What celebrity has the most followers on Instagram?

When talking about most-followed accounts on Instagram, all that comes to mind is a celebrity. The account belongs to either an actor/actress, a movie star or even a sports role model. If you are a celebrity, it is certain for you to have many followers. However, what if you are not a celebrity but have an enormous number of followers? Would that make you a celebrity or influencer? Then what celebrity has the most followers on Instagram?What celebrity has the most followers on Instagram?

The truth is, the Instagram platform is so big that many people become celebrities just by having many followers. You need to produce organic, high-quality content that seems attractive to IG people. If you want a piece of this big pool, you first need to know the giants of the business. Here’s the list of the celebrities who has the most followers on Instagram.

40 celebrities with the most followers on Instagram

The list contains singers, actors/actresses, and soccer players. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer Player): 161.2 Million Followers

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The hardworking soccer player who is a member of the Italian club, Juventus, is known as one of the game’s most talented players. From April 2018 to April 2019, 40 million people have followed him. He has about 161 million followers and is the 1st on our list.

2. Ariana Grande (Singer & Actress): 150.8 Million Followers

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Ariana is a young American singer and actress on the top followed list for about 5 years. In 2019, she had passed Selena and stood in the 2nd position with 150 million followers. In the past year, she got 32 million new followers.

3. Selena Gomez (Singer & Actress): 148.5 Million Followers

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She is one of the youngest successful singers in America. She was initially known for playing in movies. Selena was in the first place for the last two years on the most followed list, but Cristiano and Ariana have got her place. From April 2018, she has got 13 million followers. This shows why she has lost his position to the two other celebrities.

4. The Rock (BodyBuilder & Actor): 138.1 Million Followers

What celebrity has the most followers on Instagram?

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The American Actor, a retired wrestler, was known as the highest-paid actor in 2018. He has a very energetic personality, and his IG is full of motivational talks. In the last year, he got about 36 million new followers. That will put him in the 2nd place after Ronaldo in the growth rate. (Ronaldo gained 40 million new followers.)

5. Kim Kardashian (Media Personality & Businesswoman): 133.9 Million Followers

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There would be no top list without a Kardashian on it, and Kim has managed to be in the 5th position with 133 million followers. From the same time in the last year, she has gained 23 million new followers.

6. Kylie Jenner (Media Personality & Model): 131.5 Million Followers

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The 21-year old Kylie is a member of the Kardashian family and owns a cosmetic company. She is known as the youngest billionaire in the world at the age of only 21! She is also very active on Instagram and got 131 million followers. From April 2018, 25 million people followed her on Instagram.

7. Beyonce (Singer & Actress): 126.9 Million Followers

What celebrity has the most followers on Instagram?

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She is one of the most successful singers of all time. She has sold about 35 million copies of her albums and is the wife to Jay Z. They have announced Beyonce’s pregnancy via Instagram, and now they have a twin. 126 million people are following Beyonce, and that number has grown about 14 million from last year.

8. Taylor Swift (Singer & Songwriter): 115.9 Million Followers

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The American sweetheart is a great singer who many people around the world love. She is known to delete her old posts, so she only has 276 posts right now. She is followed by 115 million people and also has disabled comments on her post. Her number of followers has grown about 8 million from last year.

9. Leo Messi (Soccer Player): 113.8 Million Followers

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The talented Argentinian football player has won 5 Golden Balls and is known as one of the most talented players of all time. He mostly publishes football and family posts on his IG. His shy personality, as his number of posts shows, made him publish only 439 posts! He has got 113 million followers, and the number increased by 24 million from last year.

10. Neymar Jr (Soccer Player): 113.3 Million Followers

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He is a Brazilian footballer who currently plays for PSG in France. His 222 million dollars transfer from Barcelona to PSG has made her the most expensive player. He is also known for having good taste in fashion, and his hairstyle changes now and then. He has got 113 million followers. In April 2018, he had 92 million followers, which means that he got 21 million new followers last year.

Other Celebrities with the most followers on Instagram

11. Justin Bieber: 108.5 Million Followers

12. Kendall: 107.8 Million Followers

13. Barbie: 102.3 Million Followers

14. Miley Cyrus: 91.3 Million Followers

15. Jennifer Lopez: 91.1 Million Followers

16. Khlo: 91.0 Million Followers

17. KATY PERRY: 78.6 Million Followers

18. Kourtney Kardashian: 75.9 Million Followers

19. Kevin Hart: 72.4 Million Followers

20. Demi Lovato: 71.4 Million Followers

21. Ellen: 69.7 Million Followers

22. Badgalriri: 69.5 Million Followers

23. Shakira: 56.1 Million Followers

24. Champagnepapi: 55.6 Million Followers

25. Zendaya: 55.2 Million Followers

26. David Beckham: 55.1 Million Followers

27. Justin Timberlake: 54.9 Million Followers

28. Vin Diesel: 55.3 Million Followers

29. CHRIS BROWN: 52.0 Million Followers

30. Emma Watson: 50.6 Million Followers

31. LeBron James: 48.4 Million Followers

32. Gigi Hadid: 47.1 Million Followers

33. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira: 43.8 Million Followers

34. Shawn Mendes: 42.9 Million Followers

35. CARDIVENOM: 42.4 Million Followers

36. Cara Delevingne: 41.7 Million Followers

37. James Rodrguez: 41.1 Million Followers

38. MALUMA: 40.6 Million Followers

39. Gareth Bale: 39.5 Million Followers

40. Priyanka Chopra Jonas: 38.6 Million Followers

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