Center your Instagram Bio in a Minute!

Center Bio on Instagram

Want to have a unique and catchy Instagram bio? Then why don’t you try to center bio on Instagram? 

Instagram bio is one of the most important parts of an amazing Instagram profile because it makes the first impression on people! So, writing down a good bio can also help you to grow on Instagram

But how can you center bio on Instagram? And what are other catchy styles? Keep on reading to find the answer and share a beautiful bio on Instagram! 🙂

2 Easy ways to Center Bio on Instagram

Instagram bio is a public summary of your brand’s purpose and impact on the potential followers’ viewpoint! So, keeping it brief, exact, unique and also customized you can get more attractions! But how to center bio on Instagram?

To center Instagram bio you can try each of the ways we describe below. They are both simple and you can center your bio in a few seconds. We’ve also included some other creative ideas to make your bio look more attractive:

#1 Use Spaces to Center Bio on Instagram

One of the easiest ways to center your Instagram bio is to add spaces before the text you shared on your bio. However, if you try to tap on the space bar to center bio on Instagram, you see that nothing happens. But, by following the steps below, you can simply do it:

Step 1) First, copy the spaces between the braces below. Do not copy the braces!!

Double click between the braces and just copy whatever appears between them!!

Copy -> [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]

Step 2) Open the Instagram app on your mobile or desktop, go to your Instagram profile and click on “Edit Profile”

Instagram bio

Step 3) Now, paste the spaces you have copied before each line on the bio box and click on “Submit”

Center Bio on Instagram

That’s it. Now, your Instagram bio is centered. 

Center Bio on Instagram

Also, note that if you want to make all the lines be in the center and not aligned on left, you have to add or delete some of the spaces and check them to appear in the center! So, it may take some time and trying the second way may be better!

#2 Write Your Bio in Note apps

Another way to center bio on Instagram is to write your bio on note apps! Actually, this way has some benefits in comparison to the other one. For example, in the previous way you have to click on submit every time to see the changes and this may take a great deal of time. 

But if you try to write them in a note app, you can see the changes immediately and then copy and paste the bio you are satisfied with! 

To do so, just open a note app, copy and paste your Instagram bio, copy the spaces in the previous part, and try to create what you want. For instance, in the picture below, we tried to center bio on Instagram somehow differently from the previous part:

Center Bio on Instagram

Then, just copy and paste what you have created on the bio box and submit it!

Center Bio on Instagram

Using this simple tip, you can also create more bio styles and be more creative. For example, you can create them in a stair-shaped view:

bio sample

And even use fonts and emojis to customize your own style:

bio sample

So, be creative and do whatever you can to make your bio look beautiful! 🙂


In conclusion, your Instagram bio can really help you to have a good impression on people and make them follow you. Actually, you can create some unique and catchy bios to gain more attractions on Instagram. One of the simplest things you can do is to center bio on Instagram. To do so, you just have to add some spaces before each line and save your bio. However, if you try it in a note app, you can create more creative styles!

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