-up that shows how you acted on your followers’ wishes. You can create a reminder with the poll’s results and show the product that was created based on what they’d shared in the poll. 

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2. Do “Ask Me a Question” Poll – Brand Style

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Who says that the “ask me a question” poll is reserved for influencers? Give the “Ask a Question” sticker a try and let the flood of questions come your way.

Open-end questions are a good way to find out what your audience is interested in. What’s more, it is an amazing way of sharing the information they want.

Be courageous enough to let your followers ask anything that crosses their minds. The freedom of communicating with a brand without restrains will be appealing to consumers. 

You get to choose which questions you’ll answer and publish, so you’ll be in control. Pick the best questions and let the games begin. 

Be a brand that cares. Be a brand that isn’t intimidated by direct communication. That’s the kind of reputation that the “ask me a question” poll can earn you. 

3. Start a Round of Trivia

You can never go wrong with trivia. Use trivia to evoke consumers’ competitive side. That’s what will drive engagement.

The great thing about trivia is that the possibilities are endless. You can create fun trivia with non-brand-related topics such as:

  • Guess the movie based on a bad review
  • Cartoon’s sidekicks
  • All about the 2000s
  • 20th-century trivia
  • Sitcom trivia
  • Who won the Oscar?

If you need ideas for trivia questions you can use this free resource of flashcards and essay samples. Browse through various topics about history, economics, art, education, and more and turn them into poll questions.

You can also create trivia that promotes your values. For example, Park Project, a National Parks apparel brand, created trivia polls to promote the preservation of national parks. The multi-question trivia related to national parks appeared on their Instagram Story every week.

Source: Instagram/@parksproject

With interesting trivia questions, you can turn the polls into Instagram games to play with followers. They’ll get to have fun with your polls and learn something along the way.

You can even create trivia that will help consumers get to know your brand a little better. It is the perfect way of combining engagement boost with building trust.

The questions you can ask are:

  • We established our business in___
  • We have _____(number) of employees
  • Our best-selling product is______
  • Our first commercial aired in_____
  • The owner’s favorite product is_____

4. Give the Users Behind-the-Scenes Scoop

Create some exclusive behind-the-scenes Instagram poll games. Humanize your brand with polls that reveal more about your company than your feed or website does.

Introduce the people who make your brand what it is. Ask Instagram poll questions about your employees. For example, “Guess our favorite break-time activity.” Or, “Can you relate to this?” featuring an image of stashing dessert in your work desk.

The consumers will be curious about who you are and what you like. If they can resonate with your team, the effect will be even more impactful. 

You can also ask questions about your production process your team’s plans, projects, ideas, product shootings, etc.

Here’s how WeWork incorporated the behind-the-scenes aspect in their polls. WeWork is a company that provides flexible shared workspaces. In their Instagram poll, they asked for users’ impressions of their interior design team’s new achievement.

Source: Instagram/@wework

5. Excite the Users with New Launch Teaser Questions

Do you have a new product coming soon? Use Instagram poll questions to build up the hype. 

There is a variety of ways to approach this. Instead of the basic “are you excited” poll, get down to specifics. Ask your followers to give their assumptions on what the new product will be. You can share some answers to build more anticipation.

Another good teaser is to ask them about the type of feature they think that the product will have. Or, let them guess what color choices will be available. 

A glance at what is preparing will make a mark in consumers’ minds. The opportunity to make a correct guess will entice consumers to give it a try. 

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6. Motivate Social Responsibility

Building awareness about topics such as sustainability, honesty, responsibilities of citizens, giving back to the community, and so on is important. Show your followers that your interests don’t just lie in selling products. Let your content reflect your values.

Instagram poll questions that provoke social responsibility will help you connect with the audience. They’ll see that there’s more to your brand than it meets the eye.

You can ask them questions that will motivate them to take action. Spur their thoughts about their social responsibility. Remind them that we should expand our focus beyond our personal needs and desires. 

7. Get Informative

Providing educational and informative content will encourage users to follow you religiously on Instagram. Turn Instagram question polls into a credible source of information. 

The polls you create can be informative and yet related to your brand. You can test your followers’ knowledge on the topic that is meaningful to you.

Take Headspace as an example. This meditation app also has features that teachers users how to engage in mindful eating. Headspace created a series of Instagram Story polls that perfectly introduced this useful technique. Here’s how:

Instagram Poll Questions
Source: Instagram/@Headspace

Make learning fun. Instead of just serving information, let your followers a part of the learning journey. Test their knowledge and supply them with new information. That’s how you can build engagement while raising awareness of important topics.

Final Thoughts on Instagram poll questions

Instagram poll questions are a powerful engagement tool. However, to maximize its potential you need to know how to activate the best features. That means that you need to ask the best questions. 

Use these poll questions as an inspiration for Instagram poll games that consumers will love to be a part of. Combine engaging question formats with your customers’ likes and you’ll get a winning formula. 

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