How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously? 6 Practical Tricks

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Ever come across an Instagram story you want to peep at without leaving a trace? Maybe it’s an ex’s vacation photos or a coworker’s night out. Whatever the reason, sometimes going incognito is the way to go. but how to view instagram stories anonymously? Is it possible?

In this blog, I’ll unveil several sneaky methods for you to peek at that story. So let’s begin to learn how to view Instagram stories without them knowing. So, let’s get started.

Can You View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Yes, there are a few ways to do that. Let’s check them all out:

1- View Instagram Stories Anonymously in Airplane Mode

This is the best way to view private instagram stories anonymously. When your internet is off, Your visit to the story will not be recorded, because there is no internet to record it. To do this method, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and search for the person you want to check their story
  2. Refresh their page a couple of times so that the story completely loads 
  3. Turn on airplane Mode on your device
  4. View their story
Use airplane mode to view stories anonymously

Since you’re in Airplane mode, your views won’t be tracked. BUT, keep in mind that this method won’t work for live stories or videos.

2- Use a Third-Party App

Another way to view someone’s instagram story anonymously is to use third-party apps. Let’s check some of them out below:

IgAnony Instagram Story Viewer 

Iganony viewer is a website that allows users to see Instagram reels, stories, and other information without logging in or creating an account. It’s one of the best ways to view instagram stories without an account. You can check out the IgAnony review to see if it’s really helpful for you. Here are its features:

  1. Anonymous Viewing
  2. Profile Photo Viewing
  3. Content Download
  4. Watching IGTV
  5. And more
IgAnony Instagram Story Viewer 

SmiHub Instagram Viewer Tool

Smihub is an instagram anonymous viewer platform that allows you to view and download Instagram stories, highlights, profiles, posts, and even comments anonymously and in high quality at no cost. If you want to see what users think about this tool, check out SmiHub’s review. Here are the features this tool can offer you:

  1. Reels Viewer Tool
  2. Videos Viewer and Downloader Tool
  3. Photo Viewer and Downloader Tool
  4. Instagram Profile Viewer
  5. Tagged Posts View 
  6. Instagram Stories and Highlights Viewer Tool
Smihub Instagram Anonymous  Story Viewer 
Smihub Instagram Story Viewer

Imginn Instagram Viewer Tool

Imginn (also known as StoriesIG) is an online Instagram viewer tool that allows you to view and download public Instagram stories and posts anonymously and freely. You can check Imginn reviews to see what users think about this tool. Here are its features: 

  1. Content download
  2. Showing posts and videos from tagged accounts
  3. Copy captions or comments
Imginn Instagram viewer tool
Imginn Instagram Story Viewer

3- Make Another Account

Another way to view instagram stories anonymously is to create a secret account.

Create a new Instagram account with a different identity. This way, you can view public stories without revealing your main account. If you’re interested in private profiles, you can request to follow them from your anonymous account. If approved, you’ll be able to view their stories as well.

4- Slide and View From Adjacent Story

To do this trick, open a few stories before that particular person’s story, but keep in mind when their story will be shown.

Then, when you open the last story and the next one is the intended person’s story, tap and hold on the story. 

Then slowly move on to the next story (that particular person’s story), but don’t go all the way. Do as much as you can to see ⅓ of their story. If you open more than that, you will appear in their story viewer list.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see and understand the content of what they’ve posted.

In the last step, return the story to the previous one.

Slide and View From Adjacent Story to see it without them knowing
Slide and View From Adjacent Story to See Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

5- Wait Until the 24h Time of The Story is Over

Another sneaky way to check out someone’s story without them knowing, is to wait till the 24h time limit of their story is up. 

When the limit of their story turns to “1d ago”, that’s your time to view their story. Because soon after that, the story will be gone and they won’t find out who you viewed their story in the last minutes. 

Wait Until the 24h Time of The Story is Over to view their story
Wait Until the 24h Time of The Story is Over to View Their Story Secretly

6- Use Websites (Online Instagram Web Viewers)

Here are a couple of websites you can use to view stories anonymously:

MyStalk Anonymous IG Viewer

It is a website that allows users to view Instagram stories anonymously. This website used to be known as Mollygram, but somehow it is called both MyStalk and Mollygram now. 

Mollygram or MyStalk is an anonymous IG viewer helping you watch and download other users’ Instagram stories without their knowledge. If you want to know more about this tool and know what users think about it, check out MyStalk review. Here are MyStalk’s features:

  1. Photo Download
  2. Video Download

Gramhir Instagram Viewer

Gramhir, previously Gramho, is a website that allows users to search for IG profiles, posts, and hashtags. Check out Gramhir’s reviews. Here is a list of features that Gramhir offers you:

  1. Web viewer
  2. Instagram Profile Search
  3. Instagram Post Search
  4. Instagram Hashtag Search
  5. Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories
  6. Instagram Analytics

💡Note: On some websites, you might see that they claim if you’re on someone’s close friend’s list, they won’t receive a notification if you view their story. This is not true. Everyone can see who on their close friend’s list has checked their story. So if you’re in their close friends list and you view their story, they’ll know. 

FAQs On How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Let’s check out some frequently asked questions on how to view instagram stories anonymously

Q1- How to View Instagram Stories Without Following Them and Without Them Knowing?

This situation is really hard. If you want to view their story without following them, they need to have a public account. If they don’t have a public account, there isn’t much you can do. Instagram is strict and powerful and won’t allow you or any third-party apps to easily view its private account’s content. The best thing you can do is to create a fake Instagram account.

Q2- How Do You View Private Instagram Stories Anonymously?

You can’t do that. In fact, there is absolutely no way you can do that. Instagram is strict and powerful and won’t allow you or any third-party apps to easily view its private account’s content.

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