Top Instagram Hashtags for Artists in 2021

top instagram hashtags for artists

Instagram is a valuable platform for artists who are looking to get their name out there and get more eyes on the art that they create. Luckily, as an artist, you likely already have a large quantity of high-quality, eye-catching content to share with your followers. But how do you attract these followers and find users that will genuinely interact with your page and share your content? Taking advantage of the top Instagram hashtags for artists is a good start.

Using top Instagram hashtags for artists is a way to put your work in front of people who are already searching for it. These hashtags will be relevant to your channel and content, preferably with large followings in order to cast a wider net.

So, what are the Top Instagram Art Hashtags?

Read on to learn which tags you should be including in your posts.


605,453,020 posts

One of the top Instagram hashtags for artists you can use is #Art. With more than 605.4 million posts, it is the most popular one and helps your posts to be viewed for sure!


146,698,598 posts

A great one for photographers that enjoy black and white photography, this hashtag is a great way to share your toned photography with others.


74,642,659 posts

Everyone loves lifestyle shots, especially of everyday people they might pass by on the street. The #StreetPhotography hashtag is popular not only for capturing the street style of fashionistas in public, but also things you might see on your commute.


62,380,155 posts

One of the top Instagram hashtags for artists, particularly the ones who use Instagram as an art gallery, is #Instaart. Using this one, you can share whatever you think is artistic, no matter if it is a photo or an oil painting! 


32,051,186 posts

With more than 32 million posts using this hashtag, you can have a good chance to make your posts viral. Especially if you are a daily artist!


31,772,718 posts

Are you working on a new sketch that you’re excited about or do you specialize in pencil drawings? This hashtag is a great way to share your line drawings and show off your finesse with a pencil.


21,111,246 posts

Are you an abstract lover? Use this hashtag to make sure that you will find your art lovers and fans! Using this one, not only you clarify that you are an abstract artist, but also you find more people following your style! So, don’t miss it!


15,952,789 posts

Are you working on a project that you’re excited to share with the world? Even if the final product isn’t ready to be revealed, you can use this hashtag to offer sneak peeks.


4,089,655  posts

With more than 4 million posts, you’ll find an endless variety of art mediums and unique crafts with the #MakersMovement hashtag.


4,038,624 posts

The local art movement is growing faster than ever, and many artists favor collaboration and supporting their fellow artists over slamming the competition. This hashtag is part of an empowering community that wants to share their art with others and help inspire.


2,206,015 posts

Another great way to give a glimpse into the everyday life of an artist. This can include a shot of your art studio, paint-splattered hands or visiting a fabric shop.


1,267,776 posts

This hashtag is a great way to show others your creative process. Try using it on a lifestyle shot of you in the middle of a new project.

Posting Tips

It takes more than including a hashtag or two in your posts in order to reach a wider audience. To get more eyes on your art, remember to:

  • Use anywhere from 11 – 30 hashtags in your content to give engagement a boost.
  • Use hashtags in your comments instead of your caption. This provides a cleaner look and improves your post’s engagement rates.
  • Do not focus on using popular hashtags that have more than 100,000 posts attached to them. These will get more eyes on your post and reach more users, but it’ll be difficult ro rank for.
  • Include more niche hashtags that are less competitive, allowing you to rank higher.
  • Geotag your posts, which increases your content visibility and makes it easy for local artists to discover your work.

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top instagram hashtags for artists

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While the top Instagram hashtags for artists may change from one artist to another, the above is a solid list that is sure to benefit any artist and help get their work in front of more potential fans and followers.