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How to Add a Download Link to Instagram Story?

March 27, 2020

Undoubtedly, Instagram has become one of the best platforms to run a business and attract people from all around the world! Actually, one of the biggest fans of Instagram businesses are people who offer virtual services! For example, they develop some applications, produce and arrange music, create films, and etc! Obviously, to purchase each of these services you’ll need a purchase and a download link! And where is the best place to share links? Yes! Instagram stories! But how to add a download link to your Instagram story? This is exactly what we are going to cover in this article! So, stay tuned and find the best way possible! 😉

How to Add a Download Link to Instagram Story?

Actually, Instagram stories officially give you the opportunity to add download links and hyperlink on Instagram. But, to do so, your Instagram account has to qualify two conditions! You must either:

  • Have a verified Instagram account
  • Or, have a business account with more than 10K followers.

If you meet any of these conditions, you can easily add a download link to your Instagram story and use the amazing swipe-up feature! But does it mean that if you don’t have any of the mentioned conditions, you must give up on sharing a download link on your story?
Of course not

Fortunately, there are always some simple tricks that can help you to ditch Instagram limitations! And this is what we are going to cover here! In the following sections, we describe how to add a download link to an Instagram story, with or without meeting the conditions! So, just keep on reading and redirect people to download links using your Instagram stories! 

How to Add a Download Link to Instagram Story via the Swipe-Up Feature?

Luckily, if you have an account that has each of the conditions in the previous sections, you don’t need to use any tricks! Instagram officially lets you share download links using the swipe-up feature! But how? Just follow the steps below:

Step 1) Upload the intended photo/video on your Instagram story and hit the link icon on the top right side of the screen.

Step 2) Now, tap on “URL”.

Step 3) Insert the intended link into the text box and when you’re done, tap on “Done”.

Step 4) Finally, just publish your story.

That’s it! You have simply added a “Swipe-Up” link to your story and people can easily reach the download link by swiping up the screen! 

In the following, you can see an example of swipe-up links by @manchesterunited that have shared their podcast link: 

How to Add a Download Link to Instagram Story Without 10K Followers?

Now, let’s see how to add a download link to an Instagram story without having a verified account or 10K+ followers! Fortunately, you can still add a link to your Instagram story with the tricks we are going to talk about in the following sections! So, let’s see how it works without wasting time!

#1 Add a Download Link to Instagram Story via AiSchedul

One of the best ways to add a download link to your Instagram stories is to use AiSchedul. AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool that lets you add external links to your posts and stories

Actually, using this app you cannot add swipe-up links! But, you can still connect your stories to any external URLs! 

Using “”, you will have a landing page of URLs that you can share on your Instagram bio. Then, when you schedule and share a post or a story with a link on Instagram using AiSchedul, those  posts and stories will appear on that page and your followers can access the download links whenever they want! Moreover, using it you can:

  • Link to other social media accounts using widgets
  • Let people contact you via email, directly from your bio URL.
  • Add links to posts and stories.
  • Giveaway coupons automatically.

And much more than this. 

For instance, you can take a look at page and access the links added to stories, even after the story expirations:

So, take a look at the website and try it for free now!

#2 Swipe-Up by Mentioning on Instagram Story

Another way to add a download link to your Instagram stories is to use @mention! But how to add a download link to an Instagram story using mention feature? Follow these steps:

  1. Create a regular Instagram story, using your camera roll, or uploading a photo on your Instagram story!
  2. Call to action on your story in your own style! For example, use a button and invite people to “Click Here”.
  3. Add a mention sticker over the CTA.
  4. Change the color of @mention to the color of your story background.
  5. Shrink it to make it invisible but yet clickable.
  6. Mention the Instagram account you want to use for this purpose.
  7. Insert the download link into that account’s bio and share it!

That’s it! Using this trick, you can have a swipe-up link on your story! To see an example of this, you can see the first highlight story on

But since Instagram doesn’t allow users to share multiple links in the bio, you have to use an all-in-one link like AiSchedul, or create multiple accounts for different links! So, AiSchedul itself is better than this way!


In a nutshell, you may need to add download links to your Instagram stories for different purposes. And this is easy to do if you have a verified account or you have 10K+ followers. But, without meeting these conditions, you are still able to add links to your stories and AiSchedul is the solution that we highly recommend!

This post was last modified on November 12, 2020 18:24


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