5 Best Paid Apps for Instagram Followers to Trust in 2021

paid followers app

One of the biggest considerations of every Instagrammer is the number of followers and things they can do to grow. Actually, these are Instagram followers that give your job meaning. So, it is vital to do your best to get more active and real followers. How? With paid apps for Instagram followers.

Luckily, a free or paid app for Instagram followers can help you with this issue. But among thousands of apps out there, which one suits you? This is exactly what we want to talk about in this article. So, keep reading to find the best-paid apps for real Instagram followers to grow your Instagram

Best Paid Apps For Instagram Followers

paid followers app

According to the new updates of the Instagram algorithms in 2021, the Instagram engagement rate has an important role in your Instagram growth and depends on many factors. Undoubtedly, the number of your followers is one of the most integral things you must care about in this way.  

Due to the strict Instagram limitations, it is essential to have real followers and avoid using bots. Unfortunately, so many users have reported that their account has been banned because of using follow bots. So, what can you do to have more followers in a shorter time and without being banned?

Fortunately, some paid apps can help you to gain real Instagram followers. So, keep reading to find the top 5 paid apps for Instagram followers you can use without being banned and blocked by Instagram!

#1 AiGrow; The Best paid app for Instagram followers

paid followers app

Undoubtedly, the best-paid app for Instagram followers is AiGrow. AiGrow is one of the most popular growth tools among Instagram users all around the world. Luckily, this amazing tool has a complete package of features that can help you grow your Instagram followers. For instance, using this tool, you can:

  • Get more Instagram followers,
  • schedule posts, 
  • automate DMs, 
  • get real likes,
  • create all-in-one bio links

And more. But here, we focus on their follower’s growth service. So, let’s see how it works!

Actually, AiGrow is an Instagram growth tool that works using artificial intelligence. Using the AiGrow growth engines, you can find the potential Instagram followers that can be attracted to your account and the ones who probably like to follow your page. But how? 

When you create an account on AiGrow, connect to your Instagram and go to the “Growth” tap on your dashboard, you will see some options to check on! But what are these options, and how can they help you? Stay tuned!!

Step 1: How to Target Followers On AiGrow?

The first step you must take to get real Instagram followers on AiGrow is to target people. As you can see in the picture below, you have four options to target Instagram users and find the potential ones to follow you using the AiGrow manager:

paid followers app

These options are:

  • Tags

Using tags, you can target the following Instagram accounts or use the same hashtag on Instagram. Actually, HashTags are keywords that can help you find posts similar to yours. So, when you target people following the HashTags related to your business type on Instagram, it is probable for them to follow you. 

  • Locations

As you know, Instagram lets users share their locations and also asks them for access to use to know where they are located in. If your business services are limited to a specific location, this option can really help you. Because using this one, AiGrow finds the users in your location, and hence, you can get more real followers. 

  • Influencer Accounts 

Another way to target people is to try to attract people following one or some influencers on Instagram. As you may know, influencers are Instagrammers that impact users’ minds and encourage people to follow a specific path in their life by doing some special activities, eating healthier, or buying some specific products. Hence, you can say that almost all the followers of an influencer follow the same path and have the same idea. So, if you see that your business is related to the idea of an influencer, you can target their followers to get your own followers!

  • Lists

And finally, the last way to target people is to include a list of people from an Excel sheet. This can help you have found the people who might follow you but don’t want to waste time interacting with each one separately. So, by including a list of users, you can easily try to target them!  

Also, note that you can choose as many ways as you want! There are no limitations at all!

Now that you have targeted people, it’s time to make them follow you! But how? Let’s find it out! 🙂

Step 2: How to Encourage Target Users to Follow You?

After choosing the Instagrammers that might follow you, do you have to do something to attract their attention? What would you do if you didn’t know about this paid app for Instagram followers?

Yes! You would try to follow those users, like their posts, write down comments or even DM them to make them notice you! This is exactly what AiGrow does. Actually, using the Pro Managed package, you hire an Instagram manager for your account. And after setting goals, that person starts to manage your account professionally and do all the things you want manually. Hence, there are no risks to get banned by Instagram. 

Also, it is worthy of mentioning that our Instagram managers are people who have lots of experience in Instagram businesses and can help you achieve your goals ASAP!

As you can see in the picture below, you can choose the desired automated actions to attract attention on Instagram and let target users know that you exist:

paid followers app

After choosing these actions and starting the growth process, AiGrow managers will manually do the chosen actions. So, sit back and enjoy the progress!

Step 3: The Final Step, Start Growth

After taking the previous steps, only one remains. You have to hit the “Smart Growth” button. But, note that AiGrow has another amazing feature to help you more and better! When you go to tap the start button, you will see another box to carry about! This one offers you to choose your business type so that the service will work smarter and better!

paid followers app

Now, as you see, AiGrow is one of the best-paid apps for Instagram followers you can use to make sure that your business is in the right hands. However, how much does it cost? Let’s see!

