Best 10 Session Replay Tools and Software

Do you want to know the secret of success in digital marketing? If you’ve ever aimed for success in this realm, you have surely heard of session replay tools and their immense power. Such services can indeed work miracles for enhancing your website!

By choosing the best session replay software, sometimes also included as a feature on conversion rate optimization tools , you will improve communication with customers, gain their satisfaction, save time and money, and increase the conversion rate. That sounds awesome, right?!

But do you know the best tools for session replays? Keep reading to get a list of the most reliable ones! And if you can’t wait to get started with the best software, you can check out WatchThemLive right now. Don’t miss out!

What Are Session Replay Tools 

Want to know your visitors’ behaviors on your website? Do you want to find the weak points of your website? There are tools that you can use to easily get the information you want. 

Session recording software enables you to record and analyze your visitors’ interactions on your website. But how? They capture visitors’ actions like mouse movements, scrolling, swiping, typing, and the time spent on your website. 

Then, these tools provide a video recording of your visitors’ interactions. These recorded videos allow you to watch where the visitors clicked, what appealed to them, and where they lost their interest.

To put it simply, session replay tools let you see through your visitors’ eyes. That’s why they can offer invaluable insights into your performance and how you can optimize it!

What’s really interesting here, though, is that although session replay software offer video recordings of your visitors’ sessions, they are not live-screen recordings of their time spent on your site. Rather, these are simulated videos based on aspects and events that occurred during the time a visitor was on your website.

10 Best Session Replay Tools

As mentioned before, session replay software (also known as session recording software) is a seamless method to study your visitors’ behavior because it does not require understanding numerical data. 

To sum up, using this tool is like sitting on the visitor’s shoulder, figuring out what is attracting their attention, what is distracting them from your goal, and more. 

Yet, among all the available CRO services that include heatmap tools and session replays, how can you tell which one suits your needs? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you find out!

 Here is a list of the best session replay tools that will bring you closer to your goals.

1.WatchThemLive: The Best Session Replay Software

WatchThemLive is a behavioral analytics tool that offers various features such as heat maps, session replays, visitor tracking, page tracking, goal tracking, visitor profiles, and deep website analytics to optimize your website.

WatchThemlive: Best Session Replay Tool
WatchThemlive: Best Session Replay Tool

To help you have a winning hand in the market, WatchThemLive session replays offer a recording of your visitors’ activities. That’s how you can see in detail what they did and understand their journey through your website.

By using the WatchThemLive session replay tool, you can boost your CRO in no time. How, you asked? Well, this feature allows you to discover where your visitors are struggling and what makes them drop off. After finding out the challenges on your website, you will fix the problems and issues that have so far stopped your visitors from converting to your goals.

Moreover, this optimal session recording software offers advanced filtering that can categorize visitors’ recordings based on country, device, browser, screen resolution, and more to narrow down the information.

What’s the best part about WatchThemLive?! Well, this user-friendly session replay software provides all this information without violating the privacy of your visitors. Moreover, it is one of the best free session replay tools in the market.

WatchThemlive Dashboard
WatchThemlive Dashboard

WatchThemLive Features

These features include:

  • Heatmaps

You can use WatchThemLive heatmaps feature to figure out the most attractive spots on your website. Therefore, this feature enables you to enhance your website’s UI, UX, and conversion rate. Consequently, it affects your sales.

  • Website Analytics

WatchThemLive’s website analytics feature allows you to understand your visitors’ entire journey on your site to find any problems. By using this feature, you will be able to know the bugs, errors, and any potential problems on your website. Therefore, you can use it for actionable data on resolving your issues. 

  • Goal Tracking

Want to track the number of conversions after filling out a survey? Don’t worry. WatchThemLive’s Goal tracking features enable you to set up custom events and conversions. These custom events can be form submissions, clicks, page views, or scrolling.

  • Teams

Are you trying to manage your team? Do you want them to be involved in the troubleshooting process? WatchThemLive’s Teams feature is here to help you in this regard. But how? 

First, you can create a team and designate your teams to a certain webpage. Then, the invitation email will be sent to them and by accepting the email, all of them can access the features.

WatchThemLive Pricing

It has a free plan and the 4 other paid plans include:

  • Individual Silver: $24 per month,
  • Individual Gold: $41 per month,
  • Team Silver: $58 per month,
  • Team Gold: $83 per month.

Interested to learn more? Let’s read WatchThemLive Review to get familiar with its specific features in detail.

2. Lucky Orange: Web Session Replay Tool 

This marketing analytics software claims to help you understand why your website traffic does not convert into sales. It provides session replays to increase your sales and give you enough information about your website visitors’ journey. 

By using this session recording software, you can allegedly see where your visitors clicked, scrolled, and tapped and figure out what is stopping them from making purchases. 

Lucky Orange Session Replays
Lucky Orange Session Replays

Lucky Orange’s real-time analytics dashboard determines the number of your visitors, keywords, regions, and languages. Session recording and dynamic heatmap of this session replay tool will allegedly allow you to capture every visitor’s interaction. Moreover, there is an optional card you can add to the analysis on Lucky Orange’s dashboard. These cards or filters include Devices, Daily Chat, Daily Visit Trends, Browsers, etc.

