Instagram Post Ideas for the Isolation Age


Technology has created a connection that we only dreamed of before, but it also made people more isolated than ever. For years, experts have pointed out that technology has reduced our in-person communication and basically made us more alone. And as if this weren’t an issue before, now we have to deal with the recommendations for social distancing because of the coronavirus.  But what posts should we share during the isolation time? How can we use Instagram to help this time pass by? Keep reading to find out.

Instagram and the Isolation

The truth is, people have their own ways to keep up with the world and communicate their messages. The thing supposedly harming our communication is now one of our only means for it – technology. Workplaces have switched to an online presence, and the use of videoconferencing is bigger than ever. Social media platforms like Instagram have swiftly turned into scrapbooks from isolated people. 

With Instagram changing all the time, you need to get informed to keep up with the pace. In these past weeks, we’ve seen our friends’ homes and bookshelves, as well as many incredibly engaging Instagram posts that brighten our days inside. 


This doesn’t mean that we are no longer facing various social issues. It simply means that the isolation is so emphasized that we need to find new ways to use social media platforms. If you want some inspiration to get started, you might want to visit this page, Samplius, to read up a bit on the current social issues of today.

Social media platforms are known for spreading information fast, including bad information that causes panic. But, it seems like more and more people nowadays are looking for ways to keep themselves and their followers connected and entertained. With a bit of innovation and some creativity, we can beat numerous social issues. 

Tips for Using Instagram in the Isolation Age

Changes in Instagram are more present than ever now, so I’ve prepared a list of great tips that will put your profile in your followers’ top posts’ list. 

Acknowledge the situation

The isolation is so present in the entire world that there is absolutely no point in avoiding it. As terrible as the pandemic is, it is probably one of the very few things that have made the entire world join forces. So, you should definitely not avoid it. Use your Instagram profile to talk about it, give useful tips, provide your followers with motivational and inspiring thoughts, etc. Actually, this is what Jennifer Lopez is doing on her official Instagram account:

Share the experience

We all have some experience with the situation. As long as you feel comfortable, get personal with your posts. Are you spending a lot of time at home? If you are, what are you doing? What is happening in your home? Do you have some new routines that keep you busy?

This way, you can inspire people to do the same thing as you do, or if you are doing nothing, this can help them feel better about themselves! So, share your own experience of isolation and support each other emotionally!

As a good example, you can take a look at the following post by @kaisafit. She inspires you to stay at home and do some workouts with literally whatever you have at home!

Be an example

In the isolation age, people need an example. Be one. Show others how you take care of your personal hygiene, physical distancing, etc. Take a selfie of yourself wearing masks and gloves, take photos of your work from home life, share some tips from your self-care routine, etc. 

This can help you to feel connected to people and also help them avoid the feeling of loneliness, depression, and anxiety! By searching #masks or other related hashtags on Instagram, you can see thousands of these examples. But we have shared one of them in the following:

Offer your help

This is the time when people need to help one another to kill the isolation barriers. If you have some useful data, share it on Instagram. Find or make helpful YouTube videos. Write and share links to blog posts with tips that help people deal with the situation. 

Also, you can try to get some ideas from other Instagram users and repost some posts! But how? Actually, you can use an Instagram management platform like AiSchedul

Using this professional package of tools, you can search for hashtags related to Corona Virus, isolation, and social distancing. Repost some of the best posts to acknowledge the situation and support people emotionally! For instance, one of the best things to share with people during these hard times is what doctors recommend to stay healthy! 

So, open the AiSchedul website, sign up for free, and search for a hashtag to find some amazing things to report!

repost isolation contents

Go natural

The isolation time has made us all more natural. We stopped focusing on makeup and fashion, religion, or status. Even Instagram fashion influencers chose to go natural. They’ve been posting photos from their homes, make-up, and hairstyle-free, simply spreading the message that we’re all fighting the same issue. 

Find a way to keep your business alive.

Isolation can truly harm the economy and businesses, but you can use social media to keep yours alive. Be creative with it. If you’re a nutritionist, use your free time to write a cooking eBook or offer cooking lessons online. If you own a restaurant and can do food delivery, offer such a service. 

Hairstylists can record videos of creating hairstyles and give hair care tips to their followers. Nail artists can share videos and photos that teach the clients how to get their nails fixed safely until they can get back to the artist. Psychologists can spread motivational messages and do online consultations. The options are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Moreover, you can go live on Instagram and talk about some of the problems you have during these days and discuss with other people with the same problems to find solutions. This is what Michael Crispel has done:

Also, this is a perfect time to run Instagram giveaway contests. Using them, you can boost and grow your Instagram organically and stay connected with your customers. So, try to host an Instagram giveaway contest and use AiSchedul to automate the process. So, sign up for free and save time and energy! 🙂

Final Thoughts on Isolation and Instagram

This is a stressful time for us all. If you don’t feel like creating Instagram posts, take a break. If you do want to help or spread a message, don’t be afraid to do it. There are simply no expectations or rules on social media right now. This is a free zone, so do what you think is best. And remember, stay safe. 

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Joshua Robinson is an influencer on social media, offering his marketing services to those who need them. He has thousands of followers from all around the world. With his degree in marketing, Robinson is known as quite the social media wizard.