What’s the Order of Viewers on Instagram Story

What’s the Order of Viewers on Instagram Story

If you share Instagram stories frequently, you must have noticed that some specific users appear at the top of the viewers’ list most of the time. In this case, you may be wondering that the person who appears on the top is the one who usually stalks you on Instagram. But the actual reason behind the Instagram story viewer order is slightly different. In the following, I will talk about the main factors that change the order of viewers on Instagram. So stay tuned to know more about Instagram algorithms.

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The Algorithm Behind the Instagram Story Viewer Order

Despite the new Instagram story viewer order in 2020, the story viewers were chronological. But even now, with the change, there is a brief answer to this question. I’ll mention three factors here that are in charge of determining the order of viewers on Instagram stories.

1. Your Interactions with Users 

The first factor is more critical for the new Instagram story viewer order in 2020. But how do these factors change the Instagram story viewer order?  

Well, as you may already know, the Instagram algorithm works so that the more interactions you have with someone, the more chances you have to see their posts and stories on top of your Instagram feed. This algorithm also affects the order of viewers on an Instagram story. Meaning that when you send DMs to your friends frequently, like and comment on their posts, and view their Instagram profile, Instagram assumes that those accounts are valuable to you. It makes it easier for you to know if they have viewed your story or not.

2. The Number of Times You Check Your Phone

But what about the second factor? Has your Instagram story viewer order changed, but you don’t see the individuals you have interacted with on top? This factor is essential only when you check your Instagram story viewers frequently. In this case, let’s say when you check your viewers every minute and refresh to see who else has viewed your story, Instagram brings the users from the end of the list to the top to help you check your viewers easier. So, Instagram story viewer order has nothing to do with who is stalking you on Instagram. The reason behind this is that Instagram tries to keep users’ privacy!

3. The Number of Your Story Views

And as for the third factor, the number of your story views is also influential to an extent. Meaning if your number of story viewers is usually less than 50, then the viewers are displayed based on a chronological order.

FAQs Related to the Instagram Story Viewer Order

Users who are curious about the Instagram story viewer order usually ask the following questions as well. So, take a look at them and broaden your knowledge about the Instagram algorithm.

1- How are Likes Listed on Instagram?

Like the order of Instagram story viewers, Instagram has not informed users about the actual reason behind the order of likes. However, it seems like the algorithm for listing the likes is almost the same as the one listing the story viewers, i.e., the users with whom you interact most will appear at the top of the list. 

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2- What’s the Order of Instagram Following List?

Fortunately, we know how Instagram following and followers are listed. And it’s not about who has viewed your Instagram. Instead, the followers’ list is in chronological order, which means that you see the ones who have recently followed you at the top of the list. 

But the ‘followings’ are listed in 3 different ways:

  • Default; which shows the ones you engage with the most at the top,
  • Latest, by which users who you have followed lately will be on top,
  • And earliest, which is in the earliest to the latest chronological order.
Instagram story viewer order
Instagram following order

To change the order of the Instagram following list, open the following section, and tap on the sort button. Then, choose the way you want the list to be shown.

the following order on Instagram
Instagram following order

3- Can You See How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Instagram Story?

The short answer is NO! Instagram always tries to keep users’ privacy. And for this reason, it doesn’t allow you to find your stalkers and see how many times they have viewed your Instagram stories. 

Additionally, suppose you manage a business account and use Instagram insights to analyze your story views. In that case, you have to know that regardless of when someone has viewed your story, Instagram counts them as one view. So, checking an Instagram story multiple times doesn’t help you grow your Instagram story views. However, you could use Instagram story viewer hacks to get more viewers.

4- What is the Order of Instagram Stories?

The order of Instagram stories is like the order of posts that appear on your feed. So, if you: 

  • Check someone’s story,
  • React to what they have shared on stories,
  • Reply to their stories,
  • And avoid skipping them,

They will appear as the first stories. By the way, also keep in mind that this also depends on the time you are checking Instagram stories. It seems like the recent stories of users you engage more with appears before the recent stories of those you barely check. But, if two of your close friends share stories on Instagram at different times, the story of the one who shared it later on Instagram will be prior to the other one on the Instagram story bar.

Instagram story order
Instagram story order

5- How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Unluckily, you cannot watch Instagram stories anonymously using the official app. However, some third-party apps like AiSchedul allow you to do so. By going to the Instagram story downloader on this website and entering the username of the one you want to watch stories from anonymously, you can view, download, and save all the recent and highlighted stories. So, click here to know how to save someone’s Instagram story for free.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Story Viewer Order

To wrap it up, the Instagram story viewer order depends on the amount of engagement you have with the viewer and the number of times you check your Instagram story viewers list. Read the article meticulously, find answers to similar questions, and feel free to leave us a comment if you have any other questions.