How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram Effectively?

promote your blog on Instagram

Today, information travels much faster with the World Wide Web backing you up. There is a power to go viral with your content. Hitting big with audiences, however, is no joke. People will say it was all part of luck, but you and I both know much goes behind the wheel. When we focus our attention on online promotion, blogging and social media are right there at the top. The evidence for a strong link between social media and blogging being used side by side to promote and advertise products and services is quite clear. So, let’s quickly look at the most efficient ways to promote your blog on Instagram. 

Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Instagram 

In the following, we will show you some of the most effective ways of promoting your blog on social media websites, especially Instagram. So, keep on reading.

Promote Your Blog on Instagram Bio 

First and foremost, the easiest way to promote your blog through Instagram is with the help of your bio. In your Instagram bio, you have the ability to place a link to your blog or website. Also, remember that when sharing images on Instagram, you can write captions for them. Actually, the links you share on the captions are not clickable, which might not be a good idea. But, use CTAs and invite your followers to click on your bio link, just like @patpat_uk has done:

But, what if you want to share product links? Should you change the bio-link all the time? Fortunately, NO! Some third-party apps let you create all-in-one bio links for Instagram and share all your links simultaneously. Among all these apps, AiSchedul is one of the best ones.

Promote Your Blog on Instagram

Using this amazing tool, you can:

, etc. Using this intriguing tool, you can easily derive traffic to your blog and promote it in the best way possible. So, take a look at the following video and try it for free right now:

Screen Captures of Latest Blog Posts

Instagram is primarily based on users sharing images and clicks with their followers, and the public is interested in hearing from them. Likewise, you can use your Instagram profile as a promotional tool to promulgate your blog posts. Capture an enticing image of your latest blog and share it on Instagram to let your audiences know about your creative content. There are several ways through which you can make this screenshot click-worthy, and some click-bait mechanics would also do wonderfully here. Make sure that your screenshot gives enough to captivate your audience’s attention but, at the same time, not too much. Let them crave it. Also, use AiSchedul to link your posts to your blog, just like @bbc does.

Keep Your Audience Updated

You can also keep your audience updated on Instagram by offering hints and previews of your blog post. Mention them in your comments, or create a separate post about them. Whatever works for and gets you the most attention from your audience; however, as a contingency approach, we advise you to share about your blogs. And keep your target audiences through all means necessary. This will allow you to use your Instagram handle to its maximum potential. Also, it offers you the chance to increase viewership. It might sound repetitive, but a mention in your comment, a separate post about your upcoming blog, and a picture with a caption might get the job done.

Consistency Matters

There is a thing about engaging your followers. You have to be consistent with your approach. That also means that you have to create content that is attractive to your audience regularly. May it be weekly, half weekly, monthly, or half monthly. It is all up to you. However, much research on the topic proves that those who create content regularly have a higher chance of keeping their audiences glued and hooked to their social media accounts. The best, however, would be to ensure that you have something to offer them daily. So, try using AiSchedul to keep up with the best daily Instagram ideas, just like @500px does.

Always Over Deliver

If you want to impact people and say that you have an enjoyable influence on them, you need to deliver beyond their expectations. What we mean by “always over-deliver” is that not only do you provide them with valuable content that interests them without wavering your quality standards, but you also offer them something more. This something more could be a bonus which they weren’t counting on beforehand, though they have come to expect of you a high standard of post that usually makes their day more bearable. This extra factor and going beyond the usual target can give you the edge to overcome competitors and build solid followership in the coming years.

Promote Your Blog on Instagram Sharing Links in Emails

Another method to promote your blog on Instagram is to use clickable icons that can be placed in your email signatures. Many corporate entities are using this style to let people know about their social media presence. The icon in the email signature is hyperlinked. So, if you click on it, then it will redirect you to the desired location. Email signatures are easy to make and require minimal effort. Plus, once you are happy with the outcome, you can use them without any effort. It’s a one-time hassle. All you need to do is include a link to your Instagram profile in your email signature. This way, you can increase the chances of directing your audience to your Instagram account.

But how can you send emails to your followers? Well, I suggest you use AiSchedul to do so. You can ask people to check your bio link and then, there is an email button letting them send emails to you right from there. Then, you can collect all the emails and send them whatever you want easily. 

Use Instagram Ads to Drive Traffic

Running ads on Instagram can offer you a reasonable increase in your traffic. Ads on Instagram can be set up through your browser. Plus, you need to have a Facebook account as well. When you are setting up your ad on Instagram, make sure that it shows up where it is relevant. So if you want the local people to be targeted, then choose the option for those within your driving distance. However, it would be best to strike a balance when targeting your ads for audiences on Instagram. Choosing too big an estimated audience would mean your ad is shown to irrelevant people, and picking too small an estimated audience means that enough people do not see your ads to make it count.

