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Easily Repost Instagram Stories for Free


You may already know how to repost other people’s Instagram posts to your stories with no problem at all. But how to repost a story on Instagram. With Instagram’s new feature, you can easily repost Instagram stories that you’ve been mentioned or tagged in on your own story. 

How to repost a story on Instagram (if you’ve been tagged)

If you want to be able to repost other people’s stories to your own stories without using any other tools, there are two things you require: 

  1. You must be mentioned or tagged in the story you want to repost. In this case, you will get a notification in your direct message telling you that you’ve been tagged or you’ve been mentioned in someone’s story.
  2. 2. That person’s account must be public because when you repost other people who are not necessarily following that person might be able to see that story.

Therefore, when someone posts an Instagram story and tags you or mentions you in that story, you get a notification in the form of a direct message. When you are in your direct messages, on top of that story, you will see a small link saying “Add this to your story”.

So, you just simply tap on that. Then, after preparing and editing your own Instagram story, simply tap on the “Your Story” button and that’s all. That post will be added to your Instagram Stories. Also, if you tap on “Send to”, you will be able to send that story as a direct message. 

How to Repost a Story from Anywhere Around Instagram

If you are not tagged in a story and you do still want to repost that story, you have no way except for using a 3rd party tool. AiGrow is a trusted and wide-range used app that helps you repost a story from anywhere around Instagram. Let’s see how it works.

How to Repost a Story With AiGrow

Now, there is a better way that you can use and this one is actually a really cool tool. To begin, simply visit AiGrow’s website and sign up on their platform (It’s free and doesn’t ask for a credit card). Then, on your dashboard proceed to the “Schedule Posts” tab. And there you will find the repost button.

Click on “Repost” and it gives you some options to find the story that you want to repost. You have the ability to search for stories by hashtags, locations, the story URL, or the username of an account who has posted the story.

When you are done finding your favorite story, set the time and your repost will be scheduled for your desired time. You can check the box to post it immediately to your page.

Also, you can repost a story on multiple accounts if you want. And for those who don’t have enough time to respond to all comments, turning on auto-reply could be a good choice.

Now, everything is fine and you need to just press the “Schedule Post” button. That’s all. You are done.

Note: You can always come back to the ‘Scheduled’ tab and edit your posts before they go live and then after, you can see all your posts under the ‘Posted’ tab.

Do you know any other ways to repost Instagram stories? Drop us a comment below and share your brilliant ideas 😉