How to Post a Video with Music on Instagram? No Copyright

how to post a video with music on Instagram

One of the most frequent issues that Instagrammers face is the Music copyright issue. Actually, Instagram deletes the videos having copyrighted music and this is exactly what makes users disappointed in sharing music videos. So, what can you do to share a music video on Instagram? In this article, I’m gonna talk about this issue and its solutions. Finally, I’ll show you how to post a video with music on Instagram. But first, let’s see what the music copyright issue is.

Instagram Music Copyright Issue

Instagram music copyright issue

If you search the web, you will see that many people have reported that their videos have been deleted by Instagram. Obviously, this has happened since they have not given credits to the creator and Instagram has deleted them due to the copyright laws. 

Unfortunately, this has happened whenever the video was created by the user, or even when reposted on Instagram. What is the exact reason then? Well, it seems like the issue is related to the background music and since it is copyrighted, the video has been deleted! So, all you have to do is to give credits to the music composer! 

But is it enough? Unluckily, NO! Even if you mention the composer, singer, or producer in the captions and tell your followers that the music belongs to someone else, your video might get deleted. And this happens because the owner is not willing to share what you have published for free on Instagram. 

But how can you solve it? Well, stay tuned to see how to post a video with music on Instagram and avoid the copyright issue. 

How to Post a Video With Music on Instagram avoiding the Copyright Issue?

Fortunately, there are several ways to troubleshoot this issue and get rid of it. So, stay tuned and find the one that you can do.

Give Credits to the Owner and Composer

Obviously, when reposting content on Instagram, no matter if it is a photo, music, video, or even a caption, you always have to mention the owner to declare that you are using content that is not originally yours. Actually, this is what Instagram wants from users. If you want to use the app without getting banned, you’d better pay attention to ethics and laws. So, give the full credit to the owner to not only avoid getting reported, but also help the original composer of the music to grow.

However, notice that despite giving credits, sometimes Instagram deletes your content because you don’t have permission from the creator. In this case, you will get the following messages:

Instagram music copyright issue

As you see, you can appeal to Instagram’s decision if you hold a permit from the original owner. After tapping on the appeal link, you will see to the following message:

Instagram music copyright issue

So, you can easily repost the deleted video. 

Always Ask Before Sharing

If you want to completely avoid this issue, ask for the music producer’s permission before sharing it. This prevents your videos from being deleted easily. Just DM the owner and ask them for permission.

Use Free & Non-Copyrighted Music

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use music that doesn’t need copyright for resharing. Fortunately, there are numerous websites that provide this type of music. For instance, they can be found on YouTube, or other websites like Royalty-Free Music. So, instead of using popular songs that can be detected, choose one of these songs, and add them to your videos. Additionally, in this case,  you can share a YouTube video on your Instagram posts or stories

Finally, I highly recommend you to take a look at the following video for more information about this law:

Now, we know all the things about this issue and also the solutions to it. So, let’s see how to post a video with music on Instagram!

How to Post a Video With Music on Instagram Stories?

Fortunately, Instagram lets users add music to their stories using the official app, without worrying about copyright laws. This is really easy to do. So, let’s see how to post a video with music on Instagram stories:

First of all, tap on the camera button at the top left corner of your Instagram homepage and then, upload the video you want to share. Then, tap on the sticker button.

music sticker IG

There are different stickers to add to your stories. But here, we just want to add music to our videos. So, tap on the music button. 

IG story music sticker

Now, search for the track you are willing to add to your video and simply tap on it to add it to your story. 

IG story sticker

That’s it! You can also add lyrics of the song to your story and change the layouts as you wish. 

how to post a video with music on Instagram stories

Finally, just share it on your Instagram stories. This is a great way to add music to your Instagram videos. But in this way, you can only create 15-second videos and not more. So, if you want to share longer music videos on Instagram, keep on reading. 

How to Post a Video With Music on Instagram Posts?

Actually, we have previously covered how to add music to Instagram video posts. All you need is to choose a third-party and add a track to your video. But, make sure that you are not posting copyrighted music without permission. Moreover, if your music video is too long for Instagram, try AiSchedul to cut it in pieces and also, post a large video on Instagram stories


To sum it up, sharing music videos on Instagram has always been one of the biggest problems for Instagrammers. Because there are some copyright laws that deletes the videos with non-original music. So, how to post a video with music on Instagram? In this article, we have covered how to resolve the copyright issue and showed how to upload music videos on your Instagram stories and posts. So, try these hacks and feel free to leave us a comment.

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