How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day?

How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day?

I just started growing my business and considered how to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day. It was pretty tempting to buy 5000 followers when facing various ads on the net. However, many of them only bring fake followers for you that don’t like, comment, or take any action. Therefore, I changed my mind and would rather grow my Instagram followers organically instead. 

Instagram marketing is a profoundly competing race, so you need to boost engagement to let the platform show your posts. First, of course, it is vital to grow followers, but engagement rate is the criteria that Instagram algorithm evaluates to bring up your page or not. That is, getting involved followers who are interested in your subject is worth more.

Here, I’ll show you how to get 100 followers on Instagram, so gaining unlimited followers is no longer a far-fetched dream for any freelance marketer.

How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day?

Instagram is the most valuable place for personal and business brand building. It provides endless opportunities to help users grow their trademark. That’s why many people seek to increase their followers. In the following, I’ll share some helpful tips to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day.

#1 Specify Your Goal and Content Strategy

It is essential to define your objectives and strategy of your content before starting it. If you create unplanned content, you will draw random people to your account who don’t care much about you. These people will only be viewers and won’t take any action. Therefore, they won’t help you move your engagement rate! On the other hand, if you build strategic content, you attract your type of followers who care about your daily feed and expose enthusiasm. In this case, they like and comment on your posts and upgrade your engagement. 

#2 Make A High Profile

The first thing that can make or break your Instagram following is your profile. Therefore, Create a searchable and accessible name. Then, pick a clear, eye-catching photo that matches your theme. After that, make a brief bio about your business and what you are doing on Instagram. Also, specify your business category in your bio. Finally, don’t forget to add an Instagram profile link. In this case, you can connect your Instagram to other social media that will boost credibility and engagement. 

Make A Perfect Profile

#3 Prepare Engaging Content

It is essential to post on Instagram 3-4 times a day frequently. For the first day, prepare 10-15 engaging content that advances your post strategy to get 100 followers on Instagram.

Also, examine the following tips: 

  • Do not underestimate the influence of live photos, videos, and stories to draw attention to your account. 
  • Moreover, jazz up your content by adding funny stickers to captions. 
  • Above all, upload high-quality photos on Instagram to catch the audience’s eyes at first glance. 
High quality photo

#4 Apply the Most followed Hashtags in Your Posts

If you consider how to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day, I must tell you hashtags will skyrocket your reach throughout the whole platform. Also, Instagram lets you apply up to 30 hashtags in your posts, but remember. Therefore, make most of this great opportunity and apply the hashtags with more than 50k posts. 

However, avoid using banned hashtags on Instagram and don’t use general ones with more than 300k posts in the first steps as no one can notice you among several posts. You can use hashtag research tools to find the best hashtags you need and get 100 followers on Instagram. Indeed, it is a surpassing method to get followers without following.

How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day?
Search for hashtags

#5 Find Your Successful Competitors

Many people use Instagram followers generators, but I suggest you identify your competitors and follow them and their followers. You can also perform a precise competitor analysis to recognize what topics and posts their followers like most. For instance, follow the accounts with more than 50k followers. Nevertheless, note that not to follow more than 50 per hour due to Instagram’s daily limits.

#6 Like and Comment to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day

Do not forget about engaging with your community. Therefore, like other people’s photos that have hashtags related to your business. Indeed, you can search hashtags in your Instagram search console and find the top posts and start liking and commenting on them. Also, if you have a local business, you can pick the posts in places around your local area and get local followers on Instagram instantly. Consequently, you’ll make noticeable progress in minimum time. 

Use A Potent Growth Service to Get 100 Followers on Instagram 

AiGrow is an Instagram growth service that lets you use a 3-hour free trial to get 100 followers on Instagram.

AiGrow equips you with a group of dedicated Instagram account managers who raise your social growth. Indeed, they communicate with your followers and leave comments, and like their posts manually. Boost your real followers! No Instagram bots! No Fake followers!

Therefore, it is an IG-friendly app that allows you to get 10K followers without being banned. Also, it offers you a 3-hour free trial to let you decide thoughtfully. 

How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day?
AiGrow has a user-friendly interface.

To test their trial, you can:

  •  sign up free from here.
  • Add your accounts(up to 80)
  • Select “Manage Your Account”
  • Pick the “Growth” tab and start your growth.

As you see in the picture, it is not only a growth tool. Though, it lets you schedule and publish your posts at the best time. Moreover, you can repost stories and feed to get 100 followers on Instagram instantly.

How to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day?
Sharing Posts Offline

Above all, Instagram only lets you add one link in your bio. But using AiGrow, you can put all your social media links to your profile. 

Luckily, this app works on PC and mobile phones. 

Final Thoughts

Before wondering how to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day, it is essential to work on your Instagram aesthetics and content. Then, people will like and comment on your posts in return which will raise your overall engagement rate. This is how you’ll get more real followers who will return to your loyal customers.