What is the Best Instagram Scheduling App in 2021?

best Instagram scheduling app 2020

In the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most useful social media apps among companies and brands. This platform has some special features for business accounts that will help them with growing their job. For instance, Instagram-insights is one of the features available for business accounts. However, there is not any feature to let users schedule their posts. Hence, in the following article, we will introduce the best Instagram scheduling app and also discuss the necessity of using them to get better results. 

What does an Instagram Scheduling App do?

Instagram scheduler

Before going to know the benefits of using an Instagram scheduler, it is essential to know what it is and how it works! Actually, an Instagram scheduling app is a third-party app that will give you the ability to automatically post to Instagram at a specific time. As we have mentioned in the previous section, Instagram doesn’t have an official scheduling feature. Hence, to schedule posts and stories, you have to use a third-party app. 

But what does an Instagram scheduling app exactly do? Imagine that you are an Instagram content manager for a big company and your duty is to share some posts every day at the best times. Undoubtedly, other than posting on Instagram you have more things to do such as creating posts, analyzing the engagement numbers, managing and etc. Therefore, it would be more rational if you could upload the photos, set the time that each post must be shared on and care about other tasks! Here is the place that an Instagram scheduling app can help you! 

An Instagram scheduling app gives you the ability to upload your posts, write down the caption, tag people and locations and set the time that each post must be shared on. Then, without worrying about anything, your posts will be sent to your Instagram account(s). But how can it be beneficial? Let’s find out!

Why You Should Use an Instagram Scheduling App?

Now that you know what is a scheduler, another question may arise and that is what are the reasons to use Instagram scheduling apps! You may wonder you can easily access your mobile phone, open the Instagram app, and share your posts whenever you want. So, there is not any reason to use schedulers. However, using these apps is really beneficial and there are some serious reasons to use them. So, to know some of the most important ones keep reading!

1. Scheduling Saves Time

schedule and save time

Actually, the very first reason that comes to the mind is that using an Instagram scheduling app you can save more time. As mentioned above, by scheduling posts you almost automate the process of sharing posts on Instagram. So, if you schedule the posts you want to share during a week, you will have more time to focus on other tasks. Hence, these apps help you a lot with your time-consuming considerations. 

2. Avoid Forgetting to post on time

schedule and save time

Another reason to use an Instagram scheduling app is to avoid forgetting to post on time. Obviously, humans are not complete and flawless creatures. Therefore, forgetting to do some tasks at the specified times is really natural when we are under pressure and have a lot to do! So, if you use a scheduler and upload and set all your posts, you can be confident that you will never ever miss anything. 

3. Post from your PC

schedule photos and videos from pc

One of the other reasons to use an Instagram scheduling app is the ability to post using your PC! Unfortunately, Instagram has some strict limitations and doesn’t allow users to post using the official Instagram web version. Therefore, if you want to post using your computer, you have to use third-parties. Luckily, almost all the schedulers out there let users post from all types of devices. So, you can just use an Instagram scheduling app in order to share your posts through your PC. 

Apart from the mentioned reasons, schedulers can help you to post at the best time possible when most of your followers are online, receive advanced analytics, and also find your evergreen posts. 

Now, let’s see some of the best apps you can use to schedule on Instagram. 

Best Instagram scheduling app

If you search on Google, you will see that there are thousands of Instagram schedulers claiming to offer the best ever features. However, when using a third-party app you need to make sure that by using it you are not putting your personal information in danger. Actually, some of the platforms out there are just trojans, or spy apps and they will hack your account to misuse your data. So, before trying any apps, you have to check that it is safe. To make it easy for you, we introduce the top 5 Instagram scheduling apps that are totally safe and sound, and also offer amazing features. 

  1. 1.AiSchedul
  2. 2.Loomly
  3. 3.Apphi
  4. 4.Hopper HQ
  5. 5.eClincher

Instagram Scheduling App #1 AiSchedul

Instagram scheduler #1. aischedule

The first and also best Instagram scheduling app is AiSchedul. AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool that gives you some awesome features to manage your account(s) more professionally. With AiSchedul you can:

  • Schedule posts/stories
  • Repost anything from Instagram to your post/story
  • Download Instagram stories/lives
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts from any devices (PC or mobile phone)
  • Autoresponse to comments
  • Run Instagram giveaways with the best giveaway captions.  

To use AiSchedul you don’t need to download and install any apps which is one of the positive points about it. You can simply go to the AiSchedul website using your browser and try every single feature of it with a free account

To know how to schedule using AiSchedul, take a look at the following video:

Instagram Scheduling App #2 Loomly

Instagram scheduler #2.loomly

The second Instagram scheduling app on our list is Loomly. Loomly lets you examine all the features offered by the platform using the 15 days free trial. So, if you choose to use it, you can make sure that your choice is a good one! Actually, this app has an Android version that makes things much easier. This app lets you schedule posts and stories, get expertise analytics, and calenders that notify the tasks you have to do. Using Loomly costs 25$ per month which would be 300$ per year. However, before using it compare it to AiSchedul to choose better!

Instagram Scheduling App #3 Apphi

Instagram scheduler #3.Apphi

Another good choice as an Instagram scheduling app can be Apphi. Apphi is a complete package of awesome features helping you schedule and automatically post for Instagram. To use this app, you need to download and install an application on your device and you need to buy an account. The price for this one depends on the features you want to use. If you want to just use the basic features for an Instagram account, you have to pay 6$ per month and if you want to manage up to 30 Instagram accounts, it is 60$ per month. Also, compare it to AiSchedul before using it!

Instagram Scheduling App #4 Hopper HQ

Instagram scheduling tool #4: Hopper HQ

The other Instagram scheduling app we want to introduce is Hopper HQ. This app has so many amazing features like:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts. 
  • Upload up to 50 posts in one go. 
  • Schedule posts and stories. 
  • Collaborate with team members. 

Hopper HQ costs 19$ per month and if you get an annual account, you will get 3$ off per month which means that you need to pay 16$ monthly. However, check the comparison of Hopper HQ with AiSchedul to make a better decision. 

Instagram Scheduling App#5 eClincher

Instagram scheduler eClincher

The last Instagram scheduling app we want to introduce in this article, which is yet amazing is eClincher. Actually, this platform offers you the following features:

  • Schedule posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Receive analytics
  • Auto-post with queues

Moreover, using these features you can grow your engagement rate and get more attractions on Instagram. By the way, compare it to AiSchedul to choose more professionally.


To sum it up, scheduling Instagram posts help you with most of your time-consuming considerations and lets you get better results by posting on-time! Actually, there are some amazing Instagram scheduling apps that can be used to achieve your marketing goals on this platform. However, making the best decision can be really hard. So, we introduced the top 5 apps to schedule on Instagram which are totally safe and sound! Among all the apps out there, AiSchedul can be the best possible choice because apart from scheduling, it has features like reposting, auto-respond comments and etc, that will make you a professional Instagrammer for sure.

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