Why Instagram is Essential for Ecommerce Owners?


Over the years, Instagram has proven to be a great marketing tool for eCommerce store owners. If you are not generating sales from Instagram, then you are missing out on great marketing opportunities. Did you know that there is more to Instagram than photo editing tools that can help grow your brand? With over 1 billion active users, Instagram remains to be a powerful platform for creating great visual content for businesses. But why and how it can help you grow your eCommerce and marketplace platforms? Let’s see!

Reasons Why Instagram is Essential for Ecommerce Owners

So, is Instagram worth the effort for your eCommerce store? Whether you manage the social media of a big enterprise, a small business, or you are using it to promote your brand, integrating Instagram into your marketing strategy is essential. Click here for the best website builder if you want to build your eCommerce from scratch.

Not sure why Instagram is essential for eCommerce stores? Just take a look at the following reasons to find out.

#1 Visual Content is Vital for Your eCommerce Strategy


With visual posts producing more engagement than text-only posts, Instagram is a great platform to engage customers with quality photos, as it is exclusively used for images and video posts. For marketing, pictures speak louder than words and they can create a good or bad impression about your business.

Rather than to keep on explaining the benefits of your business to followers, you can use photos and videos to create a more captivating message and show your services in action.

And also, a great idea is to add external links to posts and stories you share there. As mentioned above, there is no need to explain everything in the captions or on the photos. Instead, share photos and add links to your blog and website posts. This way, you can also derive traffic to your website and grow your business more. But how?

Well, you can easily do that using an all-in-one bio link like AiSchedul


Actually, AiSchedul is a professional package of Instagram management tools that lets you manage all your Instagram accounts at once in an intellectual way. Using this amazing tool, you can:

And much more than this. But, here we want to talk about the “link in bio” tool which is called “MyURLs.bio”


Using this tool, you can create an all-in-one Instagram bio link which includes links to posts, stories, buttons, and much more than this. So, go ahead and give it a try for free

#2  Wide Audience Coverage with eCommerce Hashtags

Instagram audience

Undoubtedly, Instagram offers the most active and engaged potential audience. Whenever you post on Instagram, more of your audience is likely to see it. Hashtags are ideal for getting your content to the right audience. Create a short and specific hashtag for customers to tag. Use geotags and cross tags to let your followers know about your location and particular themes. Always use appropriate hashtags that your audience is searching for. Be more creative to attain your marketing goal.

Posts with a relevant hashtag get more engagements than posts lacking any hashtag. A link is generated whenever someone includes a hashtag on a post, and you can use that hashtag to see all the content shared. It is easier to connect with your customers via Instagram than other platforms. You can create relationships and get feedback. You can share photos or videos of new products and services, and ask customers for their views and input.

Here, you can again use AiSchedul to find and use the best hashtags related to your business and boost your business in a shorter time. Using this tool, you can see how many followers a hashtag has and hence, choose the most proper one and win with Instagram hashtags

#3 Learn and Understand What your Customers Like


Do you know your audience could already be sharing images and talking about your services on Instagram? Well, this mostly happens when your business has a known location where clients visit regularly.

People enjoy sharing images from various places, especially in eateries, where people post their favorite meals. By doing this, they share the content with their followers, allowing customers to market the business on your behalf. It is an excellent way to know what people are sharing about your business, what they like about your products and services, and what to do to attract more customers.

But how to know all these things? Well! AiSchedul has a monitoring feature that lets you listen to your customers and see whatever they have shared. For more details, watch the following video and try this feature to win it!

#4 Fuel your other Marketing Online Platforms

social media

One of the most exciting things about Instagram is that you can easily share the content on Instagram across various marketing networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs.

You can enable sharing to Facebook and Twitter in your Instagram settings. By doing this, images and videos automatically share whenever you post on Instagram. In instances when you do not want to share to all channels at the same time, you can save the images on your camera for later use.

The content shared on Instagram is also ideal for email marketing campaigns. You can incorporate Instagram in your photo library for use whenever you want to launch your campaign.

Also, try using AiSchedul to link all the social media accounts you are managing to your Instagram bio at once. Using this tool, you have the opportunity to add social media links using widgets, just like @soundcloudvip did:

leverage Instagram bio to win eCommerce
So, go ahead and give it a try.

#5 Create Brand Awareness through Repetition


Repetition plays a significant role in creating public awareness. Instagram allows users to post multiple times daily, and one can even repeat previous posts. From a business perspective, this is an essential factor that helps customers to recognize the business quickly.

With so many active users and a lot of activity going on on Instagram, the chances of all your followers seeing your posts are quite minimal. However, consistency is vital. Always ensure that your logo and branding are consistent for customers to associate your logo with your business.

But how to stay consistent and organized while you have a lot to do? Yes! You can schedule posts and stories to be shared at the best time possible on Instagram. Fortunately, AiSchedul can also help you with this. Just follow the steps mentioned in the following video and perform your best:

#6  Easy to Connect with High-spending Young People

instagram users

Instagram is a social media network for the young generation. About half of active Instagram users are in the age bracket of 18 to 29 years. One of the unifying factors for young people is that they love to spend on shopping.

Therefore, Instagram has made it easy for eCommerce businesses to reach youngsters and create an excellent customer relationship. Does your company specialize in products and services for the youth? If yes, then make good use of Instagram marketing.

#7 Going Live and Storytelling 


With advanced Instagram features such as going live and storytelling, eCommerce owners can share stories about their brand, how it was born, the motivation behind it, and its legacy. Thus, customers connect with the brand itself and create a stable relationship.

#8 Targeted Advertising Options


Just like other popular social media networks, Instagram offers paid advertising options for eCommerce stores. Although it is possible to have a successful account without spending on advertising fees, paid advertising helps grow your account and generate sales.

Final Thoughts on Instagram as an eCommerce Platform

Given that Instagram is becoming more eCommerce friendly, hopefully, you will make good use of it to bring your eCommerce business real revenue. Just keep up with the mentioned tips and hacks, and use the free Instagram management tools like AiSchedul to empower your marketing strategies and win it!