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Most Followed Food Instagram Accounts | 2021 Update

December 5, 2017

Welcome to the most delicious article of Social Pros about the most followed food Instagram accounts! Look at this article as a complete directory of the best food-related Instagram accounts where you can learn how to make mouth-watering food that tastes like ambrosia! Also, some of these food accounts on Instagram offer tips that will make your cooking much better. 

The food industry, food lovers, and anything related to food made up a large proportion of the Instagram community. So, in this article, we have divided the most popular Instagram food-related pages into several categories, so you can find your preferred accounts more easily. Sit tight, read this yummy article, and don’t forget to put some snacks near you; because your mouth is about to get watery after seeing these savory images!

Here is an infographic for a quick scan of the most followed food accounts on Instagram:

Here you are going to read about:

Most Followed Food Instagram Accounts

Looking for some really good food on Instagram? In the following, you’re going to read about top food influencers on Instagram, best food Instagram accounts 2021, best Instagram food accounts to get featured on, the best vegan food accounts on Instagram, and the best funny Instagram food accounts. Then, we’re going to show you how you can promote your food-related page.

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Top food influencers on Instagram

It’s no secret, everyone loves food! But some people love it so much that they made a career of it. Here is a list of the top 15 food influencers on Instagram, including world-known professional chefs, creative home cooking Instagram accounts, or just people who love to eat! These people made up a great part of the most followed food Instagram accounts. 

1- Gordon Ramsay – 9 Million Followers

If you are into the cooking world, surely you’ve heard of him. The famous British chef, Gordon Ramsay, is the number one food influencer on our list with more than 9 million followers. He’s most known for TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. 

Gordon is a restaurateur and his seven restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total. Gordon has a unique personality that makes his TV shows more fun to watch!  

2- Jamie Oliver – 8.1 Million Followers

Famous for quick and easy recipes, Jamie Oliver is another British chef with 8.1 million followers. If you follow BBC cooking programs, you’re probably familiar with him.

Jamie Oliver makes complicated things easy for you by sharing all the secrets of making healthy, delicious food. Keep Cooking and Carry On, Jamie’s Meat-Free Meals, Jamie’s Quick and Easy Food, and Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals are some of Jamie Oliver’s cooking TV shows.

3- Ree Drummond – 3.3 Million Followers

Ree Drummond is a food blogger and television personality. As you can guess, she is in love with foods. She started writing about food on her blog and became one of the top 25 web celebrities by Forbes.  

Her blog, The Pioneer Woman, won several awards in recent years.

4- Martha Stewart – 3 Million Followers

She is a retail businesswoman, writer, television personality, and a former model. Martha Stewart holds the fourth rank in our list of Most followed food Instagram accounts. She is the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and is a successful businesswoman.

On her page, you can discover beautifully designed food!

5- Yolanda Gampp – 2.8 Million Followers

Making beautiful cakes are not a cakewalk! But Yolanda Gampp makes it easy for you. She’s just has a natural gift for cakes! Just look at some of her cakes to see that baking is actually an art!

Follow Yolanda to get cool crazy cake ideas!

6- Antonino Cannavacciuolo – 2.7 Million Followers

Want to learn Italian food with an Italian chef? Then Antonia Cannavacciuolo is your best choice! He is most famous for his new ideas and making foods by combining southern and northern Italian cuisine.

Thanks to his successful TV show, now he is the most well-known Italian Chef.

7- Ina Garten – 2.7 Millin Followers

The former staff member of the White House Office of Management and Budget is now a food writer and the 7th most followed food Instagram accounts in influencers! Ina Garten is an enthusiastic author. She also hosts the TV program Food Network program, Barefoot Contessa.

8- MARIAM – 2.2 Million Followers

Meet Mariam, or Mima, as their fans call her. She is originally from Lebanon. She is a mother of two boys and loves to cook. Take a look at her page and enjoy the riot of colors! 

9- Feel Good Foodie – 2.2 Million Followers

Yumna or Feel Good Foodie is a food influencer with more than 2 million followers. She shares her favorite food recipes on her page.

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10- CESAR GONZALEZ – 2.1 Million Followers

Augusto César González is a chef, professional digital marketing, and entrepreneur in Miami. He is the founder of the Bocas Grill and Bocas House restaurants.

11- Nigella Lawson – 2.1 Million Followers

Nigella is a food writer and a cooking show host. Nigella Bites and Simply Nigella are some of her TV programs.

12- Jose – 1.6 Million Followers

This is probably one of the most beautiful Instagram food accounts that you’ve ever see! Jo is an eighteen-years-old vegan that loves to make beautiful food. She even uses fictional characters to make eye-catching and color food snacks and food. 

13- David Chang – 1.5 Million Followers

David Chang is one of the most famous restauranteurs on Instagram that has more than 1.5 million followers.

