How to Repost a Photo on Instagram?

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Although most Instagrammers prefer to post their original photos there are many people on Instagram who tend to repost other users’ photos. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram does not allow you to repost content directly. The only official way to share someone’s post is to share it as a story, or through Instagram Direct messages. Stay tuned, you’ll soon learn how to repost a photo on Instagram; to your Post, Story, or through Direct Messages.

But before you start reposting, keep in mind that the original poster holds that content’s rights must allow you. You can leave a comment for your request or ask them in a direct message. Also, you can connect via email. 

Repost a Photo to Instagram Feed

If you want to repost a photo and add it as an Instagram post of yours, you can not do it officially, but here are a few hacks:

A Screenshot – The Easiest Way to Repost a Photo

A screenshot is one of the most frequently used ways to repost. It can be probably the most straightforward answer to how to repost a photo on Instagram. Just take a screenshot of the post as normally you take on your device. Then, simply post your screenshot on your Instagram Feed.

However, using the screenshot method needs cropping the image and does not allow you to repost with the original caption, location, and tags and you have to add them manually.

If you are looking for a more convenient way to get rid of the hassles and repost with original captions and tags, keep up with the 2nd hack.

How to repost a photo on Instagram Using AiGrow

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Now, there is a better way that you can use and this one is a really cool tool. To begin:

Step1: Create a Free Account

simply visit AiGrow’s website and sign up for a free account and add your Instagram account(s).

Step2: Manage Account

On your dashboard, you can add as many Instagram accounts as you wish and manage them all at the same time.

AiGrow has some other tools: a professional Instagram scheduler, an Auto-Direct messenger, Engagement Pods, a VIP Growth service, an amazing link in bio tool to add multiple links to your Instagram posts, stories and Bio, etc. Here we are going to focus on the repost feature, however, you can create a free account and test everything yourself

Step3: Schedule Tab

Press the “Scheduled Posts” tab. And there you will find the repost button. 

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Step4: Repost

Click on “Repost” and it gives you some options to find the content that you want to repost. You have the ability to search for posts by hashtags, locations, the post URL, or the username of an account who has posted the photo. 

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Step5: Schedule your Reposts

When you are finished with finding your favorite post, set the time and your repost will be scheduled for your wished time. 

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Step6: Repost to Several Accounts

You can repost a photo on distinct accounts if you want. And for those who don’t have enough time to respond to all comments, turning on auto-comment could be a good choice. 

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Now, everything is fine and you need to just press the “Schedule Post” button. That’s all. You are done. 

How to Repost a Photo on Instagram

Note: Your published (posted) reposts and scheduled ones will be accessible in your dashboard for further access and editions.

How to repost a photo on Instagram Using third-party Apps

For both Android and iOS users there are many apps for reposting a photo on Instagram. Just simply search “Instagram repost” or something like this in Google Play Store or App Store and you will see the results.

Repost for Instagram

For instance, one of these apps is called “Repost for Instagram”. What you need to do is just download and install the app on your device as normally you do.

Then open your Instagram and find the photo you want to repost. While you are watching your desired photo tap on the three dots in the top right corner. 


On the opened menu select copy link and get back to the app, Repost for Instagram. Fortunately, the app will automatically detect the copied URL and your photo will appear. Click on the photo and after that tap the “Repost” at the bottom. 


To start sharing your repost on your feed, tap the right arrow in the upper left corner. After applying the right filter, simply click next and the app will bring you to the final step. 


Here you can write your captions, tag people, or adding a location. Also, the advanced setting can help you set extra features for your repost like turning off commenting. 


Press share and you are done. Your favorite photo is reposted.

How to Repost a Photo to Instagram Story? 

Another way to repost a photo on Instagram is to share and repost it to Instagram stories. Actually, stories are temporary posts on Instagram and since they are shown at the top of the screen, they attract more people. So, if you want to succeed in your Instagram business, stories can be really helpful. 

However, just like posts you share on feed, creating stories needs a lot of time, accuracy, and creativity. So, reposting stories can really solve your time-consuming considerations. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to repost photos to Instagram stories. However, some ways take a lot of time and trying them you see that you are not able to share the exact thing you want to! Following, we will introduce some of the fastest and easiest ways to repost photos to Instagram stories. 

Repost Photos to Instagram Stories with AiSchedul

how to repost a photo on Instagram

A fast, simple, and secure way to repost on Instagram stories is to use AiSchedul. AiSchedul is a professional Instagram scheduler that helps you schedule posts, stories, and reposts. Using this amazing tool you do not necessarily need your phone. This means that using Aischedul, you can repost and share stories even on the desktop

Follow these steps to repost a photo on Instagram story:

Step 1) Open the AiSchedul website, sign up using your email address, set a password and click on “Register Now”. Yes! It’s totally free! Also mention that if you already have an account, you can skip this step and just sign in to your AiSchedul account!:)

AiSchedul sign up

Step 2) On the dashboard, click on “Add Instagram Account” and login to your Instagram account(s). 

AiSchedul add account

Step 3) Then, click on the “Manage Account” button. 

AiSchedul dashboard

Step 4) Now, click on “Repost”, and then hit the “Story” option!

repost story

Step 5) Finally, you just have to enter the username you want to repost story from and click on “repost”.

repost AiSchedul

Done! You have successfully reposted content on your Instagram story.  

In-app story mention

how to repost a photo on Instagram story

Instagram allows users to repost the stories that they have been mentioned in. When someone mentions you on their Instagram story, or vice-versa, Instagram will automatically send that story to your DM box and by opening that, you can see a blue text above the photo that lets you “Add This to Your Story”. By hitting this text on the official Instagram app, you will be directed to the Instagram story and you have the access to edit and reshare the story you have been mentioned on. By the way, Instagram doesn’t let users do this using the official desktop version. So, AiSchdul is still the best choice!

Repost Feed Posts on Instagram Story

how to repost a photo on Instagram story

Sometimes you just want to repost a photo you see on Instagram feed on your stories. Luckily, Instagram allows you to do so officially. To repost the photo on Instgaram story from the feed, you just have to tap on the arrow button below the post you want to repost, and then hit the “Add post to your story” button. Now, you can tag people, add stickers and whatever you want and finally send it to your story! Note that you can just repost content from public accounts!

Screenshots and screen-recordings

how to repost a photo on Instagram story

Another easy way to repost the photo on Instagram story is to take screenshots! In this way, you can edit the photos you have saved as screenshots and share them on your stories without being mentioned! Hence, you can repost all the stories that you want without any limitations. However, this is not the best way possible because one of the disadvantages of it is the space that these screenshots take on your mobile phone. Moreover, in case you want to reshare a video on your story, you have to use screen-recorders! So, you may need to download extra applications on your mobile phone! 

So, definitely, AiSchedul is the best way to repost on Instagram because it doesn’t need any installations, it is free, and gives you the ability to schedule your reposts for a later time! 


As Instagram doesn’t allow you to repost directly, we’ve outlined three different answers to the question “how to repost a photo on Instagram. While taking Screenshot is the most elementary and basic one with lower quality, AiGrow and using a third-party app like Repost for Instagram could be a better choice. 

Finally, if you are looking for something free without being confused to choose an app in your App Store or Google Play Store, AiGrow is the best tool for you.

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