LuckyOrange Pros

  • It is fast to get the result.
  • It has user-friendly interface.
  • It provides detailed playbacks on session recordings.

LuckyOrange Cons

  • It has a limited data allowance.
  • You are not able to view the information in CRM.
  • It is missing some recordings or stats.
  • It does not pick up all users.

3.MouseFlow: Session Recording Software

MouseFlow is a behavioral analytics tool used to improve UX. This software provides session recording features and allows you to understand what happens between your visitors’ clicks. Moreover, it offers six types of automatic heatmaps to show you what is appealing to the visitors to your website.

This Recordings feature is a list of all the sessions available on your website. By default, By default, the tracked sessions are organized chronologically, starting with the most recent. That is, the recent one is at the top of the recording list. 

There is also additional data for each session, such as location, refer, entry page, the number of pages viewed, last seen, duration, devices, and other variables.

MouseFlow's Session Recording Feature
MouseFlow’s Session Recording Feature

Additionally, MouseFlow can automatically tag certain activities. That is, if a visitor clicks or types into a form field, it will tag “form interact” automatically. In addition to these features, you can search for particular attributes or filter-tracked sessions based on available filtering options. Bear in mind that you can add multiple filters to see session recording data.

MouseFlow Pros

  • Easy to use and implement.

MouseFlow Cons

  • This product is expensive and it is not affordable according to its limited services.
  • As they mentioned on their official website, its free plan provides only 500 recordings per month only for one website with one month of storage.

In MouseFlow’s free plan, if you have more than one website or if your website suddenly gets a lot more visitors, you will have to upgrade to the Starter plan. Otherwise, you can not track extra visitors’ sessions. 

And as for the paid plans, While MouseFlow’s starter plan starts at the monthly price of 24€‎ and only offers 5000 recordings per website, WatchThemLive’s free program offers 1000 session video recordings.

4. FullStory for Session Replays

Are you looking for a platform that indexes your visitors’ interactions on your website? According to FullStory’s claims, its session replay tools include recordings that aim to identify your website bugs and provide customer support to individual users. 

FullStory: A tool for Web Session Replays
FullStory: A Tool for Web Session Replays

FullStory session replay software provides up to 1000 visitors’ sessions monthly in its free plan. This service describes its software as an easy-to-use platform that helps you find answers and solve problems. 

Unlike WatchThemLive, FullStory offers a limited window of time when sessions are available for review. So, you will never get through all the sessions recorded. Considering these limitations, it does not seem affordable.

FullStory Pros

  • It can show the issues on your funnels.
  • Its integration is simple due to the good documentation.
  • It offers decent customer support.

FullStory Cons

  • It is difficult to determine which options the user is seeing.
  • The limited window of time that tracked sessions are available for review.
  • You will never get through all the sessions recorded.
  • It is quite expensive.

5. LogRocket: Web Session Replay Softeware

LogRocket reportedly allows you to replay user problems as if they happened in your own browser in order to get to the root of every issue. In other words, its session replay tool records a video of what the user has experienced while working with your website, which can result in a better user experience if you check and fix the existing defects.

This session replay software also offers a filtering feature to search for sessions and combine them into cohorts. According to its claims, Its tool inspects the original HTML/CSS to understand and reproduce UI bugs. It can also provide Bug Reporting and Bug Monitoring features that include data like “User reports and feedback,” “Analytics,” “Data retention,” and “Bug history.”

LogRocket Session Replays
LogRocket Session Replays

LogRocket Pros

  • It is easy to navigate.
  • It is easy to access user recordings.

LogRocket Cons

  • Learning and using it is not easy.
  • The UI is its weakest part.
  • You cannot slow down the replay speed.
  • the price gap between free and the next tier is too much.
  • It can slow down your computer).

6. Contentsquare: Session Replay Software

Do you want to check the performance of your website? Using Contentsquare, you can analyze your website’s performance by checking customer movements on your site. With this session replay tool, you can discover the complete customer experience, such as how they perform on the site, from login to logout and page to page. You can also get a customer journey using the obtained data.

ContentSquare: session replay software
ContentSquare: Session Replay Software

ContentSquare claims that its data shows the pages customers have visited as well as their orders. So you can see common customer journey behaviors such as unexpected exits with a quick review. You can also use sections to focus on specific details.

According to this service, you can use Behavior Analysis or Zone-based heatmaps to learn about customer behavior. Check the pages visitors visited before reaching a specific page and events such as 404 site errors, voice of customer feedback, or website abandonment.

ContentSquare Pros

  • It has powerful visual representations of data.
  • It is easy to interpret.
  • It has very responsive support team.

ContentSquare Cons

  • Some different areas can be inconsistent in their function.
  • All error messages will appear when you are part way through doing something.

