Most Followed Food Instagram Accounts

Most Followed Food Instagram Accounts

Of all of the genres on Instagram, food is one of the most popular. A great food photo can quickly get thousands of likes and attract dozens of new followers in just a day. Checking out some of the most famous food Instagram accounts lets you create strategy to find success. Here are some of the most followed food accounts on Instagram.

Jamie Oliver

While numbers do occasionally fluctuate, Jamie Oliver has been the number one food Instagram account for quite some time. He is a famous chef who is known throughout the world and this fame has earned him a whopping 5.2 million followers since he started his account. One of the things that makes his account so popular is that he posts a Recipe of the Day on his page, ensuring followers always have new and unique content.

Food Network

At 3.7 million followers, this television network is not too far behind Oliver. On this page, you can learn about the biggest food gurus on the network, get access to savory recipes and learn more about food in general. It offers an array of content that is interesting to a variety of different people.

Food in the Air

This is a fun Instagram that showcases food photographed in a way where cityscapes are the backdrop. It currently has approximately 360,000 followers. When you follow this page, you get a look at some of the most interesting snacks and dishes throughout the world, while also getting a peek at different world destinations.

Now that you know which food Instagram accounts have the most followers and activity, it is time to use this information to develop your follower-earning strategy. Make sure to customize your efforts to fit your needs and mix your efforts with apps, such as AiGrow, to get the most followers for your time.

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