Manage Your Social Media Campaigns: Pro Tips & Tricks

Manage Your Social Media Campaigns Like A Pro

Social media marketing remains one of the most effective, affordable, and scalable advertising channels with guaranteed ROI. You are sure to get a targeted audience from social media faster than any other advertising channel. If you can position your brand strategically, you can drive massive gains from social media campaigns.

Many people fail in their marketing campaigns because of a lack of experience or planning. But today, you will learn the various tips that will help you become a pro in social media ads management. After this, you will start doing your marketing more effectively to ensure you make the gains for your business.

Here are some tips and tricks you need to run your social media campaigns like a pro.

1. Select the Right Social Network for Your Business Campaigns

There are so many social media networks than you thought before. With so many more evolving, you would think that grabbing every other network will open more marketing opportunities for your business. But remember that being a jack of all trades makes you a master of none, and your marketing efforts will get lost into thin air.

Even with the most prominent social media networks, you have to pick the right one for marketing your brand. When the inventors were creating the various networks, each wanted to serve a certain type of audience to ensure the smooth flow of communication and businesses in their respective industries.

To become a social media pro, you need to know which network your audience is and give them the content they need. To do this, you first have to identify your business niche. The niche will dictate where you should focus your marketing campaigns efforts on. For instance, Facebook’s “live” and Instagram audience is good for promoting an interactive video, while Twitter is ideal for short posts.

2. Know what to Post on Social Media

There is a big difference between your own social media account and your business page. While you post what matters to you on your personal accounts, your brand should have content from a different perspective entirely. Your audience wants to hear what matters to them, not to you.

To ensure that your audience engages with your marketing campaigns, you need to craft content that will solve their immediate needs. Your social media marketing strategy should focus and stay in line with your overall business goals in your marketing. This allows you to stay focused and avoid going off-topic in your marketing efforts.

3. Aim at Getting Recommendations

Before you start marketing your brand on social media, it is ideal to understand what people are speaking about it. Whether it is the quality of services you are offering or the customer care experience, people have to say something about your brand. And whatever they say matters a lot for the growth of your business through social media marketing campaigns.

In research by Nielsen Global Trust, 83% of consumers can only buy something if their closest family members or friends recommend it. It is also important to note that some people rely on reviews before they make a purchase. So, you have to build your brand to stand these tests before you push your marketing campaigns.

The best place you need to begin from is to check reviews on your social media pages and your product pages. Then see if there are any comments and learn what your previous customers or friends have experienced about your products. In case of any negative feedback, do something to fix things up to get recommendations in the future.

4. Leverage on Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools for any social media marketing effort. You can use them to let people looking for products in your business industry find your content faster and connect with your business. This also works well with your advertisement campaigns. Creating content with up to 30 Instagram hashtags can improve your business performance on the platform.

Because of how hashtags make your content discoverable, we can say that they are good for businesses that want to get Instagram followers for organic marketing campaigns. But be sure that you do not spam. You may need to use a few hashtags on the post and add others as comments.

If you want to get your brand to stand out and get an establishment, you need to create hashtags that revolve around it. Branded hashtags will help you with analytics – dig around the social media network and find out who is talking about you. Then you can respond to their posts to create a stronger bond and show other followers that you care.

5. Use Social Media Management Tools for Efficient Work

Doing all the work by yourself can be so tedious. Can you imagine running various applications for each social media network to track the performance of your campaigns? Using simple but powerful tools for social media management will ease your work and make your campaigns more productive.


Nobody should tell you that you cannot excel in social media marketing. Becoming a pro in social media campaigns manager does not entail staying online 24 hours and posting nonstop. And you do not require any diploma or degree. Following the 5 tips above will help your business make maximum gains from your efforts.

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Kimberly Clark is a content marketing specialist in IT & SEO who helps clients increase their revenues by improving their organic traffic and building powerful campaigns through Google Adwords. She can be reached via email at [email protected].