How to Brand Rep on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Social media and especially Instagram is a significant way to sell products and services even for those who don’t have a business. This is because of the sheer number of people on these social platforms. For example, as of 2020, there are over 1 billion users on Instagram.

If you want to know more about brand rep on Instagram, read this article till the end.

What Does Brand Rep on Instagram Mean? 

This spells a huge opportunity for Brand reps. A brand rep is an Instagram influencer who promotes businesses and shares news about particular products. This guide is about how to brand rep on Instagram, one of the safest Instagram growth hacks, whether you are a beginner or professional. So, read on to get the full picture!

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What Are the Specifications of Branding Rep on Instagram?

When looking to purchase products, most people trust peer recommendations the most. As a brand rep on Instagram, your personal experience using certain products puts you in a unique position to talk about it. This way, you get an Instagram sponsor and reduce the gap between the business and its potential customers. Here are a few points that make being a brand rep unique:

  • You can get free products from a single shop and, in return, be required to mention them in your stories or post them on your feed. You may be required to mention the shop in your bio too. You can also earn a living by promoting many brands by using affiliate links.
  • A brand rep represents a brand for a defined period of time, usually 3-6 months. A rep may be required to take photos of free products sent to them and share these photos on their Instagram. The main aim of a branding rep is to promote and represent a brand within its marketplace.
  • As a branding rep, if you are doing a good job promoting the products and services, many other opportunities might occur for you, maybe a well-known brand!

How Does It Differ From Other Types of Brand Reps on Instagram?

We’ve already established that a branding rep receives free products, which they are then required to promote on their Instagram. Let’s look at other types of branding on Instagram.

Brand Enthusiasts only get a discount on the products they receive, and they must order regularly. In exchange for this discount, they are also required to post about the product on their Instagram.

Brand Advocates are consumers who are basically loyalists or fans of a brand. They operate on a purely voluntary basis. They advocate a brand just because they love it and will take action if asked. They give word-of-mouth advertising to brands.

Brand Ambassadors are influencers that are hired by brands, usually for long periods of time. Because they are hired, they get paid for their services. Their platform can range from adverts to organized meetings. They are paid spokespeople of a brand and are usually experts of a brand or its products.

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So, we can see how being a branding rep differs from the other types of branding on Instagram.

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How Do You Become a Brand Rep on Instagram?

So, you want to become a brand rep on Instagram? Great! Let’s see the main steps that you can take to start a successful career. 

Step 1: Take Your Time to Establish an Online Presence

For you to be successful as a branding rep on Instagram, you must be visible to brands. Most brands that are looking for reps consider people that are invested and have a huge following. To put it plainly, they are looking for influencers, and you can’t be an influencer if you don’t have an impressive number of followers.

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You should, therefore, take your time to grow your Instagram following. The process might be painstakingly slow, but the secret to boost up this process is to increase your Instagram engagement.

And how do you do it? Read the following to find out.

AiGrow: The Best App to Get Real Followers

AiGrow is a combination of human expertise and AI technology. This amazing app helps you to grow your following base in the most organic way. Not only can it help you to gain more followers, but it also comes with many other useful features, which I’ll mention in the following.

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Here’s a video for you to find out more about Instagram marketing packages that AiGrow offers:

Step 2: Find a Brand You Love

When starting, try and find a brand that you are a loyal customer of. Find ones that are a perfect fit for you and show them off. Talk about them constantly on your posts. Once you amass a sizable following, the brands may notice and reach out to you.

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Step 3: Post Regularly

Given that you’re just starting on Instagram and don’t have many followers try and post as much as possible. Make your posts relevant and informative. It will earn you more followers. Also, you never know who’s watching! You might end up snagging a rep deal from this.

The best way to make sure you have a consistent feed to use an Instagram scheduler. Remember when I told you AiGrow has many other features? Well, it has a smart Instagram Scheduler that you can use to plan your posts for months ahead. 

AiGrow Scheduler banner

Using AiGrow Scheduler, you can also see all the upcoming social events and international days with Social Calendar. This way, you’ll have more ideas about what you want to post in the current month. 

AiGrow Social Calendar
AiGrow Social Calendar

Step 4: Research More

It’s important to have an intricate knowledge base of the brands you’d like to work with. What exactly do they do? What products do they offer? Are they credible? Try and find out the answer to these questions and dig deep.

This insight establishes you as trustworthy and ultimately gains the trust of your followers.

Step 5: Consider What Other Reps Are Doing

Before diving right into it, you should scour Instagram to see what other brand reps are doing. Try and find out what works and what doesn’t. If possible, reach out to some of them through direct messaging and ask for advice on how to get started.

Also, a great way to monitor your competitors is using AiGrow’s feature called “Listing & Repost.”

AiGrow List and Reposting
AiGrow List and Reposting

After signing up for AiGrow for free, In this part, you can add hashtags or the accounts that you wish to monitor to have a more close look at their activities. This helps you to keep track of your community and see the posts of your best competitors.  

Step 6: Keep Your Background Intact and Clean

It would be best to realize that some brands actually use username look-up tools before deciding to hire a branding rep.

Username look-up tools are used to find someone online. They allow you to obtain and verify the background information of someone.

So in these early stages of your brand-repping career, it is essential to maintain a clean background, so you don’t scare away potential brand clients.

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Tips Existing Instagram Brand Prep

Here are some of the pro tips for those who already started to be a brand prep:

Tip #1: Be Genuine

People normally buy into brands that they feel are authentic. You should pick a brand that you can genuinely be enthusiastic about. Note that people tend to ignore endorsements that appear phony and contrived.

Relationship of brand rep on Instagram
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Make sure you give information that is truthful, factual, and genuine. This will be a step in the right direction in building your brand.

Tip #2- Be Social

Don’t forget that Instagram is actually a social platform. You should constantly engage with your followers and start conversations that are meaningful and informative. This will ensure you establish a social network. An engaged network is essential to creating a buzz and awareness of a brand.

This is a fundamental part of your job as a brand rep. It is your duty to humanize the brand and make connections with its customers. You link the brand and its customers and are in a unique position to connect these two entities. To do this, you must possess top-notch communication skills.

Tip #3- Be Open to Learning

You should be willing to learn and develop, especially if you’re dealing with a huge network. A learning curve comes with the job, and you should be ready to accept and adapt to this. It’s the only way you will stay relevant and competitive.

Tip #4- Be On-the-pulse

You should stay informed and be aware of any updates on the brand or product you can confidently speak about. Be part of the online discussion and always be on the lookout for mentions from the online community so you can give insights and feedback. 

Tip #5- Be Proactive

If you want to work with a certain brand, you should be dynamic and have initiative. Capture their attention by researching about them. Come up with ways you think you may be useful to them, and that will make you stand out from the crowd.

There is no question that Instagram will evolve and stay on the cutting edge of technology and marketing trends. It’s wise to jump on the bandwagon or stay on it (whatever the case may be). Whether you are a new or established user, you stand to gain so much from this social media phenomenon. So keep smiling and keep posting!

Final Words on Becoming a Brand Rep On Instagram

Although there are many brand reps out there, you can still become a successful one if you take every step carefully. You can use apps such as AiGrow that can greatly help you to become known to brands. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for AiGrow for free!

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