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Top Instagram Dancers To Follow In 2020-Instagram Feed Included

Instagram dancers with a great number of followers are the source of inspiration and lessons to learn from and if you dream about becoming a world-famous dancer on Instagram, you must get to know the top Instagram dancers.

According to the number of followers that Instagram dancers have, I conclude that the dance industry must be so competitive on Instagram. But I also suggest a solution that gives you an upper hand to outrun the other Instagram dancers or at the very least, compete with them closely.

These are the top 9 Instagram dancers according to the numbers of followers.

No need to mention that the number of followers may change and these Instagram dancers may sub one another.

Let’s get to know them better, shall we?

1. Nastya Nass

Instagram Bio Of Nastya Nass

Some Of The Most Viewed Feed Of Her Account

Why Is She So Followed On Instagram?

The first reason is her breathtaking ability to twerk and high-quality feed of hers. But she already is a youtube sensation in the dance industry.

2. Montana Tucker

Instagram Bio Of Montana Tucker

Why Montana Tucker Is So Followed on Instagram?

Montana Tucker creates a very powerful connection with other influencers, such as Lele pons, King Bach, and Ben Azelart.

She also makes funny videos from time to time to increase engagement and followers.

Montana Tucker also increases her reputation by releasing new songs.

She also did not miss her chance of findability on tmillytv.

3. Misty Copeland

Instagram Bio Of Misty Copeland

Some Most Viewed Feed Of Misty Copeland

Why Is Misty Copeland So Followed On Instagram?

Misty Copeland won so many awards for her talent and was the first African-American dancer promoted in principal dancer in ABT’s 75-year history.

To put it simply, the good reputation of Misty Copeland might have brought her this amount of followers on Instagram.

4. Sean Lew

Instagram Bio Of Sean Lew

This screenshot was taken shortly after the death of Georg Floyd. That is why his profile photo is black.

Some The Most Viewed Feed Of Sean Lew

Why Is Sean Lew So Followed On Instagram?

Sean Lew already is a YouTube sensation and his doing great on Instagram led to this amount of followers.

No need to mention that he is a hip hop dancer with many techniques. He is a dancer coach on tmillytv.

5. Deeglazer

Instagram Bio Of Delaney Glazer

Some Of The Most Viewed Feed Of Delaney Glazer

Why Is Delany Glazer So Followed On Instagram?

The very powerful connection Delany Glazer made with so followed influencers was definitely a significant reason why she is so followed on Instagram.

For sure the cute videos of hers with her boyfriend led to more engagement and followers.

Delaney is so educating when it comes to dancing. Many of those who are passionate about dancing and want to learn how to dance can easily be inspired by following her page and tips.

She also exposes herself on tmillytv.

6. Gianna Martello

Instagram Bio Of Gianna Martello

Some Of The Most Viewed Feed Of Gianna Martello

Why Is Gianna Martello So Followed On Instagram?

Choreography has an absorbing nature. Besides, Gianna Martello exposes herself on tmillytv.

7. Charlize Glass

Instagram Bio Of Charlize Glass

The Most Viewed Feed Of Charlize Glass

8. Brian Friedman

Instagram Bio Of Brian Friedman

Some of The Most Viewed Content Of Brian Friedman On Instagram

9. Josh Killacky

Instagram Bio Of Josh Killacky

Some Of His Most Viewed Feed Of Him

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