How to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos

How to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos

Instagram has always been a visual operating system, and your photos could persuade Instagram users to follow you or not and grow your followers. Therefore, if they face different and non-relevant pictures, people might not be interested in following you. As a business marketer, you might be concerned about how to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos. Take it easy! This article has the best answer to your concern.

This article will introduce a unique platform that lets you manage multiple accounts all at once while scheduling posts, feeds, and stories that allow you to get more engagement on your posts.

Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos and Get Real Results

Sometimes, you may love your old posts and need to rearrange Existing Instagram photos (maybe even inspired by the crap principles) by changing or rescheduling already posted feeds to reuse them or create a particular Instagram aesthetic. Unfortunately, Instagram does not permit anyone to rearrange Instagram posted photos. The only way to rearrange your photos on a page is by deleting the post and republishing it. This will refresh the post and show it to your followers again, resulting in more engagement on behalf of your newer followers. But sometimes, just eliminating posts that have many likes and comments won’t be a good idea.

Additionally, you can ignore deleting the post and repost it later with the new arrangement. This will keep the past statistics and scores on your previous post and add to your latest post the engagement from your more recent followers, but it makes duplicate photos on your page and may ruin its design.  

Above all, if you are willing to rearrange Instagram posts that you already posted, then here is the way.

How to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos
Apps to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos

The Best Ways to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos 

1. AiGrow

One of the ways to rearrange your Instagram photos is AiGrow’s post scheduler. For rearranging existing Instagram photos, you could set and organize your posts with it and then edit or rearrange them instantly. You can now reschedule your feeds according to your taste. Don’t worry about your likes and comments since this app has unique plans to grow your real followers and get engagements to obtain your real results on Instagram.

It offers you Intelligent post scheduling, content linking, social monitoring, and campaign tools for Instagram marketers. Design story and feed posts using a full-featured, desktop-enabled editor. 

What Makes AiGrow an Ideal Tool for Rearranging Existing Instagram Photos

It’s the full package with powerful tools to help you perform your tasks easier and grow faster. Besides, take advantage of Instagram gurus powered by advanced Ai software to organically grow your followers and engagement FAST with real and relevant users on Instagram and at a fraction of traditional agencies’ cost. It is a must-have tool for any influencer or brand serious about growing their business on Instagram. It is safe, secure, and rated the #1 scheduling tool for Instagram Marketers!


If you want to rearrange and design your feed, you can use the Preview app. With this app, you can rearrange Instagram posts, edit your photos, find unique hashtags, and so much more! There are three ways to rearrange Instagram posts:

2.1.Drag and Drop

This is the tool when you need to move a post between two other posts. To drag and drop:

  • Press your finger on a photo
  • Drag that to the place you want it to be
  • Drop it


The “Swap” feature allows you only to move/swap two posts. This is an excellent feature if you like to stick to a specific Instagram grid layout or only move two posts. Go through the steps below to swap them:

  • Opt two posts you want to swap
  • Press on the “swap” icon at the bottom of your screen 


This option lets you change the order of multiple posts, at the same time, in one tap. To shuffle:

  • Select three(or more) posts
  • Press the “swap” icon

When you open the app, you will need to upload your posts. To upload your posts:

  • Press on the + button
  • Select “Photos / Videos

Why We Should Arrange Instagram Photos

It would be best to narrate a story and make your profile a visual voice of your content to let them know what they must expect of you. It also helps you to express your motto. Hence, it allows you to develop your business and get more followers and customers if you give a service or sell products. 

Another advantage of arranging Instagram photos is that a unique theme or color pallet would attach all your photos even if the content is not the same. By connecting the posts via a superior pallet, you can cover various contents and subjects throughout the paramount integrity. 

Final Words on How to Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos

Notice that Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to rearrange photos that you have already posted on Instagram. They are fixed. You can use appropriate apps to plan your future posts. So you need to upload pictures in the app first, and then you will be able to design your new feed.

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