Promote Your Blog On Instagram Ads

Running ads on Instagram can offer you a reasonable increase in your traffic. Ads on Instagram can be set up through your browser. Plus, you need to have a Facebook account as well. When you are setting up your ad on Instagram, make sure that it shows up where it is relevant. So if you want the local people to be targeted, then choose the option for those within your driving distance. However, it would be best to strike a balance when targeting your ads for audiences on Instagram. Choosing too big an estimated audience would mean your ad is shown to irrelevant people. Also, picking too small an estimated audience means enough people do not see your ads to make it count.

Instagram Stories + Blog Posts

Promote Your Blog on Instagram

Instagram stories allow you to share every moment of your day, including photos and videos, which can be adjusted into a slideshow format. However, these stories don’t stay on your profile. That means after 24 hours, they will disappear.  Actually, these stories can be a great place to promote your blog on Instagram. If you have 10K followers, you can easily add swipe-up links to your stories. But if you don’t have this, don’t worry. AiSchedul helps you to add links to Instagram stories even without 10K followers.

How to Promote Your Instagram on Your Blog?

Now that you know how to promote your blog on Instagram, it’s time to see how it works in the opposite case. So, let’s see how to get traffic for Instagram from a blog!

Profile URL in Your Blog’s Author Text

Many blogs nowadays offer you an author bio or author text to share your details and what you do as a professional. In this allocated space, you can also add links to your desired domain. Again many author texts are self-generated once you have composed a suitable that you would want to use. Hence for all of your future posts, use the same author bio multiple times without requiring any effort on your part. So make sure that your author bio is intuitive and share the links to your Instagram page and improving your chances of directing traffic there.

Click-Worthy Blog Teasers

You can also create teasers for your blogs by making their titles click-worthy. This means including specific phrases that can get people’s attention. Such as “how-to” for a tutorial, “numbers” for a top list of things, “time factor or count” for remedies that work quickly, and so on. Another way to promote your blog is through a teaser video; yes, that is a video for audiences to tease them about written content. All you need is the right channel to promote your video, make sure you follow a familiar tone of voice for your video, and give the audience a reason to click through by being captivating and engaging. For example, use personal statements help the UK from experts to get better ideas with students searching for help in admission letters and titles to attract their evaluators. 

Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

Considered the world’s best feed plugin for Instagram, the Feed Pro Plugin ensures that you receive customizable feeds on your website. The plugin allows you to add your Instagram content seamlessly to your website. It offers you a beautiful but deeply customizable plugin for WordPress to have your Instagram feed running on your website in a matter of minutes. It allows you to display your content the way you want it to be seen. Thus with the plugin, you can showcase the stories that are important to you. Hence you can use these features to broadcast those parts of your feeds that exclusively are dedicated to promoting your blog.

Networking with Other Bloggers

So why should you network with other bloggers because, like you, they have also amassed quite a fan following of online viewers, to say the least? Networking with them might lead to a collaboration between you and them. Through mutual benefits, you can share each other’s virtual real estate to promote your own content. Networking can also help foster partnerships and build a friendly trust amongst your audience and their audiences. Lastly, networking allows you an opportunity to learn from the pros, stop making mistakes they made, learn from their experiences, and stay ahead of the curve in general. With the right people in your network, you can adapt to upcoming changes quicker and pick out trends when they are too far to be seen to emerge.   

Stunning Media for Promotion

Media is always at the center whenever promotion is being talked about. As people of this planet, it seems like we have become fond of consuming all sorts of media as a part of our daily dosage. Written content, visuals, graphics, audio, video, you name it. Media allows you to put your ideas and notions out there. It offers you enough diversity within itself to create something truly spectacular. However, you need to make sure that you use media that is stunning to look at and instantly grabs your audiences’ attention. The bright colors, elegant backdrop, font size, + style. These additional touches matter a lot to create the visuals you need to entice your viewers.   

Story Starts on Instagram, Ends on Blog

You can also use your Instagram profile as the first end of a puzzle where the hints and clues could be found, while the actual results and treasure for your audience await at one of your blog posts. This transition requires some creative foreplay to introduce your audiences to an idea or a notion through your Instagram profile. But the climax and the result can only be found when they click through and visit your blog. It shouldn’t sound too difficult as it will eventually lose its appeal. So yeah, please keep it for an odd day when ideas are running dry. 

Traffic Driving Captions

Like titles, even captions can be powerful to drive your traffic. To make it sound right to be sure to put the important stuff upfront in your caption. You may or may not include a call to action. In case you plan on using hashtags, consider including not more than four of them. Implement emojis. They are always a good gesture. Make sure that you promote/cross-promote your other channels. Stick to a brief caption and use your brand voice that melded with a lighthearted tone.  You definitely do not want to come off as weak, nor do you want to offer anyone. So keep it short, simple, and to the point!

Final thoughts on Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

We are undoubtedly living in a connected world where word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Regardless of wherever you live, you suit in. The internet has made it possible to connect with people thousands of miles away. Both social media and blogging are considered to be highly effective. Especially when it comes to promoting your content, products, and services, use the mentioned tips to win the market. For further queries, let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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