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If you are looking for some ways to promote and advertise your products or services, Instagram is definitely one of your main channels! But how to sell on Instagram?

Instagram has recently introduced the shoppable posts, which are a good way of selling directly on Instagram. But it’s available only to some businesses in certain regions and under strict conditions. However there is another way of selling on Instagram, which is available to anyone, and is much easier to set up. Let’s jump right into it!

How to Sell Products on Instagram without a Business?

Actually, we have previously covered how to sell products on Instagram, using the official app and with the shoppable posts! However, as you may know, to use Instagram check out feature, you have to be in some specific locations, should sell physical goods, and connect to a Facebook catalog! And yes! This takes a lot of time, patience, and price! So, what to do instead?

In the following, we want to talk about a third-party app that lets you sell on Instagram for free and without any limitations!

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest, best and also the most economical way to sell on Instagram is to use AiSchedul! What is AiSchedul and how can it help you to sell your products without having a business account? Let’s see!


Actually, AiSchedul is a package of tools that gives you some extra features that are not supported by the official Instagram app! Examples include the ability to:

  • Schedule posts and stories to be shared on a specific time 
  • Post on numerous accounts simultaneously
  • Repost posts and stories, even if not mentioned
  • Share multiple links on Instagram bio 
  • Automatically share the posts on stories 
  • Search for the best hashtags
  • Giveaway coupons automatically from within your bio URL
  • Generate Email leads and let people contact you directly via email

And more. 

However, besides all these amazing features, it has a tool called MyURLs.Bio which gives you the ability to sell on Instagram, for free and without having a business account! But how? 

link in bio tool

Well! It gives you multiple choices! You can sell your products on Instagram posts, stories, or even from your bio! Now, Let’s jump into each option and become a professional seller!

#1 Sell on Instagram Posts

Doubtlessly, people go to see what’s up on the Instagram feed! So, Instagram posts are a good place to sell your products and services! Actually, if you want to use the official Instagram feature to sell your products and share shoppable posts, you need to necessarily sell physical products and connect to a Facebook account which takes a great deal of time! So, what to do instead?
Yes! You can use AiSchedul to add name and price tags to your posts and let people purchase whatever they need by tapping on them! 

As you see in the following picture, has added some tags to their Instagram posts:

sell on Instagram posts

Ttake a look at the video below to see how does it exactly work:

Go to the website and try it for free right now!

#2 Sell on Instagram Stories

Unquestionably, one of the first things people check on Instagram is the story bar! Instagram stories appear right in the top part of the screen and hence, it always gets attractions. So, stories can really help your business and using them you can sell more and more every day!

As we have described before, you can add links to stories if you have a verified Instagram account, or you have 10K followers! But, as the title says, we want to teach you how to add links to your stories and sell from within them without meeting any of these conditions! 

Well! It’s really easy! You just need to create a free account on AiSchedul and add links to your stories!
This is what has done! If you check out our Instagram account, you can see that we have some stories linked to external URLs:

sell on Instagram stories

#3 Sell From the Bio Link

Undoubtedly, Instagram bio is one of the most important parts of any successful Instagram profiles and it can even help you get more followers. In fact, when someone new comes to visit your account on Instagram, the first thing they check is your bio to know who are you, what are you doing there, and if you have shared a link, checks it out to know more about you and your business! So, the link in your bio has an Unavoidable impact on your Instagram success!
Actually, Instagram lets you share a single link on the bio and using it, you can share your website link and invite people to visit it and purchase whatever they want! But what if you want to share your website and also social media links simultaneously?
Fortunately, AiSchedul helps you with this one too! Using this tool, you can create ab all-in-one bio link to insert all your links at a single place and sell on Instagram from there! That’s what has done:

sell on Instagram bio

In addition, using the email icon people can contact you directly from your bio link and ask whatever they want! So, don’t miss the chance to use it for free! Also, check this article to create an eye-catching bio for your business!


To wrap up, Instagram has some strict conditions and limitations to let you sell your products! However, using AiSchedul and the tools we have introduced here, you can sell on Instagram intellectually, for free and easily!