Best Instagram Bio Elements to Get followers

Best Instagram Bio to Get followers

Instagram bio is one of the most important parts of a perfect Instagram profile. Actually, your bio is a summary of what you do on Instagram and plays the role of the first impression. Hence, if you write the best Instagram bio for your account, you can easily and organically grow on Instagram. But what are the elements of the best Instagram bio to get followers? 

This is what we are going to cover in this article. In the following, we show you how to write the best bio on Instagram supported by examples. So, stay tuned.

Elements and Examples of the Best Instagram Bio to Get followers

In the following sections, we discuss 6 elements of the best Instagram bio that can help you get more followers. Also, you can see some examples to know how to exactly use these hacks.

#1 Choose a Simple Name and Handle to Get Followers 

One of the elements of the best Instagram bio to get followers is the name you share on your bio. When you click on an Instagram bio, the name is the part of the bio that is written in bold. Here, you have 30 characters to play around with when writing your name. But it makes more sense to keep it simple with just your name. 

Actually, your Instagram name is searchable. Hence, putting your name on your bio makes it easier for people to find you when they search for people on Instagram. As a brand, you make it a lot easier for people to find you when you add keywords associated with your brand or industry. This opens you up to a wider reach on Instagram when people search with such keywords. Here’s an example by @linnlowes:

Best Instagram Bio to Get followers

By the way, at most one or two keywords is enough. Stuffing your name with keywords might just kill the perfection in your bio. However, your Instagram identity is your username. This is also at the top of the bio. Most brands often use their name as well, as their username. So, try to keep it simple, recognizable, and easily searchable.

#2 The Best Instagram Profile Picture

Instagram is a social media platform where you can use visuals to easily appeal to people. One of the elements of the best Instagram bio to get followers is your profile picture. Actually, your profile picture has to really represent who you are and if you are a brand, it should ideally be your brand logo or something symbolic of your brand. This makes it very easy for people to recognize your handle and is an effective way to stand out.  For instance, look at the @nytimes profile pic:

Best Instagram Bio to Get followers

It’s possible that your brand is only a small brand and people might not recognize your logo. In this case, it’s more appropriate to use the headshot of the CEO. This makes it easier for you to engage with other people’s posts without being put off or labeled a spammer. 

Other images that you might also use include your team’s photo, and your storefront. Just make sure they are images that are representative of your brand and can serve as social proof. You must also make sure that people are able to see the images clearly irrespective of the kind of phone they’re using. 

The emphasis of Instagram is images, so it’s important for you that you use high-quality graphics.

#3 Get the Most out of Bio Link to Get Followers

One of the most important elements of the best Instagram bio to get followers is the bio link. Undoubtedly, your Instagram bio, posts, and stories all together cannot cover all the aspects of your business. So, a bio link is needed to give more information to people who ask for it. Using a bio link, you can link your Instagram to SoundCloud, YouTube, and other social media accounts. Also, you can link to a blog or website and easily derive traffic to your website. For example, look at @pullandbear’s Instagram account:

Best Instagram Bio to Get followers

However, Instagram has a strict limitation on the bio link. Unfortunately, you can just share one link in your bio. Hence, you cannot link your account to all social media accounts and blogs simultaneously. But, this has a really amazing solution: All in one bio Link!

Yes! There are some amazing bio link tools out there that can help you with this issue and one of the best ones is AiSchedul

AiSchedul All-in-one tool

Using this all in one bio link tool you can:

And more. Also, it is really easy to work. Just watch the following video:

As an example of this amazing all-in-one bio link tool, take a look at the @soundcloudvip Instagram account:

As you see, this is really interesting. So, go ahead and sign up for free to leverage your Instagram bio and get followers.

#4 Contact Information

The point in using social media is to connect with people and make it easy for them to contact you. That’s why it’s an important part of the best Instagram bio to get followers. This way, it’s possible for people to get essay help online when they need to contact you. 

For instance, as a brand, a prospect might want to contact you and if they don’t find your contact information on your bio, you’re already one step into losing that prospect. 

If you’re using a business account, it’s easier for you to add contact details for phone, email, and location. This gives out all the appropriate information that your followers and prospective customers might need without eating too deep into your bio text. In order to build trust with people, your brand has to be easily accessible from Instagram. 

It’s easy for you to add these contact details with your mobile device. You could also include a call to action which directs users to carry out immediate action. 

bio contact information

However, if you don’t have a business account, you can use AiSchedul. Using this tool, you can add a contact button to your bio. When people tap on it, they can write their message and send it to your right through your bio link. Also, this way, you don’t have to include your contact information directly. Hence, you won’t receive spam messages. To see an example, tap on the email icon on @soundcloudvip’s bio link:

contact information bio

#5 The Instagram Bio Text

The bio text is a 150-character space that allows you to show your personality and briefly explain who you are. As a brand, you should take advantage of this 150-character bio to show your brand personality. 

With this text, you’re to explain to people who you are and what you’re about, including what you do. Your tone and language is one that must be well thought out as you’re directing them straight to your target audience. So, it speaks a lot about your brand and is an opportunity to show off the personality of your brand. You don’t want your prospective customers thinking that they have hit the wrong Instagram bio. 

A good Instagram bio will not just talk about the brand. It will also include a clear CTS which encourages the bio viewers to take immediate action (which in this case is clicking on the link in the bio). 

When writing your bio text, there are things you should do or consider doing:

Talk about yourself

The reason for the bio is actually for you to talk about you. So, go ahead and do that. Mention your unique features and what other things that make you stand out. However, this is a bio and not an autobiography. So it’s best you keep it simple and just highlight certain features about you or your brand.  

informative bio

The use of emojis

Emojis are an interesting way to express emotions or words in very few characters. So, for a 150-word bio, emojis might come in handy. The fact that they’re fun and also very catchy makes them a good choice to use for your bio. 

Emojis also have standard meanings, so you should use them appropriately. For instance, a location pinpoints out the location of your business but the ghost emoji stands for a person’s username on Snapchat. 

emojis in bio


You can make it a lot easier for people to scan through your bio by using line breaks and spacing. This is a good idea especially if you have too much information to include in your bio. If you’re using an android device, you can press the return key to add line breaks but on an iPhone, you need to type out your bio first in a text editor before you paste it to Instagram. That’s how you’re able to add the line breaks.

centered Instagram bio

Also, using spaces and line breaks you can make your bio look unique and fabulous. But how? To do this, you can simply try to center your Instagram bio. Moreover, take a look at Tumblr to find some Instagram bio ideas to perform your best on this part!

However, you should always double-check your bio with a desktop as it might come out good on one platform while it’s not so great on another one. So, you should check it with both phones and desktop to be sure it makes sense on both platforms.

#6 Add CTAs to Your Bio to Get Followers 

When you create your Instagram profile, you want to be sure that you can actually make sales through this platform. The best way to generate buyers or convert prospects to buyers from Instagram is with your bio, and you do that with a CTA. 

Although the link in your bio already acts as a call to action on its own, you make it more effective when you tell people what to do in your bio text.

Best Instagram Bio to Get followers

Wrap Up

To sum it up, there are numerous elements that help you write the best Instagram bio to get followers. But, if you just follow the mentioned hacks, you’ll get the best results. Just be creative and try the tips in this article. Also, feel free to leave us a comment and mention other tips you know.

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