Is It Legal To Buy An Instagram Account With 100K Followers? +Alternatives

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Building an Instagram account for a niche and developing real followers who interact with the account is not anyone’s cup of tea. You should spend lots of time, energy, and money to grow an Instagram account. That is why some individuals try to cut their ways short and buy Instagram account with 100k followers.

But many buying an Instagram account is surrounded with many questions! Is it legal to buy an Instagram account? Where to buy one? Is it worth it at all?

In this article, all these questions will be answered. So read till the end. Because it might change your mind for good.

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Is It Buying & Selling Instagram Accounts Legal?

Let me say that point-blank. Buying and selling Instagram accounts is against Instagram’s terms of use. 

Some websites claim that There’s not any law that prohibits the buying and selling accounts. This is while Instagram help center, clearly you can not buy or sell Instagram accounts.

Can You Buy Instagram Username?

According to the Instagram terms of use, you are not allowed to buy or sell any aspects of Instagram accounts. With that said, you can not buy Instagram usernames.

Instagram clearly says it is illegal to buy Instagram username

Instead of buying an Instagram username of well-known accounts, I recommend you to come up with an Instagram username that leads to more followers.

Where To Buy Instagram Accounts With 100K Followers?

Now you know it is illegal to purchase Instagram accounts. But it is up to you to take that risk and buy Instagram accounts with 100K followers. If this is what you’ve chosen, here is the list of Instagram account sellers.


Fameswap is an Instagram account seller with over 2000 Instagram accounts for sale among which you can buy Instagram accounts with 100K followers. Other than the number of followers, it sorts Instagram accounts based on niche, price, etc.

buy instagram account with 100k followers

FameSwap Reviews

Reviews show that Fameswap is safe and secure and working.

Fameswap, buy Instagram Accounts
Rating of Fameswap, which is an Instagram account seller, is 4.7 out of 5

Social Tradia

Social Tradia is another place to buy Instagram accounts with 100K followers. This Instagram account seller has all the features of Fameswap, only with better reviews.

Social Tradia Reviews

Social Tradia
rating of Social Tradia which is 4.9 out of 5


The third Instagram account seller I would recommend you to buy a verified Instagram account from is Toofame is.

Toofame Reviews

TooFame, buy instagram account with 100k followers
Rating of Toofame, which is 4.7 out of 5

Things To Know Before You Buy Instagram Accounts

If you wanna purchase an Instagram account, don’t do it with closed eyes. There are facts to consider before you take action. 

It Is Risky To Buy An Instagram Account 

As covered before, it is against Instagram terms of use to buy an Instagram account. If you set foot on this road, you are willing to take the risk no matter what.

You may take the risk and lose the Instagram account you bought! It is true that the mentioned Instagram account sellers are all safe and secure, but they are violating Instagram terms of use after. If they have not been caught yet, it doesn’t mean they never will.

Followers Of These For-Sale Instagram Accounts Might Be Bots

You probably want to buy a verified Instagram account to be provided with certain features that verified accounts have (like swipe up feature), otherwise, you would have bought fake followers. But there is a great chance some (if not all) of their followers are bots!

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Verified Instagram Accounts?

Absolutely not. No professional Instagramer would encourage you to buy an Instagram account with 100K followers. 

Not only there is a risk associated with bought accounts, but the process of transferring might repel real followers of the bought account (if it has at all) You might outsmart Instagram, but you barely can fool its users.

Other than that, there is little chance that the remaining followers bond with you at all. Because let’s be honest, they haven’t chosen you in the first place!

I personally don’t know even a single Instagram influencer who has started his journey with buying an Instagram account.

I know the idea of buying Instagram accounts sounds tempting, but know that purchasing an Instagram account might not save your time, money, and energy, but does the contrary exactly!

Instead of purchasing Instagram accounts, follow the footsteps of influencers and grow your Instagram account organically.

Don’t Buy Instagram Account With 100K Followers; Use AiGrow Instead

AiGrow is a Canadian based company that offers many services including Instagram managers.

Instagram managers of Instagram guarantee 4000-5000 new yet targeted followers. These followers are earned through 60 hours that your Instagram manager dedicates to grow your accounts and content creation. 

The money you pay to your Instagram manager is much less than the price you pay to buy a verified Instagram account.

AiGrow has many features to grow your Instagram account. Make sure to read its review to be able to decide better.

AiGrow, buy instagram account with 100k followers
rating of AiGrow which is 4.7 out of 5

Don’t Buy Instagram Account With 100K followers; That Is The Answer!

The time, money, and energy you should invest into growing an Instagram account might tempt you to buy an Instagram account with 100K followers. Although Fameswap, Social Tradia, and Toofame seem to be secure Instagram account sellers, it is not recommended to buy Instagram accounts from them. Because buying and selling Instagram accounts is against Instagram terms of use and that can cost your money, time, and reputation.

Instead of buying an Instagram account, follow the path of successful Instagrammers and grow your Instagram account organically. If you need help, you can hire a professional Instagram manager from AiGrow who earns you new, active, and target followers.

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