What Happens if You Get 10,000 Followers for Instagram Instantly

10000 Followers for Instagram

Getting the first 10K Instagram followers is a common milestone between Instagram brands, influencers, and businesses, and most accounts celebrate it. The reason behind it is that by getting 10000 followers for Instagram, you prove yourself as a professional Instagram marketer. 

However, when trying to get 10K followers and the ideal Instagram followers to following ratio, you have to make sure that you are not getting spam followers or exceeding the Instagram action limits

In the following, I’ll show you a safe way to get 10000 followers for Instagram instantly. Also, I’ll let you know what happens to your account to get 10K Instagram followers using both secure and unsafe ways. Keep reading! 

What Happens When You Get 10K Instagram Followers?

When you reach 10000 followers for Instagram, you prove yourself as a trustworthy Instagram account to your audience, bringing you more benefits for sure. 

But, apart from such advantages, Instagram itself helps you bring traffic back to your website, promote your business, and reach more audiences more easily. Hitting 10K Instagram followers, you’ll be able to use the “swipe up” feature and add links to your Instagram stories

Here’s an example of the “swipe up” feature: 

Instagram Swipe Up Links
Instagram Swipe Up Links

Using it, your followers can visit your YouTube videos, Patreon channel, or a product page just by swiping up the screen. You’ll get more traffic on your website, and this means more growth as well. So, now, it’s obvious why most influencers and Instagram marketers set getting 10K Instagram followers as their business cornerstone. 

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You May Also Ask

Here are some questions about 10000 followers for Instagram:

How Do You Get 10000 Followers for Instagram Instantly?

Actually, we have previously answered how to get 10K followers on Instagram, and I will not repeat all those hacks that you already know. I suggest you use an Instagram growth service that perfectly meets your needs. 

One of the best Instagram marketing tools you can find for this purpose is AiGrow

Get 10000 followers for Instagram via AiGrow
Get 10000 followers for Instagram via AiGrow.

Using this complete package of Instagram management tools and services, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to:

  • Access Instagram management tools such as scheduler, reposter, monitoring app, DM automation tools, and an all-in-one bio link tool that enable you to keep up with the best Instagram growth hacks;
  • Use AI-powered Instagram growth tools that help you in identifying target audiences for your niche; 
  • And hire a dedicated Instagram account manager who manages your account and manually does the growth activities.

Here, you can see the packages offered by them, their prices and features. 

AiGrow plans and packages
AiGrow plans and packages

We suggest you use the 6-month Pro Pack. This way, in about 1 year, you’ll hit 10K Instagram followers that engage with your posts, buy your products, and love your account. Sign up for free right now, try your bonus free week(s), and get the first 10000 followers for Instagram. 

How Much Money Do You Get for 10K Followers on Instagram?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer. Unquestionably, earning money on Instagram, regardless of the number of followers, depends on several factors, such as your business type, products, and services you offer. So, there are no exact answers to this question. 

By the way, according to Shopify, Instagram influencers with less than 10K Instagram followers make around $88 per post, those with 10K-100K followers earn approximately $200 for each post, and accounts with 100K-1M followers have the potential to get about $670 per post. 

So, it seems like reaching this cornerstone, and you have a great chance of turning to an Instagram influencer and make money just by posting out there and getting more followers. 

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How to Go From 5K Followers on Instagram to 10K?

When you reach 5K Instagram followers, getting another 5k would be a bit tricky. At this stage, you have the chance to appear on Instagram explore page and grow organically. On the other side, since you have a great number of followers, you have to keep consistent, work harder, and try to come up with new marketing strategies to:

  • keep your 5K followers engaging, 
  • and attract new followers, 

until you reach 10K Instagram followers. 

Briefly, I suggest you follow the strategies below to get your desired results and hit 10000 followers for Instagram instantly: 

  1. Use the best Instagram hashtags for followers,
  2. Try Instagram influencer marketing campaigns and get sponsors on Instagram
  3. Hire an Instagram account manager, 
  4. And host giveaway contests.

Trying these 4 simple tips, you can go from 5K followers on Instagram to 10k in a short time. 

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Can I Buy 10000 Followers for $10 on Instagram?

The short answer is NO! Some websites offer 10000 followers for $10 on Instagram. BUT, there’s no guarantee that these services bring real and active followers to your account. 

Actually, most of these services have been tested by our experts, and they divide these services into two groups:

  • The first group uses the title “10000 followers for $10 on Instagram” to intrigue you to use their services. After trying it, you’ll get at most 1K followers, which is not what you ordered. 
  • The other group brings you 10K Instagram followers instantly. However, almost all your new followers are fake accounts, with 1-2 followers who won’t engage with your posts. 

We always tell people to clean up the ghost followers. So, we recommend you avoid wasting your money and time on such services. Instead, try getting organic followers. It’s right that it takes more time in this way, but at least you get followers that really like your account and interact with your business. 

How to Get 10000 Followers for Instagram in 60 Days?

Hitting 10K Instagram followers in 60 days means getting around 165 followers per day. Well, this is not impossible if you already have a great number of followers (like 5K Instagram followers or so). But, if you start from 0 followers, it may be really hard, and trying the follow-for-follow strategy or similar ones, you may exceed the Instagram daily limits and get shadowbanned. 

There’s no need to set a deadline for reaching your desired number of followers. So, I suggest you forget about all those hacks and apps that offer you fast and insane growth in a short time. Just focus on getting real and organic followers. 

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What Happens if You Get 5K Instagram Followers in 5 Minutes?

First, let’s see how you can get 5K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes:

  • You either have to use Instagram bots, 
  • Buy fake followers, 
  • Or buy an Instagram page that already has 5K Instagram followers. 

In previous paragraphs, I talked about the disadvantages of getting bulk followers using bots or fake services. So, let’s focus on the last option. 

It seems to be a great idea at first sight; you have an account with 5K followers, and there’s no need to follow growth strategies, work hard, and share quality content. But, as soon as you share your first post on the purchased account, you lose a great number of followers, like 1K of them. But why? 

Well, the reason behind it is somehow obvious. The page you are managing right now was used for a different purpose, and its followers are interested in a type of content that you don’t even know. Let’s say you want to sell women’s clothes on your account, and the account you purchased was previously a science account selling scientific books. Of course, some of the people that were interested in that account find yours interesting as well. But this is not true for all of the existing followers. Hence, when you share a fashion post here, a group of people will unfollow your account. You don’t have 5K followers anymore, and this has been a total waste. So, try not to buy accounts and followers. 

How Many Likes Should You Get with 10K Followers?

In general, the more followers you get, the more your engagement rate drops! This is because not all your followers like and view your posts. The average Instagram engagement rate is 3%. This means if you find an Instagram account with 10K followers and less than 300-400 likes per post, they have many fake, inactive, and spam followers. So, avoid buying fake followers if you want to get real interactions, more sales, and revenue. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, reaching 10K followers on Instagram is one of the biggest dreams for Instagram marketers. However, we suggest you not try fast and instant ways of getting followers in less than 6 months. Read the article meticulously and see what happens when you get 10000 free followers instantly.

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