AiGrow Prices 

AiGrow offers two packages to get real Instagram followers:

AiGrow prices

Using the Pro-managed package, you can get approximately 250 followers per month, and by the VIP package, you will receive up to 500 followers per month, which is definitely great. So, visit the website right now and give it a try to see how amazing it is!

For more details, check out the following video:

#2 Mr. Insta

paid followers app

Another good Instagram paid app for Instagram followers is Mr. Insta. As indicated by the name, Mr. Insta specializes in Instagram. Unquestionably, this shows the high quality of their services. One of the key features of this paid app for Instagram followers is that it lets you choose your followers from a specific country. In addition, this service is totally risk-free because it doesn’t ask for your Instagram password. 

Features Of Mr. Insta

  • Mr. Insta delivers 15 followers every 24 hours to prevent your account banned.
  • The password of your Instagram account is not required
  • These followers are real accounts, not bots
  • To buy followers from Mr. Insta, your account must be public

Pricing of Mr. Insta

The prices of this followers app are as follows

mr.insta prices

Pros of Mr. Insta

  • It is fast
  • It is affordable
  • It is risk-free and totally safe

Cons of Mr. Insta

  • Mr. Insta provides you with real but bought followers. There is little chance of converting them into customers. 
  • These followers won’t engage your content.

(To have targeted followers who engage your content, sign up here)

Is Mr. Insta Just A Paid App For Instagram Followers?

Mr. Insta has a free plan too! But it gives you only 25 followers, and you get one follower every 12 hours.


Do not forget that Mr. Insta only delivers followers to public accounts. 

#3 Instamacro

paid followers app

Instamacro is another paid app for Instagram followers that can help you grow your Instagram. What Instamacro does is get real likes and follows for you without using bots and exchanging them. So, you don’t have to worry about being banned or blocked by Instagram. 

Features of Instamacro

  • Instamacro is more of a POD rather than a paid app for Instagram followers

Pricing Of Instamacro

Instamacro has some packages that you can purchase and increase your engagement rate in a limited time. For instance, you can buy a package for just a day and examine the speed of your growth. You can see the other packages in the picture below:

instamacro prices

Pros Of Instamacro

  • Followers who Instamacro provides you with are real Instagram users, so it is safe.
  • These followers also like your posts
  • There are 5 hours of the free trial

Cons of Instamacro

  • These followers are not likely to become your customers

#4 Fuelgram

paid followers app

Another amazing paid app for Instagram followers is Fuelgram. Like AiGrow, Fuelgram is based on engagement groups that help Instagrammers exchange likes, comments, and followers to improve their Instagram performance. 

Pricing Of Fuelgram

Actually, Fuelgram has 3 packages, but currently, just one of them works, and you can see the details in the picture below:

fuelgram prices

Pros Of Fuelgram

  • Followers of Fuelgram follow you and leave comments and add real value to your Instagram accounts.
  • Fuelgram is cost-effective

Cons Of Fuelgram

  • There is no variety in the packages of Fuelgram for different businesses and budgets

#5 Audience Gain

paid followers app

Audience Gain is an amazing paid app that can help you get real Instagram followers and get followers for your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other accounts.  Using this amazing tool, you can buy followers, likes, views, and also likes. Luckily, Audience Gain claims that there are no bots involved. So, you can enjoy your Instagram growth without Instagram bans! 

Audience Gain is not a paid app only for Instagram followers. It is a platform on which you can count on your whole social media services.

Features of Audience Gain

  • Audience Gain earns you followers for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Pricing Of Audience Gain

Actually, this tool offers some packages customized for different purposes. For instance, you can choose to buy likes, comments, views, or follows. By the way, if you choose to buy followers, you have multiple choices, as you see in the pictures below:

audience gain prices

audience gain prices

So, take a look at the plans and prices of this paid app for Instagram followers, and choose the one you want.

Pros Of Audience Gain

  • Followers aside, you can even buy engagement (of course in different packages)

Cons Of Audience Gain

  • Audience Gain is an expensive tool among all paid apps for real Instagram followers.

What Is The Best paid app for Instagram followers?

Growing on Instagram is an important goal of each Instagram account. Actually, one factor you must care about to grow on this platform is to gain more followers.  Unquestionably, there are so many factors you must care about to get more followers. For instance, you have to try to appear on the Instagram explore page, post at the best time possible, etc. However, one of the best ways to get real Instagram followers is to use a paid app for Instagram followers. One of the best apps you can use in this way is AiGrow, which allows you to receive interactions from target Instagrammers and perform your best on the other aspects of being a professional Instagrammer. So, check it out and enjoy your growth!

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