How Students Can Make Money on Instagram

How Students can make Money on Instagram

Over the last decade or so, Instagram has gone from being an intuitive photo-sharing app to a compelling marketing platform where people can advertise, sell, and market whatever they want to, and with great success. During the pandemic, we saw a variety of small businesses pop up and thrive on the social media platform. Accessibility and portability have made it easier for people, especially youngsters, to make money on Instagram. Have you been thinking of making some extra money but don’t know how to? You have come to the right place. This article will talk about how students, no matter how young, can make money doing what they love on Instagram.

#1 Start Freelancing

You heard that. Freelancing is the #1 way to make money while not working full time, especially for young creatives. If you have any skills that you think you can offer someone, create an extensive portfolio with your work and sell yourself. Once you pick up projects and gain more experience in the industry, your followers will see the growth in your work’s quality, which will lead to more clients. You can become a freelance graphic designer, photographer or photo editor, videographer, artist or illustrator, and a lot more! All you need is creativity and passion. 

#2 Sell something

Do you have a lot of old toys that you don’t use anymore? Find a customer who may need them. If you’re a small business owner who makes cute, dainty earrings out of clay, start advertising them in a way that stands out to customers in a sea full of clay earring makers. It all depends on the way you market whatever you’re selling. You can now start an eCommerce brand on social media and run it successfully. 

Selling online is not the same as being a freelancer. Nowadays, you can sell anything to anyone on the Internet, even order (or offer) education help online. For instance, students can now find a plagiarism free essay writer for their academic needs. Such online educational products are often high-quality and in-demand with students. So, if you decide to sell survives like these, it can be profitable for you.

#3 Become an Influencer

Social Media Influencing! What a creative and fun area of work! Have you ever wondered what goes on in a day of the life of a social media influencer? Well, now you can try your hand at the skill and find out! Influencers create content and post them on their social media profiles, including offering their first-hand reviews of products and services that the public can benefit from. If you live in a city where beautiful, underrated places deserve more attention, you can create a series on Instagram where you talk about it. Most influencers focus on areas like:

● Travel

● Health

● Cooking

● Lifestyle

● Fashion

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As a student influencer, you can create a blog on Instagram aimed at other students your age and can make a difference in their lives. If you do it right, you may be sponsored by businesses that make products or sell services that apply to your blog. You can make money from writing blogs and informative content for other students.

#4 Do some Social Media Marketing work

Many well-established businesses spend years perfecting their products but fail to develop an ongoing social media marketing strategy. This is where young and creative media-obsessed students come in. If you’re an Instagram expert, you can offer your niche services to help brands promote their businesses and improve sales. All they need is a creative mind and an idea of ways to boost engagement on their brand’s profile.

#5 Become a Brand Ambassador 

This is an extension of one of the previously mentioned points – become an influencer. But it can also be done by students who aren’t influencers. If you are a watercolor artist and are very skilled at painting using one particular set of paints, tag the brand in all your posts, and they will notice you. Many young creatives get seen by brands, who use the content created with their products to advertise them further. You’ll essentially be offering to bring the brand more customers by continuing to do what you’re already doing. A lot of brands send free products or even pay their brand ambassadors. This is a great way to make money on Instagram.


There are more ways to make money on Instagram, like promoting affiliate links, posting sponsored content and more. Many young and talented people have used the app to grow their brands. You can, too, find one thing you’re passionate about and find a way to make money using that passion on Instagram. 

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