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Competitor Analysis: Find Instagram Customers & Followers


What if there was a way to immediately find and connect with people who are likely to convert to Instagram followers or customers with little to no research required? To answer my own question, there is a way! And it takes the form of a competitor analysis.

While a competitor analysis can take many forms and serve many purposes, a competitive analysis is essentially researching what tactics, tools, and general strategies are bringing your competitors success with the purpose of incorporating what you learn into your own strategy.

On Instagram, as explained in our guide 62 Ways to Grow Your Followers on Instagram in 2018, a competitor analysis may consist of such actions as:

  • Noting who your competitors are
  • Noting the content of your competitors’ posts
  • Noting the posting consistency
  • Noting what time your competitors are posting at
  • Noting any consistent stylistic choices (color, shape, etc.)
  • Noting how your competitors engage with their followers
  • Noting what hashtags your competitors are using
  • Noting the structure and content of their bio
  • Noting any consistent problems voiced by your competitors’ followers or clients

These represent only a few elements of a competitor analysis and are bound to change depending on your purpose.

The real reason you might want to perform a competitor analysis on Instagram, however, is to connect with your competitors’ followers.

Whether you are a personal lifestyle channel or a small business trying to sell a product, the process is the same:

  • find a popular Instagram channel posting similar content or selling a similar product
  • genuinely connect with the channel’s followers through comments or DMs (following and liking helps too, but these actions are typically seen as less sincere)
  • explain the unique value that you provide as a channel or business (without directly addressing your competitor, explain how your channel or service provides a superior experience)
  • convert them to a follower or customer

To find competitors in your industry, popular being categorized as having at least 20,000 followers or as consistently having super high engagement on their posts, all you need is the search function on Instagram.

Here’s how to find relevant competitors in 4 steps:

  1. Go to Instagram on your phone
  2. Search for a keyword related to your channel or industry
  3. Choose a relevant influencer from the results
  4. Take note of any related influencers as per the photo below

From here, all you have to do is explore their following and begin reaching out using the suggestions above.

The only downside to the method described above is that it can be time-consuming.

Enter AiGrow

AiGrow exists for the very purpose of quickly and intelligently connecting you with your target audience on Instagram.

Simply specify the channels whose followers you’d like to target, hit “Start Growth” as illustrated in the image below, and AiGrow will begin automatically engaging with your competitors’ followers in the way of commenting, liking, following, and DMing. You can even customize your comments and DMs to avoid sounding spammy (read our article on optimizing your Instagram DMs for help).

As your channel or business continues to evolve and you discover a better understanding of your competition, you can continue to add your competitors to AiGrow’s smart automation engine to connect with more and more potential followers or customers.

Have you used a competitor analysis to expand your channel or business on Instagram? How did you do it? Please share in the comments below!

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