7. Plerdy: Website Recording Tool

Looking for a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool? Do you need to analyze a whole bunch of important analytics data? Plerdy claims that as a cloud-based marketing solution, it is one of the efficient session replay tools to optimize your website. 

You may ask what Plerdy offers on its session replay software. Keep reading to get familiar with Plerdy’s features.

It offers heatmap and video session recordings to improve your website. According to its official website, in its video recording feature, you will be able to watch session replays. You can insert a specific URL or specify all pages to watch replays.

Plerdy: Session Recordings Software
Plerdy: Session Recordings Software

 You can also choose the country you want to record a video session. For example, you know your target country is Canada, and most of your visitors are located in Canada. In order to optimize your website and record sessions only from this location, you can choose your target country.

Plerdy Pros

  • All data is displayed on a live site (not in a screenshot).
  • It has integration with Google Search Console.

Plerdy Cons

  • It has very slow loading speed.
  • It is difficult to understand all the settings and features.
  • Representing data on the site  leads to several problems.

8. Auryc: Website Recording Tool

Want to know how the customers feel about their experience? Auryc’s session replay (also known as digital experience analytics)  is another solution to achieving this goal. According to its official website, it can provide qualitative and quantitative information as to why your customers do what they do and what they expect from their experiences. 

This session replay tool claims to help your company see your customers’ actions as they are experiencing your services and products. 

Auryc: session recording  software
Auryc: Session Recording Software

Additionally, this service asserts that once you log in to the project, and see categorized sessions like Site Errors, Rage Clicks, JavaScript Errors, checkout and cart abandonment, feedback sessions, and sessions with notes given by your team members.

Auryc Pros

  • It might be an efficient tool for most business sizes.
  • It can support multiple platforms.

Auryc Cons

  • It is a complex session replay UX/UI.
  • It is difficult to generate automated reports.
  • You need an experienced person to analyze reports.

9. Heap: Session Replay Software

Want to Automatically capture and organize a set of behavioral data? Do you need to uncover hidden drop-off points in your visitors’ experiences? Heap claims to be one of the session replay tools that gives you complete insights into your customers’ journey. 

According to its claims, getting complete data with a single snippet automatically captures every user’s digital experience on your website or product.

Heap Session Replays
Heap Session Replays

Heap session replay software can direct you to the exact point in a session that you care about. It means you will fully understand why users do what they do and see what the fix is.

Heap Pros

  • You can track anything that happens on your website (regardless of being in the past).
  • It gives you a unique opportunity to see data and users’ interactions retroactively.

Heap Cons

  • It is difficult to set up the event.
  • It is hard to maintain if you are not a developer.
  • It is difficult to navigate and there are tons of fields.
  • You do need some training to start using this platform.
  • Creating events, segments, and map pages are so time-consuming.
  • The number of customizations and configurations in its dashboards and reports is limited. 

10. Browsee: Session Replay Software

Looking for a session replay tool to reduce churn? Browsee claims to give you deep insights into your visitors’ experience. But how? Its session recordings provide information like errors, rage clicks, input field confusion, etc.

In addition to the session recording, you can watch its heatmaps features to gauge the webpage engagement with scrolls, click,, and also attention heatmaps.

Browsee session recordings
Browsee Session Recordings

Browsee captures your visitors’ sessions and indexes them for search. Therefore, you can search sessions by user actions, user experience errors, session parameters(such as session duration, referral, UTMs), device details, URL, Clicked element ID, and more.

Browsee Pros

  • It offers excellent customer support.
  • It has decent funnel view.

Browsee Cons

  • It excludes specific geography from data recording.
  • The UI is not the best.
  • It is unable to track the cursor of the visitors.

FAQs on Best Session Replay Tools

You may also have some questions about the best session recording software. Therefore, let’s take a look at the list of some frequently asked questions.

1. What Are Session Replays?

Session replay tools for websites are the technology to replay your visitors’ entire journey on your website or within a mobie or web application. Session replays include the visitors’ view ( their browser or screen output), visitors’ input (mouse inputs), and logs of network events.

2. What Is Rrweb?

Rrweb refers to ‘Record and Replay the Web’, which is used to track and replay the visitors’ interactions on your website.

3. How Do Session Replay Software Help Our Company?

The session replay tools allow you to rewatch their every movement (from their clicks to mouse movements) in order to learn about UX and find the errors. Such powerful analytics software can help you find website glitches, errors, and any other bugs.

4. Does Google Analytics Have Session Replay?

The short answer is yes. But you also need to do some additional digging outside of Google Analytics session recording to figure out your visitors’ behaviors in detail. The number of sessions in Google Analytics session replay feature just tells you how many times people are returning to your site.


The developers and business owners can use the best session replay software to accurately monitor their visitors’ activities on your website. In other words, session replays record entire your visitors sessions while interacting on your site. Using the best session replay tools, you can gain a complete picture of your website defects and try to create a better user experience for customers.

We recommended WatchThemLive as the best session replay tool to get perfect and valuable recording data to promote your user experiences on the website. 

Don’t miss your chance and sign up now to reach the best session replays for promoting your website.

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