Link Instagram to YouTube (Posts, Stories, and Bio)

how to link Instagram to Youtube

Instagram and YouTube are both popular social networks. Apart from being a social media website, these two have become useful marketing platforms and people use them to make money online!! But what if you have an account on each one and want to connect them to grow your business more than before? In this article, we introduce an amazing platform that lets you link YouTube to Instagram and share clickable links on your Instagram feed and stories. So, stay tuned!

Why Should You Link YouTube to Instagram?

link instagram to youtube

Instagram and YouTube are both websites that let users share visual content. Actually, YouTube is specified for sharing videos, no matter how long the videos are and Instagram is good to share short videos and also photos! Unquestionable, using both of these websites can help you to gain customers for your business, no matter if it is a big company or just a local marketing business. However, due to some strict Instagram limitations on video lengths, you may have to use both of these platforms. Actually, Instagram lets users share up to 1-hour length videos. So, what to do if your video is more than that? 

In this case, you can upload your videos on your YouTube channel and simply link Instagram to YouTube. But as you may have noticed, there is no direct way to do so! So what can you do?
In the following, we discuss this topic and explain how to link YouTube to Instagram in general, on posts, or on stories. So, keep reading to find it out!

How to Link Instagram to YouTube?

There are different ways to link YouTube to Instagram. Actually, you can do it by sharing links on YouTube, on your YouTube video description, or other possible ways! But here, we want to see how to do so on Instagram. In the following, we discuss 3 possible ways. So, keep reading and get informed!

How to Add Youtube Link to Instagram Bio?

Luckily, Instagram officially allows users to add links to their Instagram bio and drive traffic to any external URLs, so you can simply copy the YouTube URL and past it on your Instagram bio. But the problem is that you are allowed to add only 1 URL in your bio. And this means a lack of space for other social media links or any other external links.

The good news is that using a third-party app like AiSchedul you can simply share as many links as you want on your Instagram bio! AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool with a complete package of features that ensures your success on Instagram business. 


What AiSchedul does is create a landing page for your bio link and include all your links on that page. So, you will have a link full of links! But the good point about it is that you can choose themes for it, and also use widgets to connect to other social media account!

Fortunately, one of the social media accounts that can be connected to Instagram using AiSchedul is YouTube! Actually, there is a YouTube widget on the platform and using that little button, you can link YouTube to Instagram bio and invite people to check your channel for more videos. 

how to link Instagram to YouTube

As an example, connected their social media account using AiSchedul and as you can see below, the link page is really organized and attractive!

how to link Instagram to YouTube

So, take a look at the website and create an account for free! Also, check out the following video to watch know how to add links:

How to Link Instagram Posts to Youtube?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to add links to posts. So, to link to YouTube from Instagram through links in posts you need a third-party app! Undoubtedly, AiSchedul is the best third-party you can use to troubleshoot this issue!

link Instagram posts to youtube

Using AiSchedul, you can:

  • Add YouTube links to existing posts,
  • Share posts linked to YouTube from a desktop,
  • And also schedule posts linked to a YouTube URL!

So, this platform can really help you with this problem! In the picture above, you can see the posts having an external link by!

How to Link Instagram Stories to Youtube?

link Instagram stories to youtube

Another way to link YouTube to Instagram is to add external links to stories. In fact, stories are temporary Instagram posts that allow users to add polls, ask questions, use stickers and gifs and also add swipe-up links. Actually, Instagram stories appear on the top part of the screen and attract more attention in comparison to posts shared on feed. So, if you add YouTube video links on stories, you have more chances to get more viewers on YouTube videos.

The official feature is only available for verified users and users with more than 10K followers. However, with AiSchedul you can add links to Instagram stories even without 10000 followers.


In a nutshell, connecting your YouTube and Instagram accounts can be really fruitful for your business growth. Using this connection, you can share tutorials, back-stage videos, and other types of long videos on your YouTube channel and share qualified, amazing photos on Instagram to advertise more efficiently. But how to link YouTube to Instagram? An amazing tool to do so is AiSchedul which is an Instagram management tool. Using this tool you can easily schedule posts and stories that are connected to related YouTube videos and stay back to see your success! So, give it a free try and enjoy the ride!

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