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Creating video collages is one of the most favorite content formats for IG users. Posting multiple videos on Instagram in the form of collages is excellent for educational and step-by-step guides indeed. Since IG video collages are trendy, several developers have started designing a video collage app for Instagram to assist users in bringing forward creative solutions with less effort. Indeed, using a handy tool, you can make images and videos collage, share them on Instagram and boost engagement. However, you might be puzzled about picking the best app among the plenty of apps available to make your Instagram video collage.

Don’t worry! If you want to craft video collages for Instagram, let’s take a look at some useful apps to ease your task.

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How to Create and Share Videos Collage on Instagram

Previously, we discussed adding multiple photos & videos to Instagram Stories. But regarding making video collages, Instagram has provided its users with two features. Therefore, Instagramers can create collages using the Story feature and a standalone app called ‘Instagram Layout.’ However, both options can only create collages using images, not videos. 

Therefore, you must move to a more feature-rich solution if you want to put forward captivating mixed-media pieces. Here, I have gathered the list of best apps you can cash in to create eye-catching video collages for your Instagram feed.

#1 Video collages for Instagram

Many marketers tend to post long videos on Instagram Story, Feed, & IGTV. However, Video Collage for Instagram is an app that lets you easily create a beautiful photo and video collage in a few minutes. So to make your videos collage for Instagram, you need to:

  • Pick pictures or videos to collage
  • Next, add flexible layouts and unique effects
  • Plus, you can apply harmonious music as you like.
  • After completing the process, you can instantly share your video collage with Instagram.

Video Collage for Instagram Features:

  • 64 adjustable Instagram layout video
  • Resizable pictures and videos
  • Beautiful designs and frame colors 
  • Beautiful background music
  • Various photo filters
  • Preview instantly
  • High-resolution output
  • Share with friends easily


Apart from all the above features, it only supports Android. Also, it does not work on the latest version of Android, like Android 5. Therefore, if you are using the newest version of OS, you can’t run this app. 

Video Collage for Instagram

#2 Vidstitch

Vidstitch is a video collage app for Instagram working on iOS and Android devices. Indeed, it allows you to create gorgeous collages of your videos and share them on Instagram. Also, you can select a video from your phone gallery or record one from the app itself. Moreover, each square of the college has its upload option. On the other hand, it provides you with features to change the color and dimensions of the frame in the video collage.

Vidstitch Features:

  • It lets you rotate the videos in the frame to deliver the precise orientation you desire.
  • It has more than 50 various collage frame styles you can select.
  • The app is also regularly updated with new trims, shapes, and designs.


  • This app is compatible with videos that were taken only from iOS devices. So you may encounter delays or crashes when using videos captured from other platforms.
  • It might crash when too many videos are used to create the collage.

#3 Vlogit: Create Videos Collage on Instagram

Vlogit is an Instagram video collage app for Android and iOS. This app is entirely free without a trial watermark. Indeed, it lets you add video-in-video effects and has a myriad of soundtracks to choose from. Also, you don’t need to put much time and effort into performing the details. Actually, Volgit, with its “1 click remix” feature, takes over the editing of your video intelligently. 

Volgit Features:

  • Its social stickers and emojis will help you be unique and attract more people to your account.
  • It lets you import videos and photos from your social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


  • The biggest downside of this app is that it crashes when you insert too many videos to create Instagram collages.
Videos Collage on Instagram

#4 Adobe Premiere Clip

This video collage app for Instagram is favored for users who like using Adobe Suit of applications. The app has some powerful inbuilt features that might not be available in other video collage apps. Also, to try industry-leading video tools, you can send your videos to Premiere Pro. Moreover, you can run it on iPhone and Android phones.

Adobe Premiere Clip Features:

  • It provides you with pretty advanced and customizable editing tools.
  • Users can efficiently blaze their videos with a custom watermark to the processed videos for more professional output.


  • This app requires high configuration to operate on Android and iOS devices properly.
Videos Collage on Instagram
Adobe Premiere Clip

Create and Share Videos Collage on Instagram From Your PC via AiSchedul

AiSchedul is a user-friendly IG management service that can help you create your video collage for Instagram gratis. Also, you can easily upload IGTV from the computer & schedule it.

The good news is that AiSchedul is compatible with Android, iOS, and any PC. So you can quickly run your Instagram account and create your collage on PC and phone.

Now, let’s go back to creating videos collage on Instagram. 

 Videos Collage on Instagram
AiGrow scheduler

Aischedul provides you with a few simple steps to make and share your video collages instantly, so:

  • Sign up for a free account on AiSchedul
  • Add your Instagram accounts(up to80).
  • Click on ‘Manage Account.’
  • Then, on the ‘Scheduler Tap,’ click on ‘Schedule’ and select ‘Feed.’
  • Upload the videos you like to create your video collages for Instagram. Also, you can drag and drop multiple videos.
AiSchedul Videos Collage on Instagram
AiSchedul Videos Collage on Instagram
  • Next, click on the ‘Save’ button.
  • Now you can share your video collage instantly or schedule it by clicking on the ‘Schedule’ button. Then, pick a date and time for your post.

That’s all! You have created your video collage for Instagram in a wink of an eye. 

Moreover, it lets you add geotags, mentions, hashtags, or choose a background color for your Instagram collage story.

Bottom Line

A powerful video collage app for Instagram can help you create and design videos to fit your Instagram feed. Now, I think you can easily decide which app to download for your following perfect video collage for Instagram!

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