Instagram Views Vs Likes: Which One Is The Key To Grow?

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Instagram views vs likes. You’ve been on Instagram quite some time, you know how mysterious the Instagram algorithm can be. In this article, you’ll learn all about Instagram views and likes.

We all know that the number of views we see under Instagram videos used to belong to Instagram likes.

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After Instagram changed the Instagram likes to Instagram views, users start asking whether Instagram views are more important than Instagram likes.

The fact is that Instagram never claimed to prefer one to another. That is why our team in Socialpros start doing a little research and this article is based upon our findings.

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Instagram Views Vs Likes In Terms Of Engagement Rate

I googled “How to calculate Instagram engagement rate?” These are the formulas I came up with!

  • (Likes + Comments) / Reach x 100
  • (Likes + Comments) / Followers x 10

As you see, the Instagram view is not an indicator in these formulas.

Then I skimmed like six or seven articles to learn about Instagram engagement rate. In none of them, the Instagram views were a factor to measure engagement rate!

Then I checked my Instagram insight! My Instagram insight confirmed that Instagram view is not even a factor.

Instagram insight doesn't indicates views as a factor of growth

Now does it mean views have nothing to do with the engagement rate?


Check this one out!

So finally, which one is more influential when it comes to the engagement rate?

I wish I could say that for sure. But since Instagram does not let anything out about its algorithms, I must go with assumptions and I assume Instagram views are more important than likes regarding the given data.

An executive once mentioned that in near future, Facebook content will all be videos. Given the fact that Instagram and Facebook are siblings, we can assume Instagram has the same taste if not the same policy and values views more than likes on Instagram videos! 

The latest feature of Instagram _IGTV_ is another indicator that makes me assume that Instagram cares for videos and views.

And finally, it appears to me that Instagram videos are more likely to go viral comparing Instagram image posts!

Views Vs Likes On Instagram Videos

It is so hard to assume that views play a less important role in growth than likes in the same Instagram post. If likes were more important, then why would Instagram substitute likes with views at all?

Instagram video of lele pons
Instagram no longer shows the number of likes under the Instagram video posts

Common Questions Relating To Views And Likes On Instagram Videos

Since users frequently asked two common questions relating to views and likes on Instagram videos, I think it is the place to answer these questions.

  1. How come I got more likes than views on Instagram?
  2. How come Instagram views and likes are not visible on my Instagram account?

Now let’s read the reasons.

How Come I Got More Likes Than Views On Instagram?

It is so common to get more likes than views on Instagram. If you got more likes than views on Instagram as well, it means your followers liked your Instagram video content and scroll down before they watch three seconds of your video!

Why Instagram Views And Likes Are Not Visible on My Instagram Account?

Instagram has hidden the number of likes and views in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand, and the United States. Since Instagram did it purposefully, there is no getting away with it.

Instagram Views Vs Likes: Views Win The Cup

Although Instagram did not explain clearly to what extent views and likes on Instagram videos impact the engagement rate, it seems like in the battle of Instagram views vs likes, views are the winner of the cup.

Other than impact, each Instagram user can like your content only once but can view your content multiple times. And each view is considered when measuring your Instagram engagement rate.

So if you wanna grow on Instagram do your best to create high-quality Instagram videos and do not get behind the gang! Because that is the key to growth!

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Final Thoughts

To sum it up, likes and views are both assumed to be important factors in growing your Instagram business. However, when you share videos on Instagram, it seems like views have a greater impact on turning your content into an evergreen one and helping you appear on the explore page. So, read the article carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment.

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