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How to Find Hashtags for Followers on Instagram (3 Ways)

Hashtags are the primary way that people on Instagram show what they’re interested in.

People who are interested skateboarding who likely going to use skateboarding-themed hashtags, people who are interested in the paleo diet are likely to going use paleo diet-themed hashtags, and so on.

With that in mind, you want to know what hashtags that people who would be interested in your page are using and use those hashtags in your posts.

The purpose of this is so that when people search hashtags that they’re interested in, they see your posts, visit your page, and ultimately follow you.

Fortunately, researching and incorporating the right hashtags into your Instagram strategy takes very little time.

Below are 3 simple ways to find and use hashtags for followers on Instagram:

Instagram Search

No matter what kind of Instagram page you have, you can use the following steps to find out what hashtags you should be targeting:

  1. Think of three main keywords related to your Instagram page and search them on Instagram
  2. Go the “Tags” tab in the search results and write down all the major hashtags (more than 50,000 posts) that result from your search
  3. Explore each of these hashtags one-by-one and scroll horizontally across the related hashtags for more ideas

Or just watch the GIF below:

You can then go engage with the people using these hashtags one-by-one, or if you want to save hours of energy and time, use a tool like AiGrow explaind below to automatically engage with the people using your targeted hashtags.


AiGrow is a smart growth automation tool for Instagram and can attract real followers to your channel based on hashtag-use, location, and competitor connection.

With AiGrow, you can target users by hashtag-use, location, and connection to competitors.

Choose which hashtags you think likely-followers would use (using the processes described above), where you would like your followers to be from (important if you are a business trying to target customers from a specific location, for example), and any channels who’s followers you think would also be interested in your content.

You can simply include the hashtags from your research above, use AiGrow to search for popular hashtags related to your niche (as shown below), or use a combination of both.

After you’ve set up your account, simply hit “Start Growth”, and AiGrow will begin automatically liking, following, commenting on, and even direct messaging (using comments and direct messages that you’ve created) only people on Instagram fitting your targeting.

Click here to try AiGrow for free.


Hashtagfiy is a great tool to supplement the tactics explained above.

Hashtagify is a (mostly) free website that allows you to track specified hashtags over time. It can provide such information as overall popularity, weekly and monthly trends, top influencers using your hashtag, where in the world your hashtag is being most used, and other popular hashtags related to your specified hashtag. You can also choose between Instagram and Twitter to see the overall popularity of your hashtag.

What Hashtagify allows you to do that Instagram doesn’t is understand which hashtags are trending and/or breaking out. This makes the process of staying on top of current trends much easier.

So there you have it! Three simple ways to find and use Instagram hashtags for followers.

Have a story of effectively using hashtags to grow an engaged following? How’d you do it? Please share in the comments in below!