Instagram Bio Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Instagram Bio Hacks

Bio is the first thing people see on your Instagram profile. People say that “the first impression is the last one”! So, why don’t you try to make your Instagram look fabulous and catchy to ensure your success on Instagram? In this article, we want to talk about some Instagram bio hacks that you might not probably know about but they are really useful and amazing. 

So, keep on reading and try the tips below to have an eye-catching bio and grow on Instagram!

Instagram Bio Hacks to Use in 2020

In the following sections, we want to talk about the best Instagram bio hacks that can help you to have a better Instagram profile. So, stay tuned to know these hacks and find out how do they work!

#1 Share Links In Bio 

One of the best Instagram bio hacks you must care about is to share links(s) in your bio! Actually, Instagram is a good place to help you derive traffic for your website. Moreover, most of the business accounts have profiles on different social media websites. Hence, connecting them to each other can help you have more followers on social media websites and also, more customers. But how to do it? Just follow the steps below!

Step 1) Go to your profile on Instagram.

Step 2) Tap on “Edit Profile”.

Step 3) Enter the link you want to share in the link box and tap “Done.”

However, Instagram lets users share only one link on their bio! So, what can you do if you want to share all your social media accounts and website links? 

To solve this problem, you can use AiSchedul! AiSchedul is an Instagram based platform that will make you an intellectual Instagrammer!

Instagram bio hacks

But how can it help you in sharing multiple links on Instagram bio? Actually, using this amazing tool, you can create a link that includes all the links you want to share on your Instagram bio. 

Instagram bio hacks

But this is not the only feature of this tool! By this all-in-one link in bio tool, you can easily:

And more. For instance, take a look at to see how do the links shared by AiSchedul look like:


As you see, this tool is really useful. So, take a look at the website and create an account for free! Also, check out the following video to make sure that you use all the features to leverage your Instagram bio:

Professional Instagram Bio Hack: If you are managing a website or blog, share UTM links on your bio to measure the traffic you gain from Instagram! 

Add Link to Stories

Moreover, you can use AiSchedul to connect your Instagram Stories to an external link, even if you currently don’t have 10K followers.

Instagram Shops with AiSchedul

Using AiSchedul, you can have your own free Instagram shop! On the AiSchedul bio link page, you can add price tag and external links to each post. Visitors can click on them and the link leads them to your website, Etsy shop, or Clickbank products if you’re doing affiliate marketing on Instagram.

It’s worth mentioning that you can add other buttons such as “Pay me” in your bio link too.

Collect Email Addresses with AiSchedul

This is one of the great Instagram bio hacks that only a few people know about. You can collect mail addresses from your Instagram followers. AiSchedul lets you add a “Contact me” button to your bio and when a visitor clicks on it, a form like this will pop up:

Email Form

As you can see, in order to send you a message, followers have to include their email in the form. This way, you can expand your email list with email addresses that are more likely to become your customers as they already show their interest by following your page on IG.

Send Coupons to Your Followers

Using AiSchedul, it’s easy to share coupons on Instagram. You only need to go to your bio link and select “Add a custom reward or giveaway button” to see the example. You’ll see a section like this:

Giveaway fitness content for Instagram
Giveaway and Contest Generator

Using this tool, you can send followers coupons if they do all the rules that you set.

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#2 Make Your Bio Appear In More Instagram Searches

Another Instagram bio-hack that can literally grow your business is to make sure that your name describes you in the best way possible! What does it mean?!

Surprisingly, the name field on your Instagram bio is searchable and people can find more about your business by searching the keywords in your name! If you enter keywords related to your business in your Instagram name, you will definitely appear more in search results and hence, more people interact with your industry!

As an example, you can see that @Heleneinbetween has written her job in their name:

Instagram bio hacks

So, if you search the word “Travel Blogger” on Instagram, you can find her page. 

But how can you change your name? Follow these steps:

Step 1) Go to your Instagram profile and tap on “Edit Profile”.

Step 2) In the “Name” box enter the keywords you need and tap “Done”.

That’s it! You see how your Instagram engagement rate increases after this tip! 🙂

#3 Add Line Breaks to Your Instagram Bio

One of the Instagram bio hacks that can help you to have a better bio is to use line breaks on your Instagram bio. Actually, line breaks can really be helpful. Why? Because when people come to see what’s going on on your page, they will first take a look at your bio to get essential information. So, you need to describe all the things you have in 150 characters and in a way that gives people info in a visually appealing way. 

So, line breaks can help you to describe what you need in keywords and focus on each piece of information by writing it in a new line! For instance, in the picture below you can see that @Relationshipsnyc used line breaks to include all the vital data in a specific line:

IG bio hacks

As you can see, this way, finding the things you want to know about the page is really simple. Hence, you can decide easier to follow them or not.

But how can you use line breaks? Follow these steps:

Step 1) Open a note app, write out your bio as you’d like to appear, and copy the written text!

Step 2) Open the official Instagram app, go to your profile, and tap “Edit Profile”

Step 3) Paste the copied text and tap “Done”

That’s it! So do not forget about line breaks! 

#4 Change Your Instagram Bio Alignment

Unfortunately, when you write your Instagram bio, it will automatically be shown in a left screen alignment. But what if you want to make your bio appear in the center or even the right side of the screen? 

Actually, this is of the other Instagram bio hacks you wish you knew better! Using spaces, you can center your Instagram bio, or even right-align it and make it look unique and customized! 🙂

To do so, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1) First, copy the spaces below:

Copy -> [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]

Step 2) Then, open a note app, copy and paste your Instagram bio, and try to create what you want using the spaces in the previous step. For instance, in the picture below, we tried to center the Instagram bio:

bio center

Step 3) Now, copy and paste what you have created on your Instagram bio and submit it!

Instagram bio hacks

That’s all! You have centered your Instagram bio. Also, you can make it appear on the right side, or even try to make them look like stairs! 

#5 Use Special Characters on Your Instagram Bio

One of the other Instagram bio hacks that can be used to create an awesome, catchy and creative Instagram bio is to use special fonts and characters. Actually, to do so, you can use each of the Instagram bio generators mentioned below:

And other sites that can be found by a simple search! 

What you can di using these tools is that you can write down your caption in each of them and choose one of the styles that you are satisfied with. For example, we used IG Fonts and the results will be as follows:

Instagram fonts

You can easily copy each of the fonts you want, copy it, and paste it in your Instagram bio!


Instagram bio is a place that can help you impress people by the first impression. Actually, your bio is the place where people can see a public summary of your Instagram account. So, you have to make it seem amazing. In this article, we have talked about some Instagram bio hacks that are really helpful. So, try them and make your bio look fabulous. Also, take a look at this article and find the best Instagram bio ideas from Tumblr.

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