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May 5, 2021

Instagram Tagged Photos Search: Find All Tags and Mentions

By Parichehr Parsi

Tagging is one of the most important features of Instagram. You can tag products on Instagram if you have access to the Instagram Shoppable feature, tag your friends and other users on Instagram to show them your relevant content, and add location tags to your posts and stories to make them suitable to your target audience. Your Instagram account can be tagged or mentioned by your friends, customers, clients, and your audience as a whole. To see all tags and mentions of your account, you can use both your mobile phone and the web. This Instagram feature is crucial if you have a lot of interactions. So, let’s see how to do an Instagram tagged photos search.

How to Search Instagram Tagged Photos on a Mobile?

To use Instagram tagged photos search, open the Instagram app on your mobile device and sign in.

1- Instagram Tagged Photos Search- in-app Solution

Instagram tagged photos search can be found in the tag folder of the mobile version of Instagram. If you want to see pictures that someone else has tagged you or your friends in, go to your profile or your friend’s profile and look in the tag folder. However, if you go to a friend’s tag folder, you’ll just see pictures that they haven’t tagged from the private page you haven’t followed.

Tagging is different from mentioning an account on Instagram. There is a disadvantage of just tagging an account and not mentioning it on Instagram. While the tag on a post displays all of the accounts that have been tagged, most users would not tap on the content to see who has been tagged and who has been mentioned. In this situation, it’s also a good idea to mention all of the tagged accounts in the caption so that the average person reading it sees their usernames as well.

2- Use AiSchedul to Track all your Tagged Photos

One tool you can use to track all of your Instagram tagged photos is AiSchedul. You can see all posts that mention your name in the “Listening and Repost” section of your AiSchedul account. 

AiSchedul Listening & Repost

AiSchedul is a multi-featured Instagram-based platform. It’s also the best app for reposting because it has more functionality and options than the competition. Not only can you repost any content with it, but you can also schedule posts and stories, react to comments automatically, and so on. This app allows you to look for Instagram posts using hashtags, locations, and other criteria.

Using AiSchedul to track all your tagged photos is useful, especially for Instagram professional accounts of brands and businesses because they can see what their customers have said about them on social media. In case you have organized an Instagram contest or giveaway, you can check all the User-Generated Content (UGC) in one place on the desktop.

The advantage of using AiSchedul overusing the desktop version of Instagram is that you can repost the posts in which you are tagged from a desktop. So, your audience can see the posts and realize that you have interactive followers. As a result, they find it easy to trust you and buy from you because they know about your credit on Instagram. In addition, they get interested in taking part in your Instagram User Generated Content campaigns in the hope of appearing on your feed. 

How to View Tagged Photos on Instagram on Computer?

On Instagram’s desktop platform, tagged photos/pictures are now available. To see tagged pictures of people and accounts you follow, you no longer need to use the app on your mobile phone. This is part of Instagram’s latest desktop feature. On the page of the account you’re following, it’ll be below the bio section. “Posts” and “tagged” are located immediately above the photo area.

You can also access tagged Instagram images and posts on the website by typing “tagged” in the address bar after the Instagram account you’re following (For example This is particularly useful when you don’t want to use your phone to see what other users are interacting with the accounts you follow. You can then follow those accounts in return, or learn about new accounts to visit or try.

Here is the tagged section of @lancomeofficial:

1- View Tagged Photos using Instagram Web Version

You can view Instagram tagged photos using the official Instagram web version but you cannot repost any of them. Using AiSchedul, you can repost any of the posts that you are tagged in from your computer. 

2- View and Repost Tagged Photos on Instagram from a PC

As already mentioned, you cannot repost tagged photos from the official web version of Instagram. If you want to repost your UGC or any other content that you are tagged in, you should use Instagram tools. For reposting multiple photos on Instagram using AiSchedul, follow these steps:

  • Open the AiSchedul website on your browser and sign up for free.
  • After you’ve signed up, go to your Instagram account and start handling it.
  • Pick Add Instagram account from the Dashboard. You can connect up to 80 accounts at once and handle them all at once. Select Manage Account after signing into your Instagram account.
  • Click on Repost and choose where you want to repost it, Feed, or Story.
  • After clicking on Feed, you can choose the way you want to find the content. You can repost by hashtags, usernames, locations, or URLs.

FAQs About Instagram Tagged Photos Search

Here in this section, we will briefly answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 

1- How to Hide and Unhide Instagram Tagged Photos

  • Go to your profile by pressing the profile picture or username on the home screen of the Instagram app.
  • Look for the picture that has been tagged to see if the photos are still there.
  • On the top right, tap the hamburger button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Privacy.
  • You should see a list of pending tagged photos and their number which you should open.
  • Unhide any picture you want by tapping on it.
  • On the top right of the selected frame, tap the three-dot icon.
  • Post Options should be available.
  • Select Show on My Profile.

2- How do you See Someone’s Hidden Tagged Photos on Instagram?

Well, you can’t. It is not possible to see someone’s hidden tagged photos on Instagram. Just as you cannot see the posts of a private account on Instagram, you cannot see the tagged posts of private accounts either.

3- Why are Tagged Photos not Showing Up?

On Instagram, you can choose whether to allow posts to appear on your profile manually or automatically. So, if your tagged images aren’t appearing on Instagram, search the ‘Photos of You’ feature. Set it to ‘Add Automatically’ to get all the tagged images added to your profile automatically.

Bottom Line

Finding all tags and mentions of your Instagram account is necessary especially if you have a business on Instagram. You should know what your audience is saying about you because it plays an important role in your Instagram marketing strategies. Using AiSchedul, you can find all tags and mentions of your Instagram account in one place and you can repost them on your feed or story if you want.

This post was last modified on May 2, 2021 16:14

Parichehr Parsi

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