How to Post Multiple Videos on Instagram?

how to post multiple videos on Instagram

In Instagram’s latest updates, you can post more than one photo or video at a time. Instagram carousel posts are one of the most favorite features of Instagram, as using this feature, one has not to choose between their photos or shorten their videos. You can just upload them as an album. But it is also essential to post your content neatly. So how to post multiple seamless videos on Instagram without them losing their consistency? This article will give more details on the matter, so keep reading if you want to know the best means and tools to upload videos on Instagram’s feed and story.

How to Post Multiple Videos on Your Feed?

First, we start by explaining the most common way to share carousel videos on Instagram. We will explain how you can do this process more efficiently and professionally, and post to Instagram from your desktop using an extraordinary assistant.

#1 How to Post Multiple Videos on Instagram from Phone?

The first and most natural way to post a video on your feed is to upload it manually from your phone application. This solution is only possible if you are using Instagram on your phone. To post multiple videos on Instagram, take the following steps.

  1. Open your IG application and log in to your account
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Plus icon to add posts to your feed.
  3. Choose the folder of your gallery where your video is there.
  4. Pick your first target video
  5. Tap on the “select multiple” button
  6. Now you can choose up to 10 videos from your gallery, pick them up.
  7. Tap next and post them on your feed.

Be careful that in using this method, all your videos should be shorter than one minute. But what if you want to post a longer video in a carousel post and you want it to be seamless? Here you have got two choices. The first one is to trim your original video into smaller sections from your phone. You can do this manually in a way that the smaller videos do not overlap. This method is, however, a bit time-consuming and unclean. In the next section, we are going to explain how to do it more aesthetically and easily.

#2 How to Post Multiple Videos on Instagram from Desktop?

You may be interested in posting multiple videos on Instagram from your desktop for many reasons. For example, sometimes, your target video is so large that it’s hard to convert it from your PC to your phone. Or else, you want to post a seamless video on your feed, and you don’t want to create an IGTV video. 

Of course, you are not allowed to post on your feed on the web version of Instagram. So what you need at first is a safe third party. Here we are going to explain more about AiSchedul, which is an efficient and professional social media scheduler. By AiSchedul, you can not only manage and schedule your feed but also can manage Instagram stories and create IGTV series

In the following, we will explain how to post multiple videos on your feed using the incredible AiSchedul. 

  1. Sign-up to AiSchedul for free.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account on AiSchedul.
  3. Find your account on your Dashboard and click on the Manage Account button.
  4. On the Posts and Scheduling tab, go to the Scheduler section
  5. Click on the Schedule green button at the middle of your screen
  6. Choose feed
  7. On the opened window, you can upload files from your PC or add youtube links.
  8. If your video is longer than one minute, it will be cropped in a carousel form.
  9. Set your time and caption
  10. Click on the Submit button in the middle of the page.
post multiple videos on Insagram
Add your videos to the content box and AiSchedul will do the rest.

And that’s it. Note that you can choose up to ten images and videos from your desktop and add them to the content box if you want to post separate videos. One of the most incredible things about using AiSchedul is that you don’t need to crop your posts manually to post multiple videos on Instagram.

How to Post Multiple Videos on Your Story?

Here again, we will explain the methods by which you can post multiple stories on Instagram. Similarly, the first one is a natural method of using your phone, while the second one is an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to post stories from their desktop. So keep reading!

#1 Post Video Stories from Your Phone?

Unlike the feed, Instagram lets users post stories in a carousel manner without much effort or the necessity to crop the videos manually. To use this Instagram feature on your phone, take the following steps:

  1. On your Instagram homepage, swipe left to have access to your story section
  2. Your camera will be active now. Tap on and hold the big circle in the middle to record videos.
  3. If you want to upload a video, swipe up for your Gallery and choose your target video.
  4. Tap on the Send to button and post your video on your Instagram Story.

Please pay attention that in this case, if your video is longer than permitted, Instagram will arrange it into a string of videos and will do it neatly and seamlessly. So you don’t need to do anything else except recording or uploading your video. Yet, this feature is only available at the phone version on Instagram and it only works for videos shorter than 1 minute. In the following, we mention a new way to do the same thing from your PC and to cut longer videos for stories, So stay tuned.

#2 Post Multiple Videos to Your Story from Desktop?

In general, the Instagram web is a limited version of Instagram. You are not allowed to upload anything from your PC on your profile. So here again, we will show you how to use AiSchedul to post videos on your Story.

  1. Sign up for free to AiSchedul
  2. Log in to your IG account from AiSchedul.
  3. Find your account on your Dashboard and click on the Manage Account button.
  4. On the Posts and Scheduling tab, choose the scheduler tab.
  5. Click on the Schedule button and choose Story.
  6. On the opened window, drag and drop your target video.
  7. Set the posting time and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page

And that’s it. Your video will be cropped automatically into smaller videos. And if you want to post more than one video, simply drag and drop them into the Content box at the top of the window.

Post multiple videos on Instagram
Your videos will be cropped automatically

Final Words

Although there are ways to post multiple videos on your feed and story, these ways are only available on the phone application. Besides, if one wants to post a carousel video to their feed using the phone application, they have to put much time and effort to do this. So we recommend you to get help from AiSchedul, which is a professional and complete scheduling app. If you had any troubles using the above methods, please feel free to contact our experienced managers. They are more than content to help!

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