How to Use Traditional Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Instagram?

traditional Marketing Techniques to Promote Instagram

There is an assumption that you need to jump on the latest and greatest marketing techniques to push your business ahead of others in our modern world. Old-fashioned marketing practices such as billboards and TV commercials do not seem to work anymore, especially for Millennials and  Gen Z, who are screen addicts, make up most of the population and spend more time in the virtual world than real.  

New generations rely on social media, and they don’t buy traditional marketing anymore. Actually, based on a study by InfluencerDB, only 19% of people trust traditional ads on TV or Radio. That means traditional marketing is almost dead.

But is it really?

If you take a close look at new and trending marketing methods on social media, you can see that most of them are similar to traditional practices, only presented in a new way. So, this must be a relief for you if you’re an old-school marketer.

In this article, we will look at some of the traditional marketing techniques that can still work for social media, especially Instagram.

How to Use Traditional Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Instagram?

Marketing for new generations can be scary. It seems they jump from one thing to another. But some principles never change. Here are some of the traditional marketing techniques that are still useful, but they play a vital role in Instagram marketing. 

1- Video Production

You can still spend thousands of dollars to make a traditional commercial that will be broadcast on your local TV networks. But unfortunately, it won’t be that helpful as people don’t watch TV like they used to. Actually, they tend to trust recommendations from friends.

So instead of old-fashioned TV ads, you can make short video ads for your Instagram to give some more insight into your company. You can even think about producing a short series of videos about the story behind your brand and put them on YouTube. The good thing is, you can always share YouTube videos on your Instagram.

Videos have always been a positive way to share what your business is up to, and they have some fantastic benefits for the company as a whole.

Moreover, videos produce incredibly more engagement than other types of content (almost twice as many images). And we know for a fact that engagement is the key to success on Instagram.

However, making your own videos can be incredibly difficult if you do not have an in-house production team. Videos need to be high-quality if you want them to have the most impact. So, getting help from a production company can be a great move. If you want to see what experts can do, LNP Media Group has many video production examples on their website that stand out strongly from the crowd. 

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2- Email Marketing

Another traditional marketing technique to promote Instagram is email marketing. Nowadays, many people neglect the importance of an email newsletter. Many existing brands still send them out. These are classic staples of marketing, and they need to be adopted by all companies, both big and small.

Email marketing is advantageous for every $1 you spend on it, and you’ll get $42 back.

ROI of different marketing methods
ROI of different marketing methods

The beauty of the newsletter is that it can take any shape or form that you want. Plus, you can quickly change things as you need every time you want to send new emails. 

You can use such newsletters for a variety of reasons. Some people might prefer to showcase some content that influencers or customers have created to be appropriate for the brand. Others might want to give a little update on what is happening at the company in general. These are fully flexible, and you can choose to manage them the way you would like. 

The good news is that it’s possible to gain email addresses from Instagram! This way, you can communicate with your followers more officially and send them offers that they’ll never miss. 

You can also send emails through Facebook Messenger or other methods to see if customers are more likely to open them and view them that way.

3- SEO

It is unusual to think of SEO as a “traditional” marketing method, especially as companies in all industries still use it everywhere. It might have been in play since the birth of the internet, but it is just as vital today as it has ever been – especially as you will have plenty of online competition you need to stand out against.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of key processes that allow you to better rank your website on search engines. For example, if you type “red dress” into Google, the first page will be packed with listings from various clothing sites that offer these. Being able to get onto this first page should be your goal.

But did you know you can use some old SEO hacks to optimize your Instagram too?

For example, if you want local users to find your page, you need to use geotags in your posts. Also, you want to use keywords in your username and display names related to your business. 

The Decor Art Instagram Bio
The Decor Art Instagram Bio

4- Face to face Interaction

I know it’s impossible to see all customers face to face like the good old days and persuade them to buy your stuff, especially now that COVID-19 struck the world. But don’t worry; Instagram offers a better way to do this type of interaction, and that’s Instagram Lives!

With Instagram Live, you can talk to hundreds of potential customers simultaneously for various reasons. It can introduce a new product, promote your old services, or get feedback from them. 

Your followers can leave you a comment on the Life or maybe DM you after the Live.   

5- Referral Marketing

Referral marketing or word-of-mouth marketing is a very effective method to make people interested in your business. However, since customers and influencers play the main roles in this method, it’s a little bit difficult to calculate the results when using traditional ways. 

Luckily, you can carry out referral marketing on Instagram in the best way using Instagram influencers

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days, and many major companies use this method to attract customers on Instagram. Remember when I told you people nowadays prefer recommendations from friends rather than TV commercials? Well, influencers are exactly those friends.

Influencers and especially those with smaller followers (micro-influencers) have a close-knit community, and their audience puts tremendous trust in them. 

On the other hand, influencers, especially those who become brand reps and brand ambassadors, only promote products and services that go with their community. So, it’s a good opportunity if you have an exceptional business niche. 

Running influencer marketing campaigns and using affiliate marketing methods, you can measure their effectiveness in spreading your brand’s word across Instagram.  

Final Words on Traditional Marketing Techniques to Promote Instagram

These are five techniques that every business still needs to adopt today. They will all be incredibly helpful in running your business in the best possible efficient manner.

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