How to Regram a Story with Ease?

How to Regram a Story

“How to regram a story on Instagram?” This is one of the most asked questions about Instagram hacks and tricks. Well! We all know that we can reshare Instagram stories by:

  1. Taking a screenshot of the intended story,
  2. Cropping the image properly,
  3. And uploading it on an Instagram story!

And this is definitely not what we mean by regram! Actually, by regramming a story on Instagram, we mean a way to repost Instagram stories without going out of the Instagram app and re-uploading the content. So, this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Here, we teach you how to regram a story of yours which has been shared a long time ago, regram someone else’s Instagram story if mentioned, and also regram a story if deleted and not mentioned! So, stay tuned.

How to Regram a Story of Yours?

Actually, so many Instagram users, especially those who use Instagram for business purposes, need te regram their own Instagram stories to keep consistent and make sure that they have announced people about the upcoming events. Well, to regram your own story on Instagram, you can easily upload the photo from your gallery and share it on your stories. But what if you have deleted the desired photo?

Fortunately, in this case, Instagram has a simple solution, By going to your stories archive on Instagram, you can access all the stories you have shared and then, repost it as a new story just by following these steps:

#1 Go to Stories Archive

First, open your Instagram profile and tap on the three lines icon on the top right hand of the screen.

How to Regram a Story

Now, tap on the “Archive” button.

Instagram story archive

And then, tap on the “Story Archive” on top of the screen.

Instagram story archive

Now, tap on the desired Instagram story, and by tapping on the “Share” button, regram it on your Instagram story. Also, you have the option to delete it from your archive, save it to your gallery and also reshare it as an Instagram post. 

How to Regram a Story

However, when you regram the story on your own story following this way, the story will look as follows:

How to Regram a Story

Therefore, people will notice that you have reshared your own story and this may seem unprofessional! Moreover, when you delete a story from your archive or even delete what you have shared before it expires automatically, you cannot access it anymore. So, what can you do to regram an Instagram story, without these borders, even if deleted?

Well, I recommend you to use one of the best Instagram repost apps like AiSchedul!

How to Regram a Story of Others

How to Regram a Story via AiSchedul

AiSchedul is a professional package of Instagram management tools that help you manage your Instagram account(s) shrewdly, and become a professional Instagram user. Using this intriguing tool you can:

And much more than this. But now, we want to show you how to regram a story of yours using this amazing tool. Well, to be honest, you can share and repost your old Instagram stories using AiSchedul, only if you have shared your stories using it. If you upload and share Instagram stories using AiSchedul, you always have the chance to regram your stories, even if deleted from Instagram archive, or deleted before the expiration date. So, go ahead and try scheduling your content using it by following the steps mentioned in this video:

Now, follow these steps to regram your old Instagram stories.

#1 Create an Account

First of all, sign up for free from here.

AiSchedul sign up

#2 Add Your Instagram Account

Now, click on “Add Instagram Account” and enter your Instagram username.

AiSchedul add account

Note that you can add as many accounts as you want here. So, feel free to do that with no limitations. 

#3 Schedule Your Posts

Now, tap on the “Manage Account” button to access the AiSchedul dashboard. 

AiSchedul dashboard

Then, under the “Scheduler” tab, click on the “Posted” tab, and then click on “Story”

How to Regram a Story of yours

That’s it. Now, by clicking on the “Actions” button, you have the chance to regram and reschedule an old story!

How to Regram a Story

So, go ahead and try AiSchedul for free.

How to Regram a Story of Someone Else if Mentioned?

In fact, most of the time, by regramming an Instagram story we mean to repost and reshare a story that someone else has shared. Indeed, Instagram lets users regram an Instagram story that they have been mentioned in using the official app and without closing the application. In this case, everything is as easy as a piece of cake, and just by following these simple steps you can regram a story:

#1 Find the Mentioned Story

When someone mentions you in their story, Instagram notifies you with a notification and the story will be sent to your DM inbox. So, to regram the story, you have to open your DM inbox on Instagram.

How to Regram a Story

Then, open the conversation for the person that has tagged you in a story. 

How to Regram a Story if mentioned

#2 Regram On Your own Story

Now, you can see that above the shared story, there is an “Add This to Your Story” button. Tap on it!

How to Regram a Story

Finally, you just have to edit the story if needed and post it on your own story! 

How to Regram a Story

That’s it! But How to share someone else’s Instagram story if not mentioned? Let’s find out!

How to Regram a Story if Not Mentioned?

As brought up in the previous section, Instagram allows users to just regram the stories that they have been mentioned in. So, how to regram a story of someone else if not mentioned? Luckily, AiSchedul has a solution for this too! To do so, after signing up for free and adding your Instagram accounts as described before, you just have to take these simple steps:

#1 Find the Desired Story

On the AiSchedul dashboard, under the “Scheduler” tab, click on the “Repost” button. 

AiSchedul dashboard

Then, click on the “Story” button.

How to Regram a Story

Now, you enter the username of the person who you want to reshare a story from.

How to Regram a Story

#2 Regram a Story

Finally, click on the “Repost” button right below the story you wanted to regram. 

repost on Instagram

Also, you can see and regram the stories that have been saved in the highlights.

Instagram highlights

Moreover, when you click on repost, you have the ability to schedule your reposts and set a date and time to share the reposted content at a specific time. So, sign up for free right now and enjoy it!

Final Thoughts on How to Regram a Story 

A key point to grow on Instagram and become successful is to keep consistent and post regularly. Actually, stories are a good way to keep up with these points because it is easy to create and share and has so many amazing features that make stories more captivating. In this way, regramming stories can also be a good option if you don’t have enough time to create and share original ones. In this article, we have discussed how to regram a story in detail. So, read it carefully and regram some stories.

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