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Instagram Feed Not Showing All Pictures? Try This Instead!

July 8, 2021

Many Instagram users have been recently complaining about their Instagram feed not showing all pictures from their followers. The truth is that even if there are no issues with the fundamental things, Instagram’s recent algorithm is too complex and hard to understand. Instagram only shows the photos that you think you are interested in. However, Instagram can be mistaken too. This article will thoroughly explain the different causes of this issue; moreover, it will show how you can make sure you will not miss single posts from certain users.

Why Instagram Feed Is Not Showing All of The Pictures

Unlike many other social media applications, Instagram uses different yet complex algorithms on its news feed. In general, you cannot expect every post from your followers to appear there. Besides, you can not even directly choose who appears on your feed. However, this algorithm is not total nonsense. I.e., you can usually see posts from accounts that you are most interacting with. Apart from this fact, in the following, we will mention a few different reasons and solutions that may cause the same issue.

#1 Check The Internet Connection

If your connection is lost, there is a great chance that you miss several posts on your feed. In the situations like this, your feed is not updated, and you can only see the posts and stories that were previously displayed on your feed. If you are logged in on your desktop, you can check your internet status from the path below on your Windows.

Start  button> Settings  > Network & Internet > Status.

Otherwise, you can test your internet connection using the SpeedTest Master application, which is available on both IOS and Android.

#2 Clear Your Cache

If your application’s cache is not clear on your phone, you will face issues with the application eventually. For example, you may experience uploading issues with your stories and posts.
So it is always recommended to take the first step by clearing the application’s cache on your phone using the following instructions.

If you are using Android, Clean your app data on Settings> Apps > Instagram > Clear data.

If you are using an iPhone, you can clean your app data on iPhone’s Settings> General > Storage and iCloud usage. Find the Instagram application and click on the Remove and data document.
This way, Instagram stops using the cache data, and it can fix all your cache-related problems.

#3 Turn Notifications On

Although one cannot choose the content of their feed on Instagram, there is an action you can take to watch posts from certain accounts. You can turn on their account notifications. This way, you still cannot necessarily see all of their posts on your feed, but you will be informed as soon as they post on their feed. Take the following steps to turn notifications on for particular accounts.

  1. Log in to your Instagram
  2. Search for the user’s account and go to their profile on Instagram
  3. Click on the “…” at the top right of their profile
  4. Tap on “Turn On Post Notifications.”

This way, you will be notified as soon as the account shares a post on Instagram.

Use AiSchedul As An Alternative

While turning on notifications for specific accounts is always possible, it can be annoying. It makes your notification section disorderly, and you are still likely to miss certain posts from certain users. The best way is to use a third party that provides you a platform to see all of the activities you wish. Here in this section, we will talk about AiSchedul, an efficient third-party Instagram manager. By signing up on AiShcedul for free, you can benefit from all of its extraordinary features at once. You can schedule your posts regularly; you can make IGTV series on your desktop and even add clickable links to your Instagram bio. If you want to know more about AiSchedul’s features and functionality, here is a complete review of AiSchedul.

But the feature that we are going to note in this section is the Account Monitoring tool. Using this special tool, you can watch posts from every Instagram account you wish neatly without turning on their notifications. So stay tuned!

#Instagram Feed Not Showing All Pictures? Use Account Monitoring

In this part, we will give a detailed explanation of how you can track your target followings without turning on their notifications on Instagram. First, you need to Sign-up to AiSchedul using your email address. After you logged in to your Instagram account, please take the following steps. 

  1. Log in to your AiSchedul.
  2. On your Dashboard, find your account and click on the Manage button.
  3. On the Posts and Scheduling tab, go to the LISTENING and REPOST section.
  4. Click on the Account Monitoring button.
  5. Click on The Add Account button.
  6. Search the username and add it to the monitoring section, as it is shown below.

Start Tracking

And that’s it. Each time you want to check your target accounts’ posts, you can check this section on AiSchedul. You can add as many accounts as you wish to track, and then, AiSchedul will update you with their latest posts. 

Wrap Up

There are many reasons for the Instagram feed not showing all pictures and a few ways to deal with this problem. In this article, we mentioned them, and then we introduced the account monitoring tool on AiSchedul, which we believe is the best alternative solution. If you have any problem with the statements above, you can contact our professional support team. They are more than willing to help you with your issues. 

This post was last modified on July 10, 2021 22:37


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