How to Add Links to Instagram Posts?

Add Link to Instagram Post

Actually, Instagram lets users add links to stories, profile bios, and also IGTV videos. But there is no official feature to add clickable links to Instagram posts you share on feed. However, there are some simple ways that can help you to do so. Fortunately, using some eligible third-parties, or some clever tricks you can add clickable links to your posts on Instagram. Keep up reading! You’ll soon be able to add links to Instagram posts! 

Why Should You Add a Link to an Instagram Post? 

Add Link to Instagram Post

Undoubtedly, adding some links to your Instagram posts can help you with so many things. Actually, about 60% of users use Instagram for shopping and most of the companies you know have an official Instagram account to announce people about their new products, services, offers, and also attract more potential customers. In this way, both sides of the party, i.e. the company and customers have some expectations and define a good Instagram post differently!

For instance, a good post from the company owner’s view is the one that attracts more people and helps them to grow their business. And for a customer, a good post is the one that contains details of the products, the prices, and also a link to the purchase page! So, you can see that it is essential to add link to Instagram post. 

But adding links can help in other aspects too! For example, add link to Instagram post can help you:

And much more than this. 

But how can you add link to Instagram post? Let’s find out!

How to Add Link to Instagram Post?

As mentioned in the previous parts, there are no official features by Instagram to add clickable links to posts you share on feed. However, there are some ways that let you ditch this issue without getting blocked from Instagram. If you simply search on Google, you will notice that there are thousands of ways and also third-party apps introduced by different blogs to add links to Instagram posts. But before trying each one you have to make sure that it is safe and doesn’t put your account in danger. 

In the following, we introduce the best and also safest ways to add a link to an Instagram post. So, stay tuned! 

Add Links to Instagram Posts with AiSchedul

The first and also the best way to add links to Instagram posts is to use AiSchedul!! AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool with a complete package of features that ensures your success on Instagram business. 


Some of the best features of this amazing tool are as follows:

And other amazing features. 

Bio Link

By the way, one of the best and the most fruitful features of this platform is its linking tool! Actually, powered by AiSchedul is an amazing tool that allows you to:

  • Add multiple links to your bio
  • Create all-in-one links
  • Add links to Instagram posts/stories
  • Add links to other social media websites using widgets 
  • Link to photos 
  • Use themes for your links page to keep up with your Instagram theme 

And much more than this. So, it is a complete package of tools and solves almost all the problems you have in adding links on Instagram.

Add Link to Instagram Post

But how can you add a link to an Instagram post using AiSchedul? It is a piece of cake! Just follow the steps taken in the video below! 🙂

Luckily, AiSchedul offers multiple packages you can use. In the following image, you can see the details of the features each package contains and also the prices. Moreover, you can try all the features for free before purchasing a plan! 

AiSchedul costs

#2 Use Instagram Shoppable Posts

Shoppable account

One of the features that Instagram has added recently is the Instagram shoppable posts. Actually, this feature is available only for business accounts and allows them to tag product details and prices just like we all can tag our friends. 

Actually, shoppable posts on Instagram can be recognized by the small bag tag on the left side of the content shared and by tapping on it, you can see details of the product and also go to the purchase page on the intended website. 

However, this choice is not the best one you can use to add link to Instagram post. Because first, you must have a business account. In addition, you can just add purchase links and in case you are running an information blog, this option cannot help you at all!

#3 Pay to Add Link in Instagram Post

Add Link to Instagram Post

If you want to add clickable links to your Instagram captions without using third-parties, you have an option from Instagram. Actually, with an Instagram business account, you can pay to promote your posts and be able to add link to Instagram post in the caption box!

However, using this one you cannot still be able to crate all-in-one links, link to photos and other abilities that AiSchedul offers! 

#4 Change the Instagram Bio Each Time You Post

Add Link to Instagram Post

Another option you have is to insert links related to posts in the Instagram bio. This means that whenever you post something on Instagram, you have to change your bio link and in the caption box announce people to go and check your bio! 

Unfortunately, this way is not efficient at all since Instagram doesn’t let users share multiple links in the bio. So, what should you do if you have shared 10 different product images simultaneously? In this case, you can refer to the first tip and try AiSchedul. However, without using this amazing tool this strategy fails! 

#5 Share Stories Each Time You Post

Add Link to Instagram Post

One other way to add link to Instagram post is to share stories of the same product right at the moment you share the posts on the Instagram feed. Actually, stories should be a part of every marketer’s strategy on Instagram. Luckily, Instagram allows users to add swipe-up links to stories. Also, stories are temporary posts that attract more people and are really catchy. So, using these links you can help people go to the product page on your blog and purchase whatever they want. 

However, creating both posts and stories of the same products can be really exhausting. In addition, when people see the same content they get bored. So, in case you want to try this option, you need to be really creative and try to avoid these things.


To wrap it up, it is vital to add link to Instagram post. This can help you grow your business on all social media accounts and also your blog. However, Instagram policies prevent people to add clickable links to posts shared on feed or share them on the caption box. However, there are some fast and easy ways to do so. Actually, the best way to add links to posts on Instagram is to use AiSchedul which is an Instagram management platform with amazing tools. Using this tool, you can add links to posts, schedule posts with links, and much more than this. So, visit their website and sign up for free!

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