How to Write Your Best Instagram Bio Yet

best instagram bio

A potential follower has just landed on your Instagram profile. You want to make your “Follow” button as irresistible as possible. The way to do that is to provide all necessary information about your channel as quickly and as clearly as possible. This is why it is important to create the most compelling and best Instagram bio possible.


Here are 5 easy-to-implement tips to help you create your best Instagram bio (and profile picture) yet:

The profile

Whenever you want to grow your number of Instagram followers, be it for personal, brand or business purposes, the profile picture plays a very vital role. People should go for a captivating image that not only catches the eye, but that also tells the viewer at a glance what your channel is all about.

Making the bio precise

You should summarize what you do in clear and precise sentences. The precision and clarity help to convey to potential followers what you and your business are all about. Include 2-3 essential words that best describe your business.

Be social to people

People want to see the human aspects of your business. As explained in our guide “62 Ways to Grow Your Followers in 2018”, if your channel is a business profile, include behind-the-scenes content that shows potential followers that you are just some faceless business entity. 

Use appropriate Emoji where necessary

A simple way to make your Instagram bio pop is to include colorful and meaningful emojis. Similar to the point above, IG is a social platform, and too much professionalism and seriousness might not capture the attention of potential followers or customers. Emojis can also help convey a lot of information in the span of two or three characters.

Include your email in the IG Bio

Particularly if you are a business, influencer, or brand, including your email in your bio makes it easy for potential followers or customers to get in touch and ask questions.

Have any killer tips that you used to upgrade your bio? Please share in the comments below!

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