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Categories: Instagram Marketing

6 Ways to Keep Instagram Stories Viewers Engaged

Instagram Stories aren’t just fun content for friends and family. This feature offers brands unique opportunities to attract attention and arouse the interest of the highly-targeted audience. However, the algorithm that chooses the order of Stories has affected many users on Instagram. Even top bloggers complain their Stories are getting fewer views than before.

How Instagram Ranks Your Stories Views

The way Instagram prioritizes one’s Stories over the others involves several factors:

  • User activity on your profile;
  • Interaction with you;
  • Messages sent by the viewer.

All of them constitute an Instagram algorithm. How does it work? The more active followers are on your page, the more interesting you are to them; it is a reason for Instagram to rank your Stories at the top of their lists.

You have not to miss the moment and catch the wave because the struggle for the attention of the audience is not an easy task. Although, there are some ways that can turn it into a piece of cake.

1. Use Geotags & Hashtags

This will help you hit the top Stories at a specific place. In this case, Instagram activity tracker will come in handy. If you are in a new café, on the top of a mountain or at a popular event, add location as a hashtag or geotag. For instance, a person who missed a concert of his favorite band is likely to search for concert playback on Instagram. Likewise, imagine a person wants to book a hotel room and make sure it is as good as it’s described. In this case, the person will look for Stories of guests who stayed at that hotel.

When it comes to hashtags, Instagram pushes back users who use general and the most frequently mentioned hashtags. On the other hand, there is no use to add rarely used hashtags. Look for something in the middle. You can see the frequency of using the hashtag in the application search. Is it necessary to mention that hashtags should be consistent with the Story’s main idea?

Sometimes, the color of hashtags merges with the background. It looks invisible and there is still a benefit.

2. Call to Action

Instagram tracks how people interact with Stories. If they respond to the Story, its algorithm will find the content interesting and will show it more often. And to answer, you must ask at first. Using polls & questions, try to raise interesting but easy to discuss topics: childhood memories, favorite food, plans for the summer. In this way, you will take advantage of their feedback and let your followers feel they are important to you.

Alternatively, you can host a giveaway. Instagram Story is a great place for any promotional offers, interesting giveaways, and dizzying discounts. It’s a good way to get more followers and make them like your posts.

3. Post Stories on a Regular Basis

Regularity is the basis of social media coverage. It’s even not about Instagram’s algorithm but human psychology. When you follow your favorite blogger, his life becomes a part of your life and you wait for his new Stories. It’s like children get used to watching cartoons at a certain time. In this way, your followers will recall viewing your new Stories. Also, you’d better create your own style that would differ from others.

Furthermore, regular Stories will harden your character. You will learn to create content under any circumstances. Practice makes perfect, you know.

4. Don’t Do It Too Often

Stories allow users to post content that will be consumed very quickly; people do not expect to spend a lot of time on it. Hence, limit yourself to 4-6 Stories per day and concentrate on quality rather than quantity. To post a lot is not always the right decision. Users can easily get bored and unfollow you.

5. Use Instagram Live

Instagram notifies users if a person they follow goes live. In addition, your profile will be placed at the very beginning of the story feed in this case. Moreover, once your live video ends, you can share a replay of it to Stories.

6. Analyze Your Data

To get the most out of Instagram Stories you need to analyze the data of your own Stories. Pay particular attention to:

  • View rate;
  • Swipe away;
  • Replies;
  • Time of posting;
  • Length of your Story.

Take this information into account, experiment and listen to your followers. Imagine they are children and you are also six years old. Play games with them, ask questions, show them your life and ask for an opinion. And most importantly, be yourself without bombast. Stick to these rules and you will see how engagement in your content grows.