6 Easy Content Marketing Methods to Boost Conversions

Let's Find Out about 6 Easy Content Marketing Methods to Boost Conversions.

How are your content marketing efforts looking? A little bleak?

Let’s face the facts – it’s not enough to write an article on a trending topic or create a few social media posts on the latest Tik Tok craze – buyers can see right through your tactics.

Good marketing takes a lot of planning and thought. You need to tailor it to your audience, be unique in your approach, and ultimately fit in with your campaign goals. If it doesn’t, ask yourself why you’re wasting precious time trying to conform to the masses!

Also – content marketing has been proven to boost conversions. Over half of all shoppers worldwide research a brand or product before purchasing with Google. That means swathes of potential customers are out and about, right this second, googling services or products that you may be able to offer.

Strong SEO can ensure you’re first on their search results – but that won’t necessarily create conversions. Creating loyal customers involves having a great brand presence and filling it with excellent content marketing.

Don’t worry; if you’re a novice (or even a seasoned pro who can’t understand where they’re going wrong…), we have 6 easy content marketing methods to boost conversions on your website.

What is Content Marketing?

A type of marketing that involves creating and sharing online content, content marketing is a huge aspect of a brand’s image. Although content marketing doesn’t necessarily have to promote the business, it’s a great way of increasing awareness and interest in a brand’s products or services. 

Content marketing can come in many forms – whether blog posts, videos, infographics or other graphic media, email, podcasting, webinars, eBooks, lead magnets – your choices as a business are endless! As long as you’re tailoring your high-quality content specifically for your audience, you can’t go wrong. 

It’s also an aspect of inbound marketing that definitely should not be missed. Content marketing can be considered the driving force of web traffic, as it allows businesses to quickly and effectively reach mass audiences, increase engagement, build trust and, of course, boost those sales conversions. 


Creating a few show-stopping posts every 3 months just isn’t going to cut the mustard. We get it; perfection takes time, right? Well, your business doesn’t have time for your perfectionist mindset – it’s time to give your customers what they want.

Let’s remember this equation: quality + frequency = consistent content

There’s a huge plus to being consistent with your content, too: Google will reward you for it! That’s right – if you’re posting frequent content, you’re letting Google know that your site is up and running with exciting new information. That’s what Google wants its searchers to see, after all! So, by keeping your content up to date, not to mention being distributed regularly, Google will make sure you’re near the heavenly top of those search results.

Consistently good content also creates a feeling of authority with your brand – whether it’s winning domain authority with Google or building trust with your customers – being an expert in your field can never be a bad thing, right? Remind the world regularly what you have to offer! 

Also, consider experimenting with various types of content: you might try long-form blog posts, ebooks, videos, and case studies, to name a few. And, don’t forget to keep it engaging! Make sure your written English skills are top-notch, and only the finest design tools craft the images you include.

User-generated Content

User-generated content or UGC is any content produced by publicly available consumers – this can be in the form of online surveys, offline surveys, reviews, text, images or videos, etc.

One of the main sources of UGC is social media: Instagram – a platform that allows users to share primarily images and video, and Twitter – a platform that centers around users sharing text, are two huge centers for this type of content. Users on this platform can represent brands by sharing posts, exposing the products or services to a new audience. 

Forums and group discussion boards are also excellent sources of UGC.  

To boost conversions, however, you want your users to be selling your brand.

This is when social media comes into play, with branded hashtags used on Instagram or Twitter being excellent tools for USG. The more people talk about and experience your business – through content – the more likely those conversions will come flooding in!

Have a Buyer Persona in Mind

This is a pretty easy and simple step, so you’d be surprised by how many businesses totally miss it! 

Simply put: is your content marketing aimed at your audience? If the content isn’t designed specifically for them, how do you expect an increase in conversions or overall awareness? You may be working super hard on your content, but if you’re not talking to your customers in the language that empowers them, it’s pointless. 

Finding your buyer’s persona is more than your standard demographics – you need to know not only their age, sex, and location, but also their hobbies and interests: when are they most likely to browse, or how much are they likely to spend? Despite being sort of fictional, you want your buyer persona to be super detailed, so you can visualize exactly what content will solve their pain points.

You should also rule out any negative personas, i.e., a customer’s persona you don’t want for your business. 

Get Creative

Whatever your business, the marketing industry is totally and completely saturated right now – digitally, everyone is fighting to the death to get their name on the top of that search engine results page. 

However, a lot of content can appear dull and regurgitated. It’s a classic case: some marketers just see what’s working and decide to replicate it – which can occasionally work – but it also means that the search results page is filled with 6 of the same article! Don’t fall into this trap. It’s okay to do your research and find out what’s getting clicks, but don’t let this consume your content creation. 

To create original, unique content, you should be brainstorming and keeping track of innovative ideas. Maybe even go back through your older content and see if there’s any way you can tweak them with fresh, new thoughts and ideas. Google loves older content, so the more you can work with this, the better.

Always ensure the uniqueness of your blog post or marketing content by using an online plagiarism-checking tool. You can use the plagiarism checker by Check-Plagiarism or Copyscape as both provide accurate plagiarism results in less time. This will let you find plagiarized sources in your content and helps you in using unique content for marketing purpose.

The marketing world is a pretty tough place to be, so you have to make sure your content is something that can fight off the masses and stand alone as high-quality content!

Be Active

Building a relationship with your customers by being active on public platforms like social media is a great way to build trust for your brand. Social media is pretty much like a lottery, too: you never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. Maybe tomorrow, one of your posts go viral, and people from all over the globe discover your brand? If you want to be open to that possibility, an active social media profile is the solution. An easy way to do this is to schedule your posts on all of the social platforms. This way, you can ensure that content will appear at the right time and reach more people than your followers only!  

And let’s face it, the most successful household names don’t appear mechanical and completely out of touch – you want to give your business some personality. Let’s not forget when several American fast-food chains took to Twitter to outdo one another (nothing serious, of course)! The goal was to create brand awareness whilst keeping the public entertained – and that’s exactly what they did!

Also, being active on social media allows your customers to interact with you and give you precious feedback on how they feel about your business. Your customers are people, too – you want to make sure they feel heard. 

Reach Out 

Nobody’s a superman. Just because you excel in the sales department doesn’t necessarily mean you’re full of ideas regarding the more creative side of things. 

Be honest with yourself and your business – are you in need of a bit of extra help? 

Outsourcing is the latest trend to sweep the global marketing scene, with stats showing more and more businesses reaching out for expert help in their field. Platforms specializing in these areas take creative freelance marketplaces like Twine and have abundant know-all content marketing knowledge. 

Closing Thoughts on Content Marketing Methods to Boost Conversions

To create content that converts, you need to put in the work. Do your research, find your niche and your buyer persona, and take time to create good content. Although it’s not the only way, content marketing is definitely one of the easiest ways to boost conversions. So, why not get it right? 

We hope the next time you create content, you have these conversion-centric marketing methods in mind. After all, no business has ever gone wrong with good content!

Author’s Bio:

Originally a freelance painter and writer, Tannah Cantrell is a Digital Marketing Executive at Twine – an online marketplace that helps creative freelancers connect with clients and build their dream careers.

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