Don’t Buy Instagram Live Views! Get Free Ones Instead!

buy Instagram live views

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Turning into one of the best platforms for running a brand and selling products, Instagram developers keep adding new features to attract more and more users every single day. One of the features that resulted in a boost in the number of Instagram users is the live stream. According to a study, about 80% of users prefer to watch a live video on Instagram rather than reading a blog post from a brand. This, as a result, actuated business managers to buy Instagram live views in order to boost their sales conversion. But is this a good idea?  

In the following, I’m going to show you what happens when you buy Instagram live views, help you find a better way to attract live video viewers, and take a look at few users who have the most Instagram live views to learn from them. So, stick around and get your free live views ASAP!

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What Happens if You Buy Instagram Live Views? 

This is just like buying Instagram followers or buying an account with 100K followers! When you buy views, you cannot expect high-quality active viewers who may buy any of your products after watching your live videos! 

The reason is pretty clear: services offering Instagram live viewers have about 100K fake Instagram accounts that are being used for their services. Usually, these accounts share nothing on Instagram and all they do is to like, follow, and leave comments for users who have purchased some growth services.

 So, when you buy Instagram live views, all you receive are fake followers who stay in your live stream for 30-60 minutes and don’t react to anything at all. Therefore, after your live stream is finished, you cannot see any growth in your followers, or in the number of products you sell every day. So, why should you even bother to use such services? 

Well, if your purpose is to just appear in the list of people who have the most Instagram live views, this would be a good idea. But if you want to grow on Instagram organically, then you should find a way to get real Instagram viewers. But how? Keep reading and get real live views in a minute for free!

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How to Get Free and Instant Instagram Live Views?

I beg you all know the tips and tricks that are used to get more live viewers. For instance, you know that you must: 

  • Promote your live stream using eye-catching posts,
  • Invite celebrities to your live videos and attract people using sponsored posts, 
  • Offer something valuable, 
  • Run giveaway contests and announce that winners are picked among live viewers, 

And etc. But yes! Trying all these tricks and employing them in your strategies takes a great deal of time and may not necessarily lead you to the best possible results. So, how can you get real and organic Instagram live views quickly? 

Well, the answer is to use an Instagram growth service like AiGrow

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Using such growth services, you won’t buy fake or inactive users who will join your Instagram live video. Instead, you will hire an Instagram account manager who attracts your prospective followers and customers manually. So, what really happens here is that at the first step, you gain unlimited followers that are interested in your business. Then, these followers like your posts, leave comments, and view your live videos and keep your engagement rate the highest rate possible. 

Apart from that, your dedicated Instagram consultant helps you with running your live video, creating content to promote the live stream, and many other tasks you have to do while going live. So, sign up for free on AiGrow RN and get 1000 free live views trial on your live videos.

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Who Has the Most Instagram Live Views?

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to know how to get more Instagram live views is to track users’ activities with most Instagram live views. But who has the most Instagram live views? According to, rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, has the record of most Instagram live viewers with 2 million viewers on his live video. 

Drake and Tory Lanez previously held this record.  They just had about 300,000 viewers on their live stream.  Obviously, what resulted in this success is related to their popularity and being a public figure on Instagram. But apart from this, I’m pretty sure that they followed the right strategies. Plus, their Instagram admins have put their best effort into attracting people to these live videos.

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Bottom Line

To wrap it up, Instagram live videos are great opportunities to:

  • Introduce new products and services, 
  • Show how a product works and describe all its features, 
  • Share behind-the-scenes and build trust, 

And more. But, if you don’t have enough viewers, you’ve just wasted your time and energy. In this respect, some people buy Instagram live views for instant results. But here, I tried to show you why it’s not the best choice possible. So, read the article to find an alternative for it and get real and active viewers ASAP!

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