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How to See Liked Posts on Instagram in 5 Easy Steps

July 30, 2021

Let’s say you’ve come across an awesome post on Instagram and instantly liked it. For some reason, now you’re thinking about viewing it again and getting more value out of it. And unfortunately, you’ve forgotten to save it for later review, and now your only chance to view it again is to find it among your Instagram liked posts. But how do you do it? How to see liked posts on Instagram?

We’ll help you find out how to view liked posts on Instagram to gain access to hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of posts you’ve liked while spending time on the platform.

Whether you’re an Instagram addict or a conservative user, you’ll eventually reach a point where you feel the need to know how to find liked posts on Instagram. Regardless of your average daily time spent on Instagram, it must have bumped your head to see them again. Unlike the difficulty people may face in finding Instagram mentions, it’s pretty easy to see liked posts on Instagram.

The platform has designated a treasury for the posts users have liked. So, you can instantly go to that section and view liked posts on Instagram in a few seconds. Therefore if you’re wondering how to check liked posts on Instagram or have difficulty finding the ‘Posts you’ve liked’ section on Instagram, stay tuned to find out how to look at liked posts on Instagram.

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Why Should You Know How to See Your Liked Posts on Instagram?

As an Instagrammer, you definitely need to know how to find your liked posts on Instagram for different reasons. Here are some of the cases:

  • See liked posts on Instagram to follow the account that had shared them
  • An idea got into your head, and now you want to comment on it
  • You feel you can gain more value out of the post
  • You want to save a post you liked before
  • Read the new comments of a post
  • Reread the post caption

Are There Any Limits to See Liked Posts on Instagram?

Yes! As there are specific Instagram limitations on every user activity, the same applies to viewing liked posts. You can only view up to 300 recent liked posts on Instagram. So, it would be a loss for you if you like a lot of posts per day.

Remember that if you think there is even a slight chance for you to get back to a post, you must like it. Commenting without liking will not work. On the other hand, the app lets you get back the posts you hearted accidentally, and no one receives a notification.

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How to See Liked Posts on Instagram in 5 Easy Steps

Looking back through and checking your liked posts can be a walk down memory lane. It feels like if you heart out any photo or video, it gets mislaid for good, except you copy the post URL and send it to yourself. However, if you smash a like button, the app keeps its records. Now let’s find out how to see liked posts on Instagram by simply going through the easy steps below:

1. Tap on the three-line sign (or the hamburger menu) on the top right corner of your Instagram profile.

2. Select ‘Settings‘.

Step 2 to viewing Instagram liked posts.

3. Choose ‘Account‘ close to the end of the settings list.

Step 3 to viewing Instagram liked posts.

4. Tap ‘Posts You’ve Liked‘.

Step 4 to viewing Instagram liked posts.

5. Now, you can see liked posts on Instagram.

Step 5 to viewing Instagram liked posts.

If you want to take a shortcut, you can tap on ‘Search‘ in the ‘Settings‘ section and type ‘Posts You’ve Liked‘. Same as below:

Use ‘Search’ as a shortcut to see liked posts on Instagram.

As an alternative, you can save a post by tapping on the bookmark icon below it. Also, Instagram lets you create a collection and categorize your saved posts. In this case, hold the icon to save a post in a specific collection like ‘Educational,’ ‘Sports,’ or ‘Recipes.’ Luckily, others can’t see if you saved it. Only you can view your saved posts by navigating to your profile and tapping on ‘Saved.’

This way, you can take a detour on how to look at your liked posts on Instagram and view liked posts instantly. Plus, there is no limit to the number of posts you can save.

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Wrapping Up How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

In the busy world of digital life, you may forget to save the post that you adore. The platform has predicted such absence of mind and has designed a section on their app to find Instagram liked posts. We hope all the given instructions of this article are easy for you to follow. Please drop a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

This post was last modified on September 14, 2021 22:34

Neda Sharifi

Marketing team member at “Watch Them Live.” Foreign commercial manager, language teacher. Seek for empowerment to create my own dwellings. My passion is learning languages, painting, fashion and technology. Morality, Environment and Equality are my concern.

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