Selling on Instagram: How to Boost Your Art Sales

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There’s a new art dealer around and it’s free to use and easy to master! Feeling a little confused? Well, this new art dealer is no other than Instagram, and when Vogue called it “the world’s most talked-about new art Dealer,” we couldn’t imagine the endless possibilities of selling on Instagram. While you might think that setting up an account is the best way to sell your art, there are actually more steps to build an effective digital marketing strategy to get from art-selling zero to art-selling hero. How? Let’s jump right into it and try to boost the art sales!

How to Boost Your Art Sales on Instagram?

Well! Today, Instagram has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and hence, it has become hard to succeed on Instagram businesses! However, by following some simple tricks and also using a professional Instagram management tool, you can achieve your goals in a shorter time! So, let’s see the tricks, discuss how they can help and also find the easiest way to do them without wasting time!

1. Create a Killer Artist Profile

The very first step to increase your art sales on Instagram is to create an eye-catching profile to capture new followers! Definitely, posting amazing content is not enough to have more followers, and hence, more sales!  So, you must set up an ultimate artist account on Instagram! 

Actually, your bio is one of the most important things you have to optimize before posting on Instagram and selling your art! But why? It’s obvious!
Whenever someone discovers your Instagram, the very first thing they check is your bio to know who you are, your purpose for being there, your location, contact information, and etc! So, to give people an exact perspective of your job, you have to do your best and include all these pieces of information in 180 characters properly. So, try to check the best Instagram bio hacks before writing your bio and create the most amazing one!

Here’s a simple yet effective bio example from artist Joshua Bollack Butler:

art sales

2. Integrate Instagram with Email Marketing

Selling on Instagram can be a tricky process, especially when your account is new and you haven’t reached your follower goals yet. Expanding your audience is of paramount importance for a successful social media strategy, so if you want to expand it you need to leverage the power of other marketing channels.

Taking advantage of email marketing will allow you to engage with your subscribers and derive more traffic to your website and other social media channels. But to get started, you need to consider a few things first!

Create an Email Form 

The first thing you must do to integrate your Instagram art sales using Emails is to create an Email form and let people contact you through it! Actually, using this form you can add people to the news teller and also let them ask you questions, give suggestions, etc. To do so, you can insert your Email address in the bio link and let people contact you by tapping on it. But, in this way, you will lose the chance to promote your art website! Also, if you just share it in your bio, people may prefer to DM you and hence, you cannot add them to the news teller! So, what to do instead?

Fortunately, there is an Instagram management tool that can help you with this issue! This tool is AiSchedul which is a complete package of professional tools and has an amazing all-in-one bio link package. 

AiSchedul link in bio

Using this tool, you can create an Email form to let people send you an email directly from your Instagram bio, without copying your email address, opening their mailbox, and then sending it!! If you take a look at’s page and click on the bio link, you can see an envelope button!

art sales

Then, by tapping on it, you can easily write down your message and send it to them without wasting a lot of time!

Email in bio

Create an Engaging Email Campaign

Now that you captured their emails, it’s time to create your first email campaign to promote your art and engage with your subscribers. Choosing an effective email marketing platform that’s both cheap and efficient will help you achieve more than a simple email account. Testing some of the best free email marketing services out there will let you test various tools and enjoy the benefits of email marketing at no cost.

However, now you might ask: how can I get from email marketing to boost selling on Instagram? Well, that’s a piece of cake. What you need to get your subscribers to your page is to leverage the power of social buttons, a practice that numerous eCommerce stores use to increase their social media followers.

social media widgets

Adding social media buttons will help you direct your subscribers to your Instagram account. To ensure that they will visit your account, though, you can create a dedicated Instagram campaign with an amazing CTA button and the reason why they should follow and buy from you.

Here’s an example from St. Ives’ email campaign to get your inspired:

art sales

3. Link your Website to Boost Your Art Sales

One thing I’ve seen on numerous profiles is the lack of bio links. This is one of the rookiest mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. If you want to sell your art on Instagram the right way and avoid numerous repetitive direct messages about availability, prices, and shipping you need a website that will make selling on Instagram more efficient.

Without a website link, your Instagram profile won’t be able to help you convert your social media traffic, increase your art sales and etc. 

However, what if you want to share multiple links in the bio? Due to the strict Instagram limitations, this is impossible. However, using the amazing tools of AiSchedul, you can create an all-in-one bio link and share it on your bio!

Here’s a simple example from bio:

link in bio AiSchedul

Adding your website link to your bio is a must to turn your social media account into an ultimate sales machine. Now that you gave your Instagram followers a way to buy your art, it’s time to increase your sales.

4. Promote Your Unique Style

Instagram is famous for its creative and unique posts. Content creators try to create something new every day to distinguish themselves from other creators. If you want to do the same, you need to focus on promoting your unique art sales style on Instagram. 

Your authenticity and creativity will help you build a name for yourself. So, showing your followers what makes you unique will help them see the value of your art and incentivize them to buy more from you. 

Here’s an example from Anastasia Markovkaya who used Instagram to promote her one-of-a-kind “sports art:”

art sales

5. Use the Right Hashtags

Posting your amazing art on Instagram is only half the battle to boost your sales. The other half has to do with the right hashtags. Hashtags are an amazing way to find your audience, especially since followers can follow and see posts using them. For instance, if you’re selling oil painting on Instagram, the best way to increase your visibility and art sales is with hashtags like #oilpainting and #oilart.

art sales

To pick the best hashtags for your art, though, you should be specific with the keywords you use. The more you narrow down your hashtags, the more followers you’ll attract searching for specific pieces. Keep in mind that your hashtags should always be relevant to your posts. Of course, you can always get inspired by trending hashtags and even create popular ones to enhance your art sales.

Here’s an example from Felix Hemme:

Luckily, AiSchedul also helps you with this step! Using this tool, you can search for the best art hashtags and add them to your posts to get more views and attractions. To do so, you just need to sign up for free and after adding your IG accounts tap on the “Schedule” button on the dashboard. Then, after uploading your post(s), tap on the “Search HashTags” button. 

AiSchedul hashtags

Now, you just have to write down a keyword to find the most relevant and also the best hashtags for your post!

art sales hashtags

As you see, it also informs you about the popularity of the hashtag by giving you the number of posts existing with each hashtag! So, check it out and try it for free.

6. Have Meaningful Collaborations

Collaborating with the right people is key to enhance your Instagram marketing endeavors and boost your art sales beyond expectations. Whether you’re a seasoned artist on Instagram or you’re just learning the ropes, you should consider collaborating with people who will help you get a step further faster.

To do that, you should build meaningful relationships with people who will promote you to their large audiences like social media influencers. In your case, online art galleries that have a strong social media presence can make selling on Instagram a lot easier. 

Here’s a recent collaboration between Saatchi Art and Kera Morgan, featuring a short interview that explains her vision and artistic process.

The online gallery includes the artist’s profile, exposing her to its followers and incentivizing them to visit its online catalog and buy her works.

art sales

Final Thoughts on Instagram Art Sales

Wrapping up, Instagram can be a powerful ally to boost your art sales and expand your art-loving audience. Regardless of your experience with Instagram marketing, knowing and implementing some of the best tactics will make selling on Instagram more efficient. 

So, what are you waiting for? Use the above tactics and, in no time, you’ll turn into an art-selling pro without any effort.

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