14- Andrea Hannemann – 1.3 Million Followers

Read about the adventures of Andrea, the Hawaiian girl on her Instagram profile, which holds the14th rank in our list of most popular food Instagram accounts in the influencer category.

15- Manuela Kjeilen – 1.2 Million Followers

Want to see some super delicious cakes? See Manuela Kjeilen’s page on Instagram!

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Most followed food Instagram accounts – General

Some of the food accounts are great for learning home cooking on Instagram. In the following, you read about the pages that are considered as successful food accounts on Instagram.

1- Tasty – 37.6 Million Followers

Running by BuzzFeed, Tasty, and its other related pages, which you will see in the following, are some of the most followed food Instagram accounts.

2- Food Network – 10.3 Million Followers

3- Proper Tasty – 10.2 Million Followers

4- So Yummy – 10.2 Million Followers

5- Foodys – 9.3 Million Followers

6- Tastemade – 7.6 Million Followers

Tastemade is another leading food Instagram account that has many sub-pages for international cuisine too.

7- Love Food – 6.9 Million Followers

8- Tasty Japan – 6.6 Million Followers

9- Twisted – 5 Million Followers

10- Bien Tasty – 4.2 Million Followers

11- Bon Apetit Mag – 4 Million Followers

12- BuzzFeed Food – 3.7 Million Followers

13- Tastemade Brasil BM – 3.6 Million Followers

14- Food & Wine – 3.4 Million Followers

15- Goodful – 3.2 Million Followers

16- Food 52 – 2.7 Million Followers

17- Wilton Cakes – 2.4 Million Followers

18- NYT Cooking – 2.3 Million Followers

19- Delicious Healthy Food – 2.1 Million Followers

20- Tastemade Español – 3 Million Followers

Most followed Instagram accounts to get featured on

Some of you might be in love with foods and even run an Instagram food page! If you want to get featured on some of the most followed Instagram food accounts, we can introduce you to some of the best of them. 

One of the best ways to gain the attention of the best Instagram food accounts to content is to tag them on your posts. To get more information, read How to get featured on Instagram – 2021 update.

Here are the best food Instagram accounts to tag on your account:

1- Diet Mulai Besok – 4.5 Million Followers

2- DIY Foods – 4.1 Milion Followers

3- Foody Fetish – 3.6 Million Followers

4- Dinner – 3.6 Million Followers

5- FoodyEating – 2.9 Million Followers

6- Delish – 2.3 Million Followers

Most followed vegan/plant-based accounts on Instagram

So, you don’t like meat or decide to pursue a plant-based diet. Great! Being a vegetarian or vegan has many benefits for your body. That’s why we’ve decided to add some of the most followed Instagram foods that share vegan and plant-based recipes. Here are some of the best healthy food Instagram accounts. 

1- Vegan Bowl – 2.6 Million Followers

2- Minimalist Baker – 1.9 Million Followers

3- Best Of Vegan – 1.9 Million Followers

4- Plantd – 1.3 Million Followers

5- Forks Over Knives – 1.2 Million Followers

What are the best funny food Instagram accounts?

Eating food is fun! But it is also entertaining to read and see some funny stuff about food. Here are some of the funniest Instagram accounts related to food! 

1- Tiny Kitchen By Tastemade – 2.2 Million Followers

As the name indicates, Tiny Kitchen shares posts about preparing tiny-sized food. And yes, they all real food; you can actually eat them! Tiny Kitchen is one of the cutest pages run by Tastemade.

2- KOBE EATS – 1.7 Million Followers

Meet the cutest chef on Instagram! Chef Kobe’s parents share the funniest moments of their son in the kitchen. You’re going to love Kobe!

3- Drake on Cake – 217K Followers

You normally see things like “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” on cakes. But Drake on Cake shares a little bit different cake messages. See for yourself: 

4- Bread Face – 193K Followers

Well, this one is a little bit weird. This girl publishes videos in which she presses her face on different bread. And that’s pretty much it! Well, according to the bio she gives people something they didn’t ask for. You know, just like Steve Jobs gave us an iPod; same thing.

5- Chef Jacques La Merde – 141k Followers

Have you ever been to fancy restaurants and the plates contain food like the size of two fingers? It seems that actually “less is more” in luxury restaurants. Well, don’t worry, Chef Jacques La Merde shows you how you can make a fancy dish with simple stuff at home! 


6- My Kid Can’t Eat This – 114k Followers

Kids have a whole different world. The page “My Kid Can’t Eat This” shares the funniest moments when kids refuse to eat foods. Their excuses are hilarious!

7- Talking Food – 41.1K Followers

Did you know that food can talk? The “Talking Food” page shows you how!

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Final Words on the most followed food Instagram accounts

Food is an indispensable part of our lives and everyone loves it. In this article, we introduced you to the most followed food Instagram accounts, so you could follow them. If you want to promote your Instagram account, don’t forget to sign up for AiGrow to enjoy its fantastic tools. 2

This post was last modified on January 14, 2021 19:48


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