What is Instagram Trust Score and How to Increase it?

Instagram trust score

Have you ever wanted to appear on Instagram explore page? What’s the reason that some users always appear on the explore page. reach more people and gain more followers even without using any growth services? Well, this is related to the Instagram algorithm and a key factor that is called Instagram trust score. 

Well, you may be asking what is the trust factor on Instagram and how to improve it! In the following, I’m going to answer these questions and help you find a way to grow your Instagram much faster than before. So, stick around.  

What is Instagram Trust Score? 

Well, Instagram keeps track of every single action taken by users to see if they are real users or not. After analyzing all these actions, Instagram gives a score to each user and decides whether they are real users or fake bots. So, if I want to make the long story short, the Instagram trust score is a metric by which Instagram decides to ban, block, or restrict you from specific actions and also restrict bot and fake users. 

By the way, there’s no way to calculate your trust score on Instagram. However, there are some actions that lower this score and make you suspicious, or improve it and help you get more attractions organically. So, to know more about actions and their impact on your trust score, keep reading.

Which Actions Have a Negative Effect on the Trust Score?

As mentioned before, there is no way to calculate the Instagram trust score after each action to see how they affect the results. However, by analyzing a few accounts and monitoring your Instagram activities you can see that some actions reduce your trust score. The actions mostly include: 

So, if I want to give a brief answer to your question, I should say that bulk and fake actions diminish your trust score dramatically and decrease your chance of getting more engagement. But there’s no need to worry! In the following, you can see what to do to revive your trust score! So, stay tuned.

How to Increase Instagram Trust Score?

Hopefully, you can increase your Instagram trust score. For this, you just have to avoid the negative actions listed above and instead, try to be real and use the following tips: 

And avoid mass or bulk actions. Well, each of these actions is really simple. However, a question you may ask would be how to grow on Instagram with all these tips and limitations in mind? 

Hopefully, there are some organic growth services that not only help you get more audiences but also check your Instagram trust score regularly to make sure that your account is growing safely. So, jump into the next section to find one of these amazing tools.

How to Grow on Instagram without Acting Spammy?

Well, starting to grow on Instagram without using any tools takes a great deal of time. Apart from this, finding a reliable Instagram growth tool that doesn’t affect your trust score negatively would be an arduous task. But no worries! AiGrow is here to help you grow organically, without getting shadowbanned and losing your trust score. 

Being one of the most popular Instagram growth services, AiGrow helps you appear in the list of highly trust-scored accounts and achieve your marketing goals in a shorter time. Using this amazing tool, you will be provided with an account manager who tries to attract your prospective followers manually, without putting your account at any risks. Additionally, whenever you feel anything is wrong with your account, you have the opportunity to contact your dedicated account manager and consult with them on a safe solution. 

AiGrow Packages Banner

Apart from this growth service, it has: 

  • A scheduler to post at the right time, 
  • An Instagram DM app to keep in touch with your audience, 
  • A great bio link tool to lead people to other social channels, 

And more. So, sign up for free right now and give it a shot to see some great results.

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, Instagram trust score is a metric that is used by Instagram algorithms to identify suspicious accounts. In case of having a low trust score, you may get shadowbanned, restricted, or even blocked. So, read the whole article to see what to do in order to get better results.

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