How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

Photo of an female Instagram model

20 years ago, fashion models belonged to the first pages of certain magazines, and no one even assumed any media would outrun television. Now here models are with Instagram, a better-paid media which is more influential. So speaking of payment, are you wondering how much do Instagram models make?

How Much Do Models Make Per Each Instagram Post?

I’m afraid it is not a very easy question to answer! Three factors determine  models’ income on Instagram;

  1. The type of Instagram models
  2. The number of followers
  3. The Engagement Rate

The Type Of Instagram Models

In general, there are two major Instagram models including Instagram female models and Instagram male models. However, categorically, there are three types of Instagram models;

  1. Celebrity Instagram models
  2. Fitness Instagram models
  3. Fashion Instagram models

For sure, you can not even compare the income of a fashion blogger with someone who makes money out of fame.

Let’s see how much money do the top ones of each type make.

How Much Money Do The Top Celebrity Instagram Models Make?

Infographic shows how much do celebrities Instagram models make
Celebrities income

Most celebrities do modeling as well. Here you see the famous celebrities joined popular Instagram models. These celebrities demand the highest amount of money per each Instagram post.

How Much Money Do Instagram Fitness Models Make?

Having a well-formed body, drove fitness models to Instagram. This is how much they make! They are aligned based on the money they charge per each Instagram post.

Infographic shows how much do Instagram fitness models make per post
Fitness models income

How Much Is Fashion Blogger Salaries?

And finally, famous Instagram models who are on Instagram purely for modeling and make money in this niche as a first job.

Inphographic shows how much do Instagram models make per post
Fashion models income

The Number Of Followers Indicates The Potential Income

Studying Instagram account of models (except for celebrities, because we want to know how much money an Instagrammer can earn out of modeling, not fame), this is the estimation I suggest.

In this infographic, you see how many followers you need to be an Instagram influencer and be able to make money on Instagram:

estimation of how much money do Instagram models make
Estimation of influencers income

This segmentation applies to most Instagram models, there are out-layers, however.

The Engagement Rate

Followers are not the only indicators of potential earnings. Although Instagram followers play a very important role in turning an Instagrammer into an influencer, it is not the only metric. Your engagement rate is the other one. 

High Instagram followers and a high engagement rate are two wings of an Instagram influencer. There is no way around to be an influencer without one.

The country in which the model lives is the other indicator that determines the earning of an Instagram influencer.

As you see indicators can vary differently so you can estimate the possible income approximately.

But what if you need a more specific answer?

Use An Instagram Money Calculator!

Is there any specific Instagram model that makes you wonder about her income? Or do you wanna know if you can make money as an Instagram fitness model?

To learn to what extent you can make as an Instagram model, you should get help from an Instagram money calculator.

What Is An Instagram Money Calculator?

An Instagram money calculator is a tool that lets you know how much money you can make on Instagram considering your followers and engagement rate!

Influencer Marketing Hub


  • Influencer Marketing Hub has fake followers checker and considers it when calculation potential income.
  • It has a follower growth checker.
  • When calculation your engagement rate, Influencer distinguishes what type of influencer you are(Micro, Nano, Celebrity, etc)
  • It calculates ROI


  • Influencer Marketing Hub brings many variations under consideration before calculating your possible income.
  • It is free

Enter your username in it and watch what is your potential income per each post.

It probably says $0 for accounts with under 6000 Instagram followers! 

Although you can even get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers, It is worth mentioning the ways to get your first 6000 followers.

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It is tricky to claim a number as the potential income Instagram models earn. Three variations are affecting it; the type of Instagram models, the number of followers, and the engagement rate.

Although there are ways to estimate Instagram models’ income approximately, the most accurate way is to understand using an Instagram money calculator.

Instagram money calculators normally show $0 for Instagram with -6000K followers. Instagram specialist of AiGrow guarantees to get you 300 Instagram followers per month.
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