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One of the best ways or we’d better say the best way to connect with your audience on Instagram is using Stories! However, you should know how to use them to impress your audience for the best. We have prepared 20 Instagram Stories ideas here for you to know what to share, when to share, and also give confidence to you to continue sharing Stories with your audience more and more.

You have to know when you should share and also how often. You also have to know what content you should use to keep your audience engaged and make them not only watch once but also continue and continue to watch. Have a plan for your Instagram Stories ideas and try scheduling them.

It is not important how long it is you are using Instagram or IG Story. The important things are using fresh and valuable content and also sharing Stories regularly. Using Instagram Story is the best way for other people to know your personality. Also, you can outplay the Instagram algorithm using the Stories platform.

Notes on Instagram Stories strategy

Before reading these Instagram Stories ideas, think about the Instagram Stories that you like. Why do you like those Stories? What are the relations between you and them? Are they attracting you to stop and watch them? What factors do they have so you can also use them on your Stories?

20 ideas for your Instagram Stories

Let’s check some perfect simple ideas about Instagram Stories that you can use them on your account:

Instagram stories provide lots of features, use all of them!

Instagram stories have a lot of features that help you to make your posts more interesting and increase your received engagement. Some of these are Story Emoji Slider, Instagram Story Music, Instagram Story Highlights and Instagram Story Polls. Try to learn using all of these features and make use of them to publish eye-catching stories.

Promote your Instagram posts through stories

Instagram Stories are an amazing way to share your latest post with all your followers. However, you can’t predict what posts your followers will view on their feed — but you can ensure all your followers see that you’ve got a new post.

Share a live video to Instagram stories

Live videos are a perfect option to contact the followers directly. On Instagram live stories, users can ask questions, comment on your video, and provide feedback in real-time. This is good to improve interaction because when you start broadcasting live, many users will even be notified with a push notification. And it will appear right on your follower’s Instagram Stories when you’re done with the live video. This allows those who may have missed it live to later check out the video.

Add locations and hashtags to your stories

The Instagram Stories location sticker helps you to tell your followers where you are right now. Tap the sticky label at the top right after taking a picture of the video, tap the “Location” sticker and enter your location. That’s good because it offers an idea of where you are and what you’re up to. When you’re at an event or somewhere like a restaurant, it works very well as you can give suggestions to your viewers. They like to hear what you’re getting up to every day.

It’s just s simple to add a hashtag to your Instagram story. You can simply type in the hashtag, or you can add the hashtag sticker to your chosen hashtag. When users search for a hashtag on Instagram, they will be able to see all the successful, recently posted Instagram stories for that hashtag at the top of the search page if it’s famous enough.

Use Instagram stories to promote a product

If you have a new post or you are selling something new in your store, there are brilliant ideas to best use your Instagram stories. Use the option “swipe up” if you can, or simply guide users to the link in your bio and increase your sales and post views.

Promote your IGTV via Instagram stories

Instagram TV (IGTV), introduced in June 2018, is the fully-featured video app from Instagram that makes it possible for creators to create long-form like YouTube video channels. Producers can link their IGTV profiles to their regular Instagram accounts and provide their followers on their Instagram Story page with a one-minute preview of their stream. This is a good way to share longer videos on your account.

Share DMs from your follower

You can just take your DMs screenshot and post it on your Instagram Story. This is perfect if you get a positive feedback on your overall product, service, or company.

Introduce yourself to your audience

You can do it by recording a video on camera for 3-5 minutes or if you do not feel very well with video, you can write about yourself and upload it via Story.

Do not forget the rainbow text

Rainbow in real life is really an eye-catching phenomenon. So you can bring it to your Story to make it attractive! After you typed something, select it. Then press and hold on the font color with your left thumb and then with your right thumb drag the cursor along what you typed. Meanwhile, drag across the colors with your left thumb. Slide them simultaneously to see the rainbow effect.

Share your personal quote with your audience

Don’t forget to use typing features of IG stories to make it appealing.

Make your audience engage with your Instagram account

You can ask them to like or comment on your recent post. With this action, you can gain more engagement.

Use polls

You can add two options and ask your audience about choosing between two dresses or two locations for a trip. this is a great way to increase your engagement.

Tell your audience where you are now

No difference to be home or on a vacation. People are curious about you.

Ask questions repeatedly

this is also a great way to make your followers engage with your stories. the more engagement you get, the higher your chances of hiting the explore page.

Create highlights of your favorite Instagram Stories

Instagram stories normally expire after 24 hours. If someone misses your story during it’s lifecycle, give them a chance to visit your top stories by highlighting them.

Show your behind the scene images

Promote offers and discounts through your stories

Instagram stories are a great way to proote your special offers, discounts and cupon codes.


I hope you have enjoyed these ideas. You can use these Instagram Stories ideas for growing more organic engaging followers. Note that you need to have a plan for your Stories and even you can schedule your Stories beforehand. You can use AiGrow’s Scheduler to schedule not only your posts but your